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Álex appears in the following pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • Watch "Jeopardy!", Alex Trebek's fun TV quiz game. (37 letters)
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  1. álex a.k.a. Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa, better known as Alex, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for A.C. Milan and the Brazil national football team as a central defender. He is known for his physical strength and the power of his shot, which has gained him the nickname of "The Tank".
    • born on (32 years ago) in Niterói
    • nationality: Brazil
    • profession: Football player
  2. álex a.k.a. Alexander Skarsgård is an award-winning tv actor, film actor, film director, film writer.
  3. álex a.k.a. Alexa Vega: Alexa Ellesse PenaVega is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her role as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids film series and Shilo Wallace in the film Repo! The Genetic Opera. In 2009, she starred as the title character Ruby Gallagher in the ABC Family series Ruby & The Rockits.
  4. álex a.k.a. Alex Jones: Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones is an American radio host, author, conspiracy theorist, and documentary filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communications Network and WWCR Radio shortwave across the United States, and on the Internet. His websites include and
  5. álex a.k.a. Alex Borstein: Alexandrea "Alex" Borstein is an American actress, writer, producer, and comedian. She is well known for her long-running role as Lois Griffin on the animated television series Family Guy, and as a cast member on the sketch comedy series MADtv. A native of Deerfield, Illinois, Borstein is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where she studied rhetoric. She was trained in improvisational comedy at the ACME Comedy Theatre, near Hollywood, California, and was selected to join MADtv after being scouted by talent agents who noticed her work at the theatre. She was a writer and voice actor for several television shows, including Casper, Pinky and the Brain, and Power Rangers: Zeo, before joining the cast of MADtv as a featured player, and later as a repertory player in 1997.
  6. álex a.k.a. Alex Kingston: Alexandra Elizabeth "Alex" Kingston is an English actress. She is known for her roles as Dr. Elizabeth Corday on the NBC medical drama ER and as River Song in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who.
  7. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Breckenridge: Alexandra Hetherington "Alex" Breckenridge is an American actress, photographer and voice artist. Noted for her role as Willa McPherson on the television series Dirt, she also had a supporting role on the short lived series The Ex List. She also is the voice of various characters on the animated television series Family Guy. She starred as Moira O'Hara's younger self in the 2011 FX television season American Horror Story: Murder House and portrayed Kaylee in the 2013–14 season, American Horror Story: Coven.
  8. álex a.k.a. AJ McLean: Alexander James "A. J." McLean is an American musician, singer, dancer, actor, and entertainer. He is a member of the Backstreet Boys. McLean is also a contributor for the It Gets Better Project.
  9. álex a.k.a. Alexander Gould: Alexander Jerome Gould is an American actor and voice artist, best known for voicing Nemo in Finding Nemo, Twitch in How to Eat Fried Worms and Shane Botwin in Weeds.
  10. álex a.k.a. Alexander Shatilov: Alexander 'Alex' Shatilov is an Israeli artistic gymnast. He specializes in the floor exercise, in which he won several medals at world and European championships, and reached the final at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2013, Shatilov won a gold medal at the European championship in gymnastics in Moscow, Russia.
  11. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Hedison is an American photographer, director and actress.
  12. álex a.k.a. Alex Jolig, better known by his stage name Alex, is a German actor, singer and motorcycle racer.
    • also known as Alexander Jolig, Alex
    • born on (52 years ago) in Stuttgart
    • nationality: Germany
    • profession: Actor, singer, motorcycle racer
    • read more about Alex Jolig (actor)
  13. álex a.k.a. Alexander Korda: Sir Alexander Korda was a Hungarian-born British film producer and director. He worked in Hollywood the first time during the transition to "talkies", from 1926 to 1930. The change led to divorce from his first wife, a popular Hungarian actress who could not make the transition because of her strong accent in English.
  14. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Holden is an American film and television actress.
  15. álex a.k.a. Alexsandro de Souza, commonly known as Alex, is a Brazilian footballer. He is a former captain of the Brazilian national team and Fenerbahçe, he has also played for Coritiba, Palmeiras, Flamengo and Cruzeiro in Brazil and Parma in Serie A. Alex first played professionally for Coritiba, a Brazilian football club from the state of Paraná, where he stayed from 1995-97, when he was sold to Palmeiras, from São Paulo. When he was playing for Palmeiras where he became a national star, in Brazil. He conquered for the Parque Antárctica club a Libertadores da América cup title, in 1999, a Rio-São Paulo cup title in 2000 and a Copa do Brasil title and a Mercosul cup title in 1998. He left Palmeiras and signed with Flamengo, of Rio de Janeiro in 2000. His performance for the Gávea team, however, was disappointing. He scored three times in twelve games and had his contract terminated.
