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What does ara mean as a name of something?

Ara is a genus of Psittacinae.


  1. ära a.k.a. Go Ara, often performing under the mononym Ara, is a South Korean actress. She made her acting debut in the 2003 Korean television drama Sharp #1.
    • also known as Ara, Go Ah Ra, Go A-ra, Ko A-ra, Ara Go, Ara Ko, Ko Ar-Ra
    • born on (25 years ago) in Jinju
    • nationality: South Korea
    • profession: Model, actor, musician
    • member of musical group SMTOWN since
    • read more about Go Ara (actress)
  2. ära a.k.a. Ara Mina: Hazel Pascual Reyes, better known by her screen name Ara Mina, is a Filipina actress, fashion model and singer. She won the Golden Screen Award in 2004 for Best Actress in a drama in the Philippines for her role as Luna in Minsan Pa. Mina is also known for her roles in the films Mano Po 2 and Huling Birhen sa Lupa, the two of which that have given her acting trophies in the past.
    • also known as Hazel Reyes; Hazel Klenk Reyes Mathay; Mina, Ara; Hazel Pascual Reyes; Hazel P. Reyes; Kris; Ara; Hazel Klenk Pascual Reyes; Dara Mina; Ara Mina Reyes
    • born on (36 years ago) in Manila, child of Chuck Mathay
    • nationality: Philippines
    • profession: Singer, actor, model
    • read more about Ara Mina (actress)
  3. ära a.k.a. Araceli González is an Argentinian actress, fashion model and TV host.
  4. ära a.k.a. Yoo Ara is a South Korean singer and dancer.
    • also known as Ara, Yooara
    • born on (23 years ago) in Seoul
    • nationality: South Korea
    • profession: Singer, dancer
    • member of musical group Hello Venus (Vocals) since
    • genres: Dance-pop, K-pop


  1. ära a.k.a. Aera is a musical group.
  2. ära a.k.a. ÁRA is a musical group.
  3. ära a.k.a. Ära is a musical group from Estonia.


ära a.k.a. ARA is a record label.


  1. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2001 film Kill Me Later.
  2. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2011 film Arisan! 2.
  3. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2010 film Shake, Rattle & Roll 12.
  4. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the TV program Crazy for You.
  5. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2010 film Habana Eva.
  6. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2012 film The Reunion.
  7. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the 2011 film Cross.
  8. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional character from the tv series Housos.
  9. ära a.k.a. Ara is a fictional film character.


  1. "ära" a.k.a. "Ara" is a 2008 Turkish drama film directed by Ümit Ünal, starring Erdem Akakçe, Betül Çobanoğlu, Serhat Tutumluer, and Selen Uçer, all originally stage actors.
  2. "ära" a.k.a. "ARA" is a film, directed by Dimi Nakov.


"ära" a.k.a. "Aera" is a video game.


  1. "ära" a.k.a. "Ara" is a 2012 EP album of Gökhan Türkmen.
    • released in (4 years ago)
  2. "ära" a.k.a. "Ara" is a musical album of Marcel Cranc.
    • released in (8 years ago)
  3. "ära" a.k.a. "Ara" is a musical album of Fes-te Fotre.
    • released in (12 years ago)
  4. "ära" a.k.a. "Ära" is a musical album of Pest.
    • released in (16 years ago)
  5. "ära" a.k.a. "Ära" is a musical album of Minas Morgul.
  6. "ära" a.k.a. "Ara" is a composition.


  1. ära a.k.a. 'Ara: 'Ara is a village in the Haifa District in northern Israel, located in the Wadi Ara valley. Since 1985 'Ara has been part of the Ar'ara local council. It is north of highway 65, between Ar'ara and Kfar Qara. Its population of 4,600 is almost entirely Muslim.
    • also known as 'Ara, Israel
    • part of Israel
  2. ära a.k.a. Ara is a lake in the municipality of Aremark in Østfold county, Norway.
  3. ära a.k.a. Acadiana Regional Airport is a public use airport in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, United States. It is owned by Iberia Parish and is located four nautical miles northwest of the central business district of New Iberia, Louisiana. From 1960 to 1965 it was operated by the U.S. Navy as Naval Air Station New Iberia.
  4. ära a.k.a. Ara is a census town in Hazaribag district in the state of Jharkhand, India.


