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š?s a.k.a. S+S is a musical group.


  1. š?s a.k.a. Disulfur is the diatomic molecule with the formula S₂. It is analogous to the dioxygen molecule but rarely occurs at room temperature. This violet gas is commonly generated by heating sulfur above 720 °C and comprises 99% of the vapor at low pressure at 530 °C. S₂ is one of the minor components of the atmosphere of Io, which is predominantly composed of SO₂. Diatomic molecules are common containing C, O, N, and F, but for heavier elements they are often only stable at high temperatures.
  2. š?s a.k.a. Remediation of contaminated sites with cement, also called solidification/stabilization with cement is a common method for the safe environmental remediation of contaminated land with cement. The cement solidifies the contaminated soil and prevents pollutants from moving, such as rain causing leaching of pollutants into the groundwater or being carried into streams by rain or snowmelt. Developed in the 1950s, the technology is widely used today to treat industrial hazardous waste and contaminated material at brownfield sites i.e. abandoned or underutilized properties that are not being redeveloped because of fears that they may be contaminated with hazardous waste. S/S provides an economically viable means of treating contaminated sites. This technology treats and contains contaminated soil on site thereby reducing the need for landfills.
    • also known as S/S

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