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1433 a.k.a. William Ellery Channing was the foremost Unitarian preacher in the United States in the early nineteenth century and along with Andrews Norton, one of Unitarianism's leading theologians. He was known for his articulate and impassioned sermons and public speeches, and as a prominent thinker in the liberal theology of the day. Channing's religion and thought were among the chief influences on the New England Transcendentalists, though he never countenanced their views, which he saw as extreme. The beliefs he espoused, especially within his "Baltimore Sermon" of May 5, 1819, at the ordination of a future famous theologian and educator in his own right, Jared Sparks, as the first minister of the newly organized "First Independent Church of Baltimore". Here he espoused his principles and tenets of the developing philosophy and theology of "Unitarianism" resulted in the organization later in 1825 of the first Unitarian denomination in America and the later developments and mergers between Unitarians and Universalists resulting finally in the Unitarian Universalist Association of America in 1961.

  • born on (235 years ago) in Newport
  • education: Harvard College
  • died on (173 years ago) in Bennington
  • written works: "The power of Unitarian Christianity to produce an enlightened and fervent piety", "The moral argument against Calvinism", "Channing day by day", "Memoir of William Ellery Channing", "De l'esclavage", "The system of exclusion and denunciation considered", "Christian views of human suffering", "The Sunday school", "Dr. Channing's last address", "A sermon, delivered in Boston, September 18, 1814 ..", "Lecture on war", "The duty of the free states", "The imitableness of Christ's character", "On national literature", "An address delivered at Lenox", "Works of William E. Channing, D. D", "The worship of the Father", "Two sermons on infidelity, delivered October 24, 1813 ..", "The future life", "Sermon on war, delivered January 25, 1835", "Life of William Ellery Channing, D.D", "An address of temperance", "The church", "The ministry for the poor", "Works, with an introd", "Religion a social principle", "The duties of children", "Letter of William E. Channing to James G. Birney", "A sermon", "The superior tendency of Unitarianism to form an elevated religious character", "A continuation of remarks on the character of Napoleon Bonaparte", "A letter to the abolitionists", "The perfect life", "The character and writings of John Milton", "Beauties of Channing", "Unitarian Christianity and other essays", "Selection from the works of William E. Channing, D.D", "Objections to Unitarian Christianity considered", "An examination of passages of Scripture, supposed to prove the deity of Jesus Christ", "A discourse, delivered in Boston at the solemn festival in commemoration of the goodness of God in delivering the Christian world from military despotism, June 15, 1814", "A sermon, preached in Boston, April 5, 1810, the day of the publick fast", "A sermon, delivered at the ordination of the Rev. John Codman, to the pastoral care of the Second Church of Christ, in Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1808", "A sermon, preached in Boston, April 5, 1810, the day of the public fast", "Rev. Mr. Channing's sermon on the duties of children", "A sermon, delivered at the ordination of the Rev. John Emery Abbot", "A sermon, preached in Boston, July 23, 1812", "Two sermons on infidelity", "A sermon, preached in Boston, August 20, 1812", "Note for the second Baltimore edition of the Rev. Mr. Channing's sermon delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Jared Sparks", "Elements of religion and morality in the form of a catechism"


1433 a.k.a. Bouregy & Curl is a publisher.


"1433" a.k.a. "Orbital Resonance" is a science fiction novel by John Barnes. It is the first of four books comprising the Century Next Door series, followed by Kaleidoscope Century, Candle, The Sky So Big and Black.

  • also known as "Orbital Resonance (Meme Wars)"
  • language: English Language
  • genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1991
  • released in (23 years ago)
  • award:


1433 a.k.a. Wild Arms: Twilight Venom is a Japanese animated television series based on the Wild Arms series of video games. The series was animated by Bee Train, and directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and KĊichi Mashimo.


  1. 1433 a.k.a. Pleurocapsales is an organism classification.
  2. 1433 a.k.a. choreoathetosis/spasticity, episodic (paroxysmal choreoathetosis/spasticity) is a gene.

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