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1060 a.k.a. Kiddy Grade is a 24 episode science fiction anime series produced in 2002 and created by gímik and Gonzo Digimation and directed by Keiji Gotoh. The series is licensed and distributed in North America by FUNimation Entertainment.


  1. 1060 is a Postal Code.
  2. 1060 is a Postal Code.
  3. 1060 is a Postal Code.
  4. 1060 is a Postal Code.
  5. 1060 a.k.a. is a Postal Code.
  6. 1060 a.k.a. Highland Lakes Center is a Shopping center.


  1. 1060 a.k.a. Pyruvic acid is an organic acid, has a carboxylic acid and a ketone functional group, and is the simplest of the alpha-keto acids. The carboxylate anion of pyruvic acid, its Brønsted–Lowry conjugate base, CH₃COCOO−, is known as pyruvate, and is a key intersection in several metabolic pathways.
    • also known as Acetylformate, Acetylformic acid, Pyroracemate, BTS, Pyroracemic acid, Pyruvate
  2. 1060 a.k.a. Rhodobacter: In taxonomy, Rhodobacter is a genus of the Rhodobacteraceae. The most famous species of Rhodobacter is Rhodobacter sphaeroides, which is commonly used to express proteins.
  3. 1060 a.k.a. centromere protein C 1 is a gene.
    • also known as centromere autoantigen C1
  4. 1060 a.k.a. The Red Skelton Show - Season 19 is a tv season.

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