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19043 is a Postal Code in Delaware County.


"19043" a.k.a. "Avenging Angel" is a book by Lorenzo Dali.

  • genre: Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1993


  1. 19043 a.k.a. Watch Mr. Wizard is an American television program for children that demonstrated the science behind ordinary things. The show's creator and on-air host was Don Herbert. Marcel LaFollette said of the program, "It enjoyed consistent praise, awards, and high ratings throughout its history. At its peak, Watch Mr. Wizard drew audiences in the millions, but its impact was far wider. By 1956, it had prompted the establishment of more than five thousand Mr. Wizard science clubs, with an estimated membership greater than one hundred thousand.
    • begun in and completed in (43 years ago)
    • 547 episodes of 30 minutes each, in 6 seasons
    • country: United States of America
    • created by Don Herbert
    • regular cast: Don Herbert
    • genres: Educational television, Children's television series, Special Interest
    • some of the awards:
        • Peabody Award, received by NBC
        • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Children's Programming
        • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Children's Programming
    • official website:
  2. 19043 a.k.a. Celtis lindheimeri is a species of tree in the Cannabaceae family. It is typically found in areas of central Texas and northeastern Mexico. It has a height averaging 9 meters, and produces a reddish brown berry. It is a species closely related to Netleaf Hackberry which is common in western United States. The Spanish common name is "Palo Blanco", meaning "White Tree", which is commonly used to identify this tree. It is named after its discoverer Ferdinand Lindheimer, a German-born botanical collector and Texas newspaper editor.
  3. 19043 a.k.a. Pp2c beta is a protein.
    • also known as PP2CBETAX; PPM1B; PPC2BETAX; Protein phosphatase 1B (formerly 2C), magnesium-dependent, beta isoform; Protein phosphatase 2C, beta isoform; PP2CB; PP2C-beta; PP2Cbeta; IA; Protein phosphatase 1B
  4. 19043 a.k.a. Pp2c beta 4 is a protein.
    • also known as PP2C beta-4; Protein phosphatase 2C, beta-4 isoform
  5. 19043 a.k.a. Pp2c beta 2 is a protein.
    • also known as Protein phosphatase 2C, Mg2+-dependent beta-2 isoform; PP2C beta-2

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