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"1371" a.k.a. "Prentice Alvin" is an alternate history/fantasy novel by Orson Scott Card. It is the third book in Card's The Tales of Alvin Maker series and is about Alvin Miller, the Seventh son of a seventh son. Prentice Alvin won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1990, was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1989, and the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1990.

  • also known as "Prentice Alvin (Card, Orson Scott. Tales of Alvin Maker (Los Angeles, Calif.), 3.)"; "Prentice Alvin (The Tales of Alvin Maker)"; "Prentice Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 3)"
  • language: English Language
  • genres: Fantasy, Alternate history, Fiction, Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
  • subject: Epic film
  • copyright: 1989
  • released in (26 years ago)
  • some of the awards:


  1. 1371 a.k.a. Millennium - Season 1: The first season of the serial crime-thriller television series Millennium commenced airing in the United States on October 25, 1996, concluding on May 16, 1997, and consisting of twenty-two episodes. It tells the story of retired FBI Agent Frank Black. Black has moved to Seattle, Washington with his family and has begun working with a mysterious organization known only as the Millennium Group. He investigates cases with members of the Group and the Seattle Police Department, contributing his remarkable capability of relating to the monsters responsible for horrific crimes. He finds that his daughter has inherited the same "gift" that he has, while the cases become increasingly more personal.
    • also known as Millennium
  2. 1371 a.k.a. Living in TV Land is a TV program, begun on (11 years ago).
  3. 1371 a.k.a. coproporphyrinogen oxidase is a gene.
    • also known as coproporphyrinogen oxidase (coproporphyria, harderoporphyria); coproporphyria

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