  16. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Neldel: Alexandra Monika Neldel is a German actress from Berlin.
  17. álex a.k.a. Chu Hun Gon: Alex Chu, known simply as Alex, is a Korean-Canadian singer and actor. He is the male vocalist of South Korean electropop band Clazziquai.
    • also known as Alex Chu, 알렉스 추, Alex, 알렉스, 추헌곤
    • born on (36 years ago) in Vancouver
    • nationality: Canada, South Korea
    • profession: Singer, actor
    • member of musical groups:
    • genres: Pop music, Ballad, K-pop, Synthpop
    • albums: "My Vintage Romance", "같은 꿈", "알렉스의 '우리결혼했어요'", "Just Like Me", "Newways Always (나쁜짓)", "나쁜 짓: New Ways Always", "각인 (刻人)"
    • TV series: played Kim San in "Pasta"
  18. álex a.k.a. Alex Meraz: Alejandro "Alex" Meraz is an American dancer, actor and martial artist. Meraz is best known for playing the werewolf named Paul in the film New Moon.
  19. álex a.k.a. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Alexander Mark David "Alex" Oxlade-Chamberlain is an English footballer who plays for Arsenal and the England national football team as a winger.
  20. álex a.k.a. Àlex Abrines is an athlete, basketball player.
    • also known as Alejandro Abrines Redondo, Álex
    • born on (22 years ago) in Palma, Majorca, child of Gabriel Abrines
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Basketball player
  21. álex a.k.a. Alexandre Despatie is a Canadian diver and broadcaster from Laval, Quebec. He was the world champion at the 1 and 3 m springboards from 2005 to 2007 and is the first, and so far only, diver to have been world champion in the three categories. He is also a 37-time Canadian senior diving champion, and nine-time junior champion. He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    • also known as Alexander Despatie, Al, Alex
    • born on (30 years ago) in Montreal
    • nationality: Canada
    • profession: Athlete
    • some of the medals:
      • 2004 Summer Olympics
        • Silver medal for Canada in Diving – Men's 3 metre springboard
      • 2008 Summer Olympics
        • Silver medal for Canada in Diving - Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard
        • Silver medal for Japan in Diving – Men's 3 metre springboard
    • official website:
  22. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Tydings Luzzatto is an American actress, best known for her role as Greek goddess Aphrodite on the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and its spin-off, Xena: Warrior Princess.
  23. álex a.k.a. Álex Fernández: Alejandro Fernández Iglesias, commonly known as Álex, is a Spanish footballer who plays for RCD Espanyol as a central midfielder.
    • also known as Alejandro Fernández Iglesias, Álex
    • born on (23 years ago) in Alcalá de Henares
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Soccer player
  24. álex a.k.a. Alex Gopher is a French DJ who composes electronic dance music and house.
    • also known as Alex, Alexis Latrobe
    • born in Versailles
    • nationality: France
    • profession: Disc jockey, film score composer
    • member of musical group WUZ
    • genres: House music, Dance-pop, Funk, Electronic dance music
    • albums: "Spam EP", "Party People", "The Child", "You, My Baby & I", "Motorcycle", "Aurora", "Gordini Mix", "Belmondo EP", "Alex Gopher", "Handguns", "Aurora, Volume 2", "Invasion / Virages", "Fast Track (vocal mix)", "WUZ – Use Me Volume 2", "Hello Inc.", "No Drop"
    • official website:
  25. álex a.k.a. Álex Gálvez: Alejandro 'Álex' Gálvez Jimena is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for German club SV Werder Bremen as a central defender or a defensive midfielder.
    • also known as Alejandro Gálvez Jimena, Gálvez, Álex
    • born on (26 years ago) in Granada
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Football player
  26. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Kerry: Alexandra Forbes Kerry is an American filmmaker. She is a partner at Locomotive Films and co-founder of Fictional Pictures, a film production company based in New York and Los Angeles.
  27. álex a.k.a. Álex de la Iglesia: Alejandro de la Iglesia Mendoza, more known as Álex de la Iglesia is a Spanish film director, screenwriter, producer and former comic book artist.
    • also known as Alex de la Iglesia, Alejandro de la Iglesia Mendoza, Alejandro de la Iglesia, Alejandro "Álex" de la Iglesia Mendoza, De La Iglesia, Alex, Alex de la Iglesia Mendoza
    • born on (49 years ago) in Bilbao
    • ethnicity: Basques, Spanish people
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Screenwriter, film director, film producer, television director, television producer, actor, film editor, production designer
    • read more about Álex de la Iglesia (film director)
  28. álex a.k.a. Alex is an actor and a magician.
    • also known as एलेक्स
    • born in (56 years ago) in India
    • nationality: India
    • profession: Actor, illusionist, magician
    • died on (4 years ago) in Chennai
    • read more about Alex (actor)
  29. álex a.k.a. Ynna Asistio is a film actor, tv actor.
  30. álex a.k.a. Alejandro Ibarra is an actor.
