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Who is 1085?

1085 a.k.a. William Jennings Bryan was a leading American politician from the 1890s until his death. He was a dominant force in the populist wing of the Democratic Party, standing three times as the Party's candidate for President of the United States. He served two terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives from Nebraska and was the United States Secretary of State under President Woodrow Wilson, resigning because of his pacifist position on the World War. Bryan was a devout Presbyterian, a strong advocate of popular democracy, and an enemy of the banks and their gold standard. He demanded "Free Silver". He was a peace advocate, a prohibitionist, and an opponent of Darwinism on religious and humanitarian grounds. With his deep, commanding voice and wide travels, he was one of the best-known orators and lecturers of the era. Because of his faith in the wisdom of the common people, he was called "The Great Commoner.

  • also known as Bryan, William Jennings; The Great Commoner; The Silver Knight of the West; Boy Orator of the Platte; The Fundamentalist Pope; "Adam-and-Eve" Bryan
  • born on (154 years ago) in Salem, child of Silas Bryan and Mariah Elizabeth Bryan
  • nationality: United States of America
  • religion: Presbyterianism
  • education:
  • profession: Lawyer, politician, orator, statesman
  • Marriage with Mary Baird Bryan
  • parent of
  • died on (89 years ago) in Dayton
  • buried in Arlington National Cemetery
  • albums: "An Ideal Republic", "Guaranty of Bank Deposits", "Immortality", "Imperialism", "Popular Election of Senators", "Swollen Fortunes", "The Labor Question", "The Railroad Question", "The Tariff Question", "The Trust Question"
  • written works: "A defense of county option", "The second battle", "The People's Law", "Letters to a Chinese official", "Life and speeches of Hon. Wm. Jennings Bryan", "The message from Bethlehem", "The cross of gold", "The royal art", "A dominação britanica na India", "Christ And His Companions", "The first commandment", "Mr. Bryan's peace plan", "The forces that make for peace", "Heart To Heart Appeals", "In HIS000000 Image", "The price of a soul", "Tariff speech of William Jennings Bryan", "The first battle", "The memoirs of William Jennings Bryan", "The menace of Darwinism", "The signs of the times", "The making of a man", "Famous Figures Of The Old Testament", "The value of an ideal", "Guaranteed banks", "The Commoner condensed", "The Bible or Evolution?", "Die englische Herrschaft in Indien", "Selected orations of William Jennings Bryan", "Famous Greek Orations", "Bryan's currency creed", "The world's famous orations", "Famous Roman Orations", "The credo of the Commoner", "The last message of William Jennings Bryan", "The real Bryan", "Under Other Flags", "Speeches of William Jennings Bryan", "A tale of two conventions", "The Bible and its enemies", "The old world and its ways", "Seven Questions In Dispute", "Bryan on imperialism", "Man"


1085 a.k.a. Perennial Library is a publisher.


"1085" a.k.a. "The Summer Tree" is the first novel of The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay.

  • also known as "The Summer Tree (The Fionavar Tapestry, Book 1)"; "The Summer Tree (Fionavar Tapestry)"; "Summer Tree"
  • language: English Language
  • genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
  • subjects: Time travel, Wizards
  • copyright: 1984
  • released in
  • award:


1085 is a Postal Code.


  1. 1085 a.k.a. The Flying Nun - Season 3 is a tv season.
  2. 1085 a.k.a. carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule pseudogene 5 is a gene.

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