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  1. 3111 is a Postal Code.
  2. 3111 is a Postal Code.


3111 a.k.a. The University of Wisconsin Press is a non-profit university press publishing peer-reviewed books and journals. It primarily publishes work by scholars from the global academic community but also serves the citizens of Wisconsin by publishing important books about Wisconsin, the Upper Midwest, and the Great Lakes region. The Press’s mission also includes publishing work that contributes to a literate culture and to civic conversation. Terrace Books is an imprint of the press. The press also publishes the annual Brittingham Prize in Poetry.


"3111" a.k.a. "Colonel March of Scotland Yard" is a 1950s British television series based on author John Dickson Carr's fictional detective Colonel March from his book The Department of Queer Complaints. Carr was a mystery author who specialised in locked-room whodunnits and other 'impossible' crimes: murder mysteries that seemed to defy possibility. The stories of the television series followed in the same vein with Detective March solving cases that baffle Scotland Yard and the British police.


  1. 3111 a.k.a. Dave's World - Season 3 is a tv season.
  2. 3111 a.k.a. Animal Food Manufacturing is an industry.
  3. 3111 a.k.a. major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO alpha is a gene.
    • also known as lymphocyte antigen; MHC class II antigen; major histocompatibility complex, class II, DN alpha; HLA-D0-alpha

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