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19147 is a Postal Code in United States of America.


"19147" a.k.a. "Team Yankee" is a speculative fiction novel written in 1987 by Harold Coyle, then a major in the United States Army, whose subject is the actions of a company-sized armor unit of the United States Army in the World War III scenario as depicted by General Sir John Hackett in his novel, The Third World War. General Hackett's scenario takes place in 1985; Coyle never specifies the year, but it is assumed to take place in the late 1980s. While Hackett's book emphasizes strategy and world politics, Coyles features the experiences of the tank crews and infantrymen fighting on the front lines.

  • language: English Language
  • genre: Speculative fiction
  • subject: World War III
  • copyright: 1987-09
  • released in (28 years ago)


19147 a.k.a. In Search of the Trojan War is a 6-part BBC TV documentary series written and presented by Michael Wood, first broadcast in 1985. It examines the extent to which historical and archeological evidence matches the tale of the Trojan War as recounted by Homer in The Iliad.

  • begun in and completed on (29 years ago)
  • 6 episodes of 360 minutes each
  • country: United Kingdom
  • regular cast: Michael Wood
  • genre: Documentary film
  • award: - Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series nomination for Bill Lyons

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