  31. álex a.k.a. Alexander Bălănescu is a Romanian violinist, and founder of the Balanescu Quartet.
  32. álex a.k.a. Alessandra De Rossi: Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone, better known by her stage name Alessandra De Rossi or Alex de Rossi / Ales de Rossi, is an Italian-Filipina actress. She is the younger sister of actress Assunta De Rossi.
  33. álex a.k.a. Alex Witt is an anchor for MSNBC. She joined the network in January 1999.
  34. álex a.k.a. Alexander Young, also known as George Alexander, was a Scottish guitarist and session musician. He is the eldest brother of George, the rhythm guitarist and founding member of The Easybeats as well as Malcolm and Angus, founding members of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC.
  35. álex a.k.a. Alex McCord is an actor.
  36. álex a.k.a. Alex Edmondson is an olympic athlete, athlete.
    • also known as Alexander Edmondson, Alex, Edmo
    • born on (21 years ago) in Miri
    • nationality: Australia
    • profession: Athlete
  37. álex a.k.a. Alexander Massialas is an American foil fencer, team silver medallist in the 2014 World Fencing Championships. At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Men's foil.
  38. álex a.k.a. Alex Smith: Edwin Alexander "Alex" Smith, is an American football tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Stanford.
  39. álex a.k.a. Alex Raphael Meschini is a football player from Brazil.
  40. álex a.k.a. Alexander Horst is a beach volleyball player from Austria.
    • also known as Alex
    • born on (32 years ago) in Vienna
    • ethnicity: Austrians
    • nationality: Austria
    • profession: Beach volleyball player
  41. álex a.k.a. Alexander Cardinale, sometimes known as "Xander", is a United States singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. He has also worked as an actor in films, TV and web shows. His first starring role was "Hank" in Chad Peter's dark comedy Apocalypse, CA.
    • also known as Xander, Alexander Vincent Cardinale, Xander Cardinale, Alex
    • born on (30 years ago) in Monterey
    • nationality: United States of America
    • profession: Singer-songwriter, record producer, actor
    • Marriage with Daphna Cardinale since
    • genre: Pop music
    • album: "Traffic Lights"
    • filmography:
  42. álex a.k.a. Alex Ambrose is an actor.
  43. álex a.k.a. Alex Gonz is a pornographic actor.
    • also known as Daniel Sayago, Alec Gonz, Alex, Alex Gonzalez, Daniel
    • born on (35 years ago) in Miami
    • ethnicity: Cubans
    • nationality: United States of America
    • profession: Pornographic film actor, actor
  44. álex a.k.a. Alex Devine is an American pornographic actress.
    • also known as Alexandra, Alex, Alex Divine
    • born on (31 years ago) in Hawaii
    • ethnicity: White American
    • nationality: United States of America
    • profession: Pornographic film actor
  45. álex a.k.a. Alexander Rhodes is an actor.
  46. álex a.k.a. Alex Fraga: Alex José de Oliveira Fraga or simply Alex, is a Brazilian central back who plays for Corinthians Paranaense.
  47. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Bartee is an actor.
  48. álex a.k.a. Alex is a Dutch pop singer.
  49. álex a.k.a. Alex Debogorski appeared in 2007 tv program Ice Road Truckers.
  50. álex a.k.a. Alex is a former Brazilian football player.
    • born on (38 years ago) in Brazil
    • nationality: Brazil
  51. álex a.k.a. Count Alexandre DeLesseps was married to LuAnn de Lesseps.
  52. álex a.k.a. Alex Naumik: Alexandra Naumik, better known by her stage name Alex, was a Polish-Norwegian rock and pop artist who rose to fame in the late 1970s.
  53. álex a.k.a. Alejandro Zepeda is the son of Rubén Zepeda Novelo and María Victoria.
  54. álex a.k.a. Alejando de la Madrid is an actor.
  55. álex a.k.a. Rachel Travers is a pornographic actress.
    • also known as Alex, Rachel, Rachael
    • born on (37 years ago) in England
    • nationality: England
    • profession: Pornographic film actor
  56. álex a.k.a. Oļegs Andrejevs is a musician.
  57. álex a.k.a. Alejandro Bergantiños García: Alejandro "Álex" Bergantiños García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Deportivo de La Coruña as a defensive midfielder.
    • also known as Álex, Álex Bergantiños
    • born on (30 years ago) in A Coruña
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Football player
  58. álex a.k.a. Alexandra East is an actress.
  59. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Townsend is a film actor and producer.
  60. álex a.k.a. Alexander Martin is an actor.
  61. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Auder is an actress.
  62. álex a.k.a. Álex García is an actor.
    • also known as Alex García, Alejandro García Fernández, Álex, Alez Garcia
    • born on (33 years ago) in Tenerife
    • nationality: Spain
    • profession: Actor
    • read more about Álex García (actor)
  63. álex a.k.a. Alexandra Datig is an actress.
  64. álex a.k.a. Alex is an actor.
    • born in (56 years ago) in India
    • nationality: India
    • profession: Actor, magician
    • died on (4 years ago) in Chennai
    • read more about Alex (actor)
  65. álex a.k.a. Alexander Berberich is a film producer, film director, cinematographer and screenwriter.
  66. álex a.k.a. Alex McTavish is an actress.
  67. álex a.k.a. Alex Beach is the daughter of actor Michael Beach.


