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4787 a.k.a. Pauly, a.k.a. The Pauly Shore Show, is a comedy television series on FOX in 1997, starring Pauly Shore. It was cancelled after five episodes, leaving two episodes unaired.


4787 a.k.a. Rosedog Pr is a publisher.


  1. 4787 a.k.a. Phytophthora infestans is an oomycete that causes the serious potato disease known as late blight or potato blight. Late blight was a major culprit in the 1840s European, the 1845 Irish and 1846 Highland potato famines. The organism can also infect tomatoes and some other members of the Solanaceae. At first, the spots are gray-green and water-soaked, but they soon enlarge and turn dark brown and firm, with a rough surface.
  2. 4787 a.k.a. Phaeodactylum tricornutum is a diatom. It is the only species in the genus Phaeodactylum. Unlike other diatoms P. tricornutum can exist in different morphotypes, and changes in cell shape can be stimulated by environmental conditions. This feature can be used to explore the molecular basis of cell shape control and morphogenesis. Unlike most diatoms P. tricornutum can grow in the absence of silicon, and it can survive without making silicified frustules. This provides opportunities for experimental exploration of silicon-based nanofabrication in diatoms.

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