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On this site, you can quickly look up words, phrases, names, titles, and so on. Discover new words and meanings everyday, and enrich your vocabulary with Omnilexica!

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Omnilexica was created with English learners in mind. It offers easy-to-understand definitions, synonyms, and other related words and expressions. Omnilexica provides various examples of words' usage in real-life situations. ESL students will be delighted to discover that the pronunciation pages in Omnilexica usually have audio examples of how words are pronounced by native speakers. English learners are often unsure if certain words are proper nouns. Omnilexica goes further than most dictionaries to address this problem by providing info on almost every person, character, place, or creation that you may encounter in a text. If you are unsure of how to correctly write a word or term, you'll see suggestions near the search box.

For translators

As a translator, you want more than just definitions. You need context of words and expressions in order to better understand their meanings. Omnilexica assists you by providing related content - including examples, photos, and videos. Since Omnilexica provides you with an expansive amount of encyclopedic content, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips. You'll find yourself translating words and expressions quicker and with more accuracy.

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Omnilexica adapts to every user's screen. It can be used effectively on both very large and small displays. Pages print well, if needed. You can easily share pages that interest you to your friends and family on your favorite social networking sites - you'll be surprised who will thank you!

Most searched terms

Accumulator Register Agitation Amphicarpa Bracteata Anas americana ancient Greek Arenol aspartame At Some Point Barbie Burke Basel-City Bass Brothers Bidens Coronata Big Questions Bind Boarding Card broider bulky bulletin board Chunking Communique Damp-Proof Course Dayak Dyewoods Energizer EOD feudal forecastle Fremulon Gainsaid galvanometer Hollywood Undead insight Jason & the Scorchers Jewess leaf insect Mastering MRGE Oakland School For the Arts palanquin Pithivier Power Hammer Putlur QHUIT Road Salad Bowl Studio Hibari Sulforaphane suppose Thing TrackBack

Most searched names

Ailis Sherrard Alana Ladd Ava Archer Syme-Reeves Boy Gregory Nelson Carmen Larbalestier Connie Knight Debraca Denise Della Beatrice Howard Robinson Donald Rizzo Dwight Clark Elaine Hawking Elisa Gayle Ritter Elliot Kingsley Fathima Sotto Frances De Villers Brokaw Hala Al Shalaqani Ian Mcnamara Isabell Jacqueline De Sibour Jessica Starshine Osbourne John Paul Sarkisian Judy Frazier Karim Sharif Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale Laurie Lynn Seabern Layla Monroe Leslie Carol Shatner Luba Cherry Malinda Fitler Murphy Margie Willett Marjorie Bridges-Woods Marsha Haynes Maurizio Gajo Natalie David Natascha M√ľnter Ralph Macchio Ricky Anne Loew-Beer Robert Hawking Ross Skiffington Shane Kilcher Sue Carol Hall Susan Cavallari Suzanne Perry Tai Carmen Tailor James Tessa Richardson Dorman Timothy Hawking Tono Del Campo Valerie Elizabeth Patsy Violette B. Selfridge

Most searched titles

Aashiqui Almost Invisible Andar Baahar Apocalypse Now Aztec Rex Battle in Outer Space Baywatch Nights Behind Prison Gates civil government Double Tap Found Footage I Am Happy KRODH Natural Born Killers Olympus Has Fallen Over the Wire Pretty In Pink Spiritus Mundi Suburgatory Summer of Fun Sweet Poison Swift Justice The Babadook The Homesman The Wonder Maid

Most searched places

548 Al-Awja Al-Masjid An-Nabawi Aquarium of Western Australia Arkadelphia Avenue X Birla Institute of Technology Bloomsbury Blue Ridge Boss Boy CAMO Cold Mountain David Jesus Ligonier LMT Love Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art OGAR Planet Pluto Raglan Rock Thong

Most searched taxons

Adinda Black-Chinned Babbler Callilepis Coniochaetaceae Cordia nivea Eomeropidae genus Maypacius Harmothoe Hydraena quadrata Isopogon robustus Lopholiodes rotoruensis Morpho Opisthoncus Pseudolabrus species Ammonia pauciloculata species Calais glauca species Gomphus modestus species Mediodactylus sagittifer species Mesocapromys auritus species Philogenia mangosisa species Tetragnatha stimulifera species Trafoia rufipalpis Striped-Face Unicornfish Terminalia micans Xanthocalanus kurilensis

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