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Who is 2805?

2805 a.k.a. J. Paul Getty: Jean Paul Getty was an American industrialist. He founded the Getty Oil Company, and in 1957 Fortune magazine named him the richest living American, while the 1966 Guinness Book of Records named him as the world's richest private citizen, worth an estimated $1.2 billion. At his death, he was worth more than $2 billion. A book published in 1996 ranked him as the 67th richest American who ever lived, based on his wealth as a percentage of the gross national product. Preceding him in death by two months, Howard Hughes' estate was listed at $2.5 billion. But while Hughes had engaged in a great deal of philanthropy, despite his wealth, Getty was known for being a miser.


2805 a.k.a. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures is a 1990 spin-off animated television series following the misadventures of two time-travelling slackers as they travel into the distant past and future. It was based on the 1989 film, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and is part of the Bill & Ted franchise.


  1. 2805 a.k.a. Chaetoceros furcellatus is an Arctic neritic diatom in the genus Chaetoceros. The easiest way to identify this species is by finding the very characteristic resting spores. C. furcellatus is a common and important species in the Barents sea.
  2. 2805 a.k.a. Modern Marvels - Season 6 is a tv season.
  3. 2805 a.k.a. glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 1, soluble (aspartate aminotransferase 1) is a gene.
    • also known as aspartate aminotransferase 1, growth-inhibiting protein 18

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