álex a.k.a. Alex was an African grey parrot and the subject of a thirty-year experiment by animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg, initially at the University of Arizona and later at Harvard University and Brandeis University.

  • born in (39 years ago)
  • died on (8 years ago)


  1. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character in Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange and the film A Clockwork Orange, in which he is played by Malcolm McDowell. In the film his surname is DeLarge, referring to Alex's calling himself "Alexander the Large" in the novel.
  2. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2010 TV series Nikita.
    • also known as Alexandra
  3. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character in the computer animated film series Madagascar.
  4. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2002 film 8 Mile.
  5. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the book Everything Is Illuminated, appearing in the 2005 film Everything Is Illuminated.
  6. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2011 film Gaamer.
  7. álex a.k.a. Àlex is a fictional character from the 2009 film Drifting.
  8. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2006 film Love Sick.
  9. álex a.k.a. Alex is a video game character who debuted as the lead character in the 1997 fighting game Street Fighter III. In addition to his appearance in the original Street Fighter III, Alex also appears in the fighting games Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution and the forthcoming Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. Alex is a blond-haired brawler from Manhattan who wears green overalls as pants and combat boots, green fighting gloves, and a red headband.
  10. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character in the 2010 comedy film Heartbreaker.
  11. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the TV Series Totally Spies!.
  12. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2009 film He's Just Not That Into You.
  13. álex a.k.a. Alex is a fictional character from the 2006 film Children of Men.


  1. "álex" a.k.a. "Alex" is a 1992 film directed by Megan Simpson Huberman.
  2. "álex" a.k.a. "Alex" is a 1991 drama film written and directed by Teresa Villaverde.
  3. "álex" a.k.a. "Alex" is a short film, directed by Laura Pousa.
    • country: Spain
    • language: Spanish Language
    • released in
  4. "álex" a.k.a. "Alex" is a film, directed by Rajesh Touchriver.


álex a.k.a. Alex is a town in Grady County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 550 at the 2010 census.


  1. álex a.k.a. Alex is a British cartoon strip by Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor. It first appeared in the short-lived London Daily News in 1987. It moved to The Independent later that year and then to the Daily Telegraph in 1992. A translated version was published in the German newspaper Financial Times Deutschland. It has also been published translated into Dutch for some years in the main financial newspaper of the Netherlands, "Het Financieele Dagblad", around the turn of the century.
  2. álex a.k.a. Alex was a French restaurant located in Las Vegas, Nevada that held two Michelin stars. It is the namesake restaurant of celebrity chef Alessandro Stratta, Iron Chef USA and winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for "Best Chef Southwest" in 1998. The restaurant was well known for Stratta's unique approach and attention to molecular gastronomy. The restaurant was considered one of the finest in the United States. It closed indefinitely on January 15, 2011. The food was French with an Italian influence and was offered as prix fixe, or fixed price, menu only.
  3. álex a.k.a. Alex is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.
  4. álex a.k.a. Alex was the name of an interactive videotex information service offered by Bell Canada in market research from 1988 to 1990 and thence to the general public until 1994.
  5. álex a.k.a. AleX is an Italian television series. The series was written by Alfredo Castelli, Guglielmo Duccoli and Giorgio Schottler and produced by Videotime.
    • begun on and completed on (18 years ago)
    • 6 episodes
    • country: Italy
  6. álex a.k.a. Alex is a lexer generator written in Haskell, such as Lex. It is contained in the Haskell Platform, along with GHC, Happy and Cabal.
  7. álex a.k.a. Skins - Season 6: Skins is a British teen drama created by father-and-son television writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain for Company Pictures. The sixth series began airing on E4 on 23 January 2012 and ended on 26 March 2012. Like the previous series, it follows the lives of the third generation of characters, which consists of Franky Fitzgerald, Rich Hardbeck, Mini McGuinness, Liv Malone, Alo Creevey, brothers Nick and Matty Levan, and new character Alex Henley.
    • also known as Skins, Alex

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