  1. ära a.k.a. Arabic Language: Arabic is a name for what are traditionally considered the descendants of the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century. This includes both the literary language and varieties of Arabic spoken in a wide arc of territory, stretching across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Arabic belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family.
    • also known as عربي, اللغة العربية, Arabic, /m/0jzc
  2. ära a.k.a. Ara is a Neotropical genus of macaws with eight extant species and at least two extinct species. The genus name was coined by French naturalist Bernard Germain de Lacépède in 1799. It gives its name to and is part of the Arini, or tribe of Neotropical parrots. The genus name Ara is likely related to arara, the Portuguese word for a macaw, itself derived from the Tupi word a'rara.
  3. ära a.k.a. Ara is a Catalan daily newspaper that began publication on November 28, 2010, coinciding with the Catalan parliamentary elections. Between 60,000 and 90,000 copies are printed each day. It is the third most read daily newspaper in Catalonia, and the most read daily newspaper written exclusively in the Catalan language. Its regional edition, Ara Balears, is the most widespread Catalan language newspaper on the Balearic Islands. Ara's web page is the visited digital media in Catalonia, with around 2 million single users per month.
  4. ära a.k.a. Ara is a southern constellation situated between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe. Its name is Latin for "altar". Ara was one of the 48 Greek constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union.
    • also known as The Altar
  5. ära a.k.a. Aera is a Japanese weekly magazine, printed in gravure, published by the Asahi Shimbun. The magazine combines photographs and news stories. In May 1988, Aera replaced Asahi Journal, a more substantial weekly.
  6. ära a.k.a. Argentine austral: The austral was the currency of Argentina between June 15, 1985 and December 31, 1991. It was subdivided into 100 centavos. The symbol was an uppercase A with an extra horizontal line, codepoint U+20B3 austral sign ₳. This symbol appeared on all coins issued in this currency, to distinguish them from earlier currencies. The ISO 4217 code is ARA.
  7. ära a.k.a. Ara, or Arag, is a traditional alcoholic beverage consumed in Bhutan. Ara is made from rice, maize, millet, or wheat, and may be either fermented or distilled. The beverage is usually a clear, creamy, or white color.
  8. ära a.k.a. Aari Language: Aari is an Omotic language of Ethiopia. The speakers of this language have been known as Shankilla, a name which is considered derogatory.
    • also known as Shankilla, Shankilligna, Ara, Shankillinya, Ari, Aro, Aarai, Ari language
  9. ära a.k.a. Wára Language: Upper Morehead, also known as Wára, is a Papuan language of New Guinea. Varieties are Wára, Kómnjo, Anta, and Wèré; these are divergent enough to sometimes be listed as distinct languages.
    • also known as Kamindjo, Vara, Yumbar, Ara, Tjokwai, Rouku, Tokwasa, Upper Morehead, Wärä, Upper Morehead language
  10. ära a.k.a. Ara: According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Ara is located within the eastern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Azure Dragon of the East.
    • also known as Ara in Chinese astronomy
  11. ära a.k.a. Arhâ Language: Arhâ is a nearly extinct Oceanic language of New Caledonia.
    • also known as Ara
  12. ära a.k.a. Ara: Aka is a monoethnic world that recently underwent an aggressive revolutionary change in technological status, during which almost all of the traditional culture was suppressed or rejected. Aka is governed by a despotic state which mandates a form of scientific theism and aims to turn its citizens into ideal "producer-consumers", with the ultimate goal of attaining advanced spaceflight capabilities. Aka is the setting of most of The Telling.
  13. ära a.k.a. Ara is a file format.
  14. ära a.k.a. forkhead box C1 is a gene.
    • also known as forkhead-related activator 3; forkhead (Drosophila)-like 7; iridogoniodysgenesis type 1; Forkhead, drosophila, homolog-like 7; myeloid factor-delta
  15. ära a.k.a. ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C (CFTR/MRP), member 6 is a gene.
    • also known as anthracycline resistance associated protein; anthracycline resistance-associated; ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C, member 6; pseudoxanthoma elasticum

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