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11565 is a Postal Code in Nassau County.


"11565" a.k.a. "Beyond Sanctuary" is the 1985 edition of the book by Janet Morris. It is the first of her three authorized "Beyond Sanctuary" solo novels and first in her "Beyond Sanctuary" series of novels. A portion of the novel "Beyond Sanctuary" takes place in the Thieves World fictional universe. The" Beyond Sanctuary" trilogy is a sub-series of Janet Morris and Chris Morris's eight-volume series, The Sacred Band," and part of the Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universe.

  • language: English Language
  • characters:
    • Ari, Sacred Bander
    • Bashir
    • Ischade, necromant
    • Lacan Ajami
    • Janni
    • The Defender
    • Critias
    • Ari
    • Niko
    • Kama
    • Randal
    • Abarsis
    • Stormbringer
    • Marc, weaponer
    • Haram
    • Grillo, Rankan agent
    • Tempus
    • Vasili
    • Shamshi
    • Gayle
    • Cime
    • Bandaran adepts
    • Cybele
    • Askelon of Meridian
    • Roxane, Nisibisi witch
    • Enlil
    • Theron, Rankan General
    • Datan, Nisibisi wizard
    • Jihan, Froth Daughter
    • Tamzen, undead
    • Madame Bomba
    • Phryne
    • Snapper Jo
    • Straton
    • Shamshi, Stepson
    • Arton
    • Sync
    • Tamzen
    • Herakleitos of Ephesos
    • Widow Maldives
    • Palapot, horse trader
  • genres: Historical high fantasy, Speculative fiction
  • subjects: Ontology, Heroes and Heroism, Honour, sorcery, Ancient Greek philosophy, ancient cavalry operations, Mercenary, Extrasensory perception, Immortality, mortality, Witchcraft, theomachy, Dualism, Death, Sacred Band, Mesopotamian mythology, Panoply, Transcendence, Prodromoi, Ancient warfare, Sacred Band of Stepsons, Afterlife, Greek hero cult, Enlil, Horses in warfare, Vampire, Skirmisher, Cavalry, Necromancy, Hippeis, Sacred Band of Thebes, Egyptian mythology, Spirituality, Timocracy
  • copyright: 1985
  • released in (30 years ago)


  1. 11565 a.k.a. Melba is an American television sitcom which aired on CBS from January 28, 1986 until September 13, 1986. The series was a vehicle for singer/actress Melba Moore.
  2. 11565 a.k.a. Highway to Heaven - Season 5 is a tv season.

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