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30601 is a Postal Code in Clarke County.


"30601" a.k.a. "Shooter" is a book by Gregory G. Vanhee.

  • genre: Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1989


  1. 30601 a.k.a. KHRR is a full-service television station, owned and operated by NBCUniversal, and serving Tucson, Arizona as the Telemundo station. The station broadcasts in digital on UHF channel 40, with 396 kW ERP on its digital signal.
  2. 30601 a.k.a. The golden-crowned sifaka or Tattersall's sifaka is a medium-sized lemur characterized by mostly white fur, prominent furry ears, and a golden-orange crown. It is one of the smallest sifakas, weighing around 3.5 kg and measuring approximately 90 cm from head to tail. Like all sifakas, it is a vertical clinger and leaper, and its diet includes mostly seeds and leaves. The golden-crowned sifaka is named after its discoverer, Ian Tattersall, who first spotted the species in 1974. However, it was not formally described until 1988, after a research team led by Elwyn Simons observed and captured some specimens for captive breeding. The golden-crowned sifaka most closely resembles the western forest sifakas of the P. verreauxi group, yet its karyotype suggests a closer relationship with the P. diadema group of eastern forest sifakas. Despite the similarities with both groups, more recent studies of its karyotype support its classification as a distinct species.
  3. 30601 a.k.a. Physalis heterophylla, colloquial name "Clammy Ground Cherry", is a herbaceous plant that is a member of the Solanaceae family. It is native to North America, occurring primarily in the eastern United States and Canada. It is known to occur in all contiguous states except for Nevada and California. It is found mainly in habitats such as dry or mesic prairies, gravel hills and rises, sandy or rocky soils, and waste places such as roadsides.

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