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21679 is a Postal Code in Talbot County.


"21679" a.k.a. "For Want of a Nail": For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga is an alternate history novel published in 1973 by the American business historian Robert Sobel. The novel depicts an alternate world where the American Revolution was unsuccessful. Although it is fiction, the novel takes the form of a work of nonfiction, specifically an undergraduate-level history of North America from 1763 to 1971. The fictional history includes a full scholarly apparatus, including a bibliography of 475 works and 860 footnotes citing imaginary books and articles; three appendices listing the leaders of the Confederation of North America, the United States of Mexico and Kramer Associates; an index; a contemporary map of the alternate North America; and a preface thanking imaginary people for their assistance with the book. The book also includes a critique of itself by Professor Frank Dana, an imaginary Mexican historian with two books listed in the bibliography.

  • also known as "For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga", For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga, For Want of a Nail...; If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga
  • language: English Language
  • genres: Alternate history, Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
  • subject: American Revolution
  • copyright: 1973
  • released in (42 years ago)
  • award: - Sidewise Award for Alternate History Lifetime Achievement (Special Achievement), received by Robert Sobel


  1. 21679 a.k.a. Abutilon grandifolium, or Hairy Indian Mallow, is a large shrub that is 2 metres high with broad, 1–6 centimetres leaves. The fruits are schizocarps that are 1.4–1.5 centimetres in diameter and 1–1.1 centimetres tall.
    • also known as 大葉苘麻
  2. 21679 a.k.a. Tead4 is a protein.
    • also known as Tef-3, TEA domain family member 4, Tefr1b, Tefr1a, Rtef-1, Tcf13r1, Tead-4
  3. 21679 a.k.a. Me and Mr. Jones is a TV program, begun on (8 years ago).

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