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  1. 1206 is a Postal Code.
  2. 1206 is a Postal Code.
  3. 1206 a.k.a. is a Postal Code.

There are other places with in their name, like Buildings at 1200-1206 Washington Street.


1206 a.k.a. Panther Books is a publisher.


  1. 1206 a.k.a. Levomethamphetamine is the levorotary form of methamphetamine. Levomethamphetamine is a sympathomimetic vasoconstrictor which is the active ingredient used in some over-the-counter nasal decongestants including the US formulation of Vicks VapoInhaler, but not the Canadian or Indian formulations, which contain only menthol and camphor.
  2. 1206 a.k.a. Carnivàle - Season 1: Carnivàle is an American television series set in the United States during the Great Depression. The series traces the disparate storylines of a young carnival worker named Ben Hawkins and Brother Justin Crowe, a preacher in California. The overarching story is built around a good and evil theme, which serves as a human-scaled metaphor within a complex structure of myth and allegory. Samson, the carnival's dwarf manager, sets up the show's mythology with a prologue in the pilot episode, talking of "a creature of light and a creature of darkness" being born "to each generation" preparing for a final battle.
    • also known as Mythology of Carnivàle, Avatars
  3. 1206 a.k.a. Four on the Floor was a sketch comedy series which aired on CBC Television in 1986. Consisting of only 13 episodes, the series was a showcase for The Frantics, a comedy troupe consisting of Paul Chato, Rick Green, Dan Redican and Peter Wildman. In the U.K., it aired in Channel 4's traditional Friday night comedy slot, 10 June-2 September 1988.
  4. 1206 a.k.a. ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal 7, late infantile, variant is a gene.

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