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36608 is a Postal Code in Mobile County.


36608 a.k.a. Prickly Lettuce: Lactuca serriola, also called prickly lettuce, milk thistle compass plant, and scarole, is an annual or biennial plant, slightly foetid, that is commonly considered a weed of orchards, roadsides and field crops. The closest wild relative of cultivated lettuce. The leaves grow along a spiny stem and get progressively smaller as they reach its top. They emit latex when cut. Many flowers are produced and usually appear in the upper part of the plant.

  • also known as Lactuca serriola


36608 a.k.a. Cotoneaster lacteus is a species of flowering plant in the genus Cotoneaster of the family Rosaceae, native to the Yunnan Province of China. It is a large evergreen shrub growing to 4 m tall and wide. Clusters of white flowers are followed by masses of small, globose, red fruits in autumn. Unusually for this genus, the fruits are avoided by birds, hence garden escapes are rare, and the fruit persists on the plant throughout the winter.

  • also known as 厚叶栒子

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