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17944 is a Postal Code in Schuylkill County.


"17944" a.k.a. "Witches" is a book by Erica Jong & Kathryn Meyer Griffith.

  • also known as "Witches (Abradale Books)"
  • genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Poetry, Speculative fiction
  • subjects: Witchcraft, Occult, Philosophy, New Age, Literature, Mythology, Parapsychology, Folklore
  • copyright: 1993


  1. 17944 a.k.a. Lophosoria quadripinnata C.Chr. is a species of fern that, according to DNA molecular analysis, belongs to the Dicksoniacea family, where it is placed in its own monotypic genus Lophosoria. It is found in the Americas spanning from Cuba and Mexico to Chile. In Chile it is present in the area between Talca and Aysén including Juan Fernández Islands. In Argentina it grows only in the humid valleys of western Neuquén and Río Negro Province. In Spanish it is known as 'ampe' or palmilla, but one has to remember that there are several species of ferns called "palmillas" that have larger or smaller fronds, and which grow in colder climates. It is a medium-sized plant, growing to about 4–5 feet and even though the rhizome does not grow a trunk, it is clearly related to the other tree ferns due to features that were apparently already present in their common ancestor, like 'pneumathodes', and the rhizome which changed from the dorsiventral symmetry typical of the other ferns, to a radial symmetry typical of tree ferns. Their large and multiple pinnate fronds, with the petiole raised adaxially, and the hairs on the rhizome and lower part of the petioles, also resemble those of tree ferns.
  2. 17944 a.k.a. Brain Wall is a TV program, begun on (8 years ago).

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