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15904 is a Postal Code in Cambria County.


15904 a.k.a. Kentucky Jones is a half-hour comedy/drama starring Dennis Weaver as Kenneth Yarborough "K.Y. or Kentucky" Jones, D.V.M., a recently widowed former horse trainer and active rancher, who becomes the guardian of Dwight Eisenhower "Ike" Wong, a 10-year-old Chinese orphan, played by Ricky Der. Harry Morgan, previously of the CBS sitcoms December Bride and Pete and Gladys, was featured in the series as Seldom Jackson, a former jockey who assists Dr. Jones. Cherylene Lee appears as Annie Ng, Ike's friend. Arthur Wong portrays Mr. Ng, Annie's father. Keye Luke stars as Mr. Wong, a friend of Dr. Jones. Nancy Rennick appears as Miss Throncroft, a social worker. Kentucky Jones, which ran on NBC from September 19, 1964, to September 11, 1965, was the first of Weaver's four series, the most successful having been McCloud, since he left the role of the marshal's helper Chester Goode on CBS's western classic Gunsmoke, starring James Arness.


  1. 15904 a.k.a. Tragus, commonly called burr grass or carrot-seed grass, is a genus in the grass family, Poaceae. Plants are monoecious, stoloniferous, and either annual or perennial depending on the species. The genus is primarily native to Africa, but has been introduced in subtropical and tropical areas around the world as weeds of disturbed areas. The culms are ascending or low and mat forming, glabrous, and circular in cross-section. Blades are flat or folded and linear, ligules membraneous and trichomatous. Flowers are born in narrow panicles; the primary branches are spirally arranged, each possessing 2-5 spikelets; each of these spikelets bears a single floret. Each floret has 3 stamens, the anthers of which are pale yellow. The caryopses are elliptical and golden-brown.
    • also known as Klettengräser, 虱子草属
  2. 15904 a.k.a. Id4: DNA-binding protein inhibitor ID-4 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ID4 gene.
    • also known as Id-4; Inhibitor of DNA binding 4; Inhibitor of differentiation binding 4; Idb4; Inhibitor of DNA binding 4, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
  3. 15904 a.k.a. Mind of Mencia - Season 1 is a tv season.

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