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Ànima is sometimes a misspelling of annum.


  1. Ànima a.k.a. Amiina is an Icelandic band composed of Hildur Ársælsdóttir, Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir, Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, and Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir. The name is spelled in lowercase. They have frequently performed live and in the studio with Sigur Rós. In 2009 Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson joined the group on a permanent basis.
  2. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a Turkish alternative rock band formed in 2000 by Ceylan Ertem, Ekin Cengizkan, Murat Çopur, and Tuncay Korkmaz. The group is particularly known for their covers on stage of artists / bands like Radiohead, Björk, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jamiroquai.
  3. Ànima a.k.a. AH*NEE*MAH is a musical group.
    • also known as Anima, Ah Nee Mah, Animá
    • albums: "Spirit of the Southwest", "The Grand Circle", "Ancient Visions", "Ancient Voices", "Spirit of the Canyon", "The Spirit of Mesa Verde"
  4. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a musical group.
    • members:
    • albums: "XHMI", "Подступы к озарению", "Best of 1999-2003 Part I", "Lost Anima"
  5. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a musical group.
  6. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a musical group.
    • also known as Anima-Sound
    • albums: "Stürmischer Himmel", "Kilgore"
  7. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a musical group.
    • albums: "The Daily Grind", "Enter The Killzone"
  8. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a musical group, webpage.
    • albums: "Réalités", "Faux-semblants", "Les temps changent..."
    • official website:
  9. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is an Indonesian musical group.
    • album: "Anima"
  10. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is Italian Depressive Black/Doom Metal band.
    • album: "Ænigmatic Journey"


Who is Ànima?

Ànima a.k.a. Senmuth: Anima is a musical group.

  • also known as Anima
  • born on (41 years ago) in Moscow
  • profession: Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, musician, graphic designer
  • member of musical groups:
  • genres: Doom metal, Industrial music, Electro, Avant-garde metal, Industrial metal, Dark ambient, Neoclassicism, Neofolk, Experimental rock, Gothic metal, Electro-industrial
  • albums: "Slishkom Dolgo I Pusto", "Rstw", "Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts", "Kemet High Tech. Part II: History Illusions", "So(znanie)bytiya", "Ser Cercana", "Chac Och-Ut", "No More Sense", "RXG-242-11", "Path of Satiam", "Morning Depth of the Sunlight & Emptiness Inside Reason", "Rezonans", "Kami-No-Miti", "Light, Sound, Sacral Geometry & Energy", "Kogda Uhodyat Teni", "Ra Dhi", "NewOldLive", "Calendar Complex", "Oracle Octave Part II: Sirius Mystery", "Narration of Time", "Summarium Symphony", "Ht.K.Pth", "Sthana Ekanta", "Vdol Puti K Podnebesnoy...", "Madinat al-Mayitt", "Rajas", "Great Oppositions of Mars", "Weird", "From Saturn to Uranium", "Denying Ignorance", "Swadhisthana", "Life of Songs", "KaaraNa", "YanTra Light", "Probuzhdaya Sluchaynost", "Planetary Dust", "In Archetypes", "Rain Eclipse", "Izoteri-Ka", "Lotos Prityazheniya", "Sacral Land", "...Sny Zhestoki", "Tezcatl", "Songs of Life", "Nasledie", "Epoch of the Fifth Sun", "Precession", "Contextual", "Ancalimon: Fates of Odemyr", "Oracle Octave Part I: Orion Mystery"
  • official website:


  1. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is Nightmare's third full length studio album and arguably, the best known. This album is considered a huge stepping stone in the band's future success. The sound of this album has a lighter and more pop feel than its predecessors, Livid and Ultimate Circus. It peaked at #12 in the Oricon Charts.
  2. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a concept album written and produced by Vladislav Delay.
  3. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Riccardo Cocciante.
    • released in (41 years ago)
  4. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical EP of Gianni Celeste.
    • released on
  5. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical single of Samuel Skrbinsek.
    • released on
  6. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a cataloged instance, composition.
  7. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of ProximaShines.
    • released on
  8. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of OIO.
    • released in (24 years ago)
  9. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Anima.
    • released on (6 years ago)
  10. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical single of Rinat Shabanov & Pavel Polyakov.
  11. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Jadranka Juras.
    • released in (10 years ago)
  12. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Tystnaden.
  13. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical single of Upon This Dawning.
    • released on
  14. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Anima Sound System.
    • released in (18 years ago)
  15. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of BrunuhVille.
  16. "Ànima" a.k.a. "AnimA" is a musical EP of Noitapastori.
    • released in (19 years ago)
  17. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Milton Nascimento.
    • released in (25 years ago)
  18. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Oniro.
    • released on (12 years ago)
  19. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Cecilia Chailly.
    • released in (19 years ago)
  20. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical EP of Prophetic Dream.
  21. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a musical album of Taste of Insanity.
    • released in (13 years ago)
  22. "Ànima" is a musical album of Toni Xuclà.
    • released in (11 years ago)


"Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a novel written by Marie Buchanan. It is in the mystery or suspense genre, and was first published in the United Kingdom under the title Greenshards by Fawcett Crest in 1972.

  • also known as Greenshards
  • language: English Language
  • author: Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan
  • genre: Mystery
  • released in (43 years ago)
  • award: - Edgar's Book Jacket Award (softcover) nomination for Fawcett Crest


  1. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a 2003 short-film directed and written by Erika Grediaga. Produced by the American Film Institute, it stars Mexican actress Claudia Soberón.
  2. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a 2012 short / drama film written by Jóhannes Nordal & Hallur Örn Árnason and directed by Hallur Örn Árnason.
  3. "Ànima" a.k.a. "Anima" is a 2012 short documentary film directed by Charlotte Dumas.


  1. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a fictional character from DC Comics, who starred in the comic book series of the same name. The character was created and written by science fiction and fantasy authors Elizabeth Hand and Paul Witcover.
  2. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a fictional character from the 1962 film Kanchenjungha.


  1. Ànima a.k.a. Anima Young Singers of Greater Chicago is a chorus based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Formerly the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus, the chorus changed its name to Anima in May 2008. The chorus consists of girls and boys ages 5–18.
    • also known as Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus, Glen Ellyn Childrens Chorus
    • official website:
  2. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a record label.


Ànima a.k.a. ANIMA is an Aviation waypoint.

  • also known as ANIMA fix, waypoint ANIMA, ANIMA waypoint, fix ANIMA


  1. Ànima a.k.a. +Anima is an internationally published ten-volume manga series by Natsumi Mukai. The story focuses on four "+Anima" characters—humans with anthropomorphic abilities, and are shunned by society as a result.
    • also known as 幻獸天使
  2. Ànima a.k.a. Anima is a Danish animal rights organization founded in 2000. Its core focus is on factory farms and the fur industry. The organization's motto is "the organization for the rights of all animals". Anima works by organizing protests, raising awareness about animal abuse, and providing information and advice on vegan/vegetarian eating.
  3. Ànima is a 2009 news TV series written by Júlia Bertran, Jofre Font, Sara Loscos, Dimas Rodríguez, Jordi Sanromà, Mercè Sàrrias and Jordi Turtós, and created by Televisió de Catalunya.

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