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6305 a.k.a. Tryptophan is one of the 22 standard amino acids and an essential amino acid in the human diet, as demonstrated by its growth effects on rats. It is encoded in the standard genetic code as the codon UGG. Only the L-stereoisomer of tryptophan is used in structural or enzyme proteins, but the R-stereoisomer is occasionally found in naturally produced peptides. The distinguishing structural characteristic of tryptophan is that it contains an indole functional group.

  • also known as Ardeytropin, Kalma, LTR, TRP, Optimax, Lyphan, Pacitron, Sedanoct, Triptofano, Tryptan, Trofan, Tryptacin, Tryptophane, Tryptophanum, TRP_G, L-Tryptophan


"6305" a.k.a. "Phoenix in Obsidian" is a science fantasy novel by Michael Moorcock. First published in 1970, it is the second book in a series that follows the adventures of the Eternal Champion as he is flung from one existence to another. The first book in the series, The Eternal Champion, told the story of John Daker, an average 20th-century man who suddenly found himself incarnated as Erekosë, a legendary hero of Earth in the distant past. He had been called to lead humanity against its Eldren foes, but ended up taking the Eldren's side. Phoenix in Obsidian continues the story, which is concluded in The Dragon in the Sword. The trilogy is part of a larger cycle about the Eternal Champion as defender of the Multiverse.

  • also known as "Phoenix in Obsidian (Mayflower Science Fantasy)", "The Silver Warriors", The Silver Warriors
  • language: English Language
  • genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1970
  • released in (45 years ago)


  1. 6305 a.k.a. JAG - Season 9 is a tv season.
  2. 6305 a.k.a. Northern root-knot nematode is a vegetable pathogen which produces tiny galls on around 550 crop and weed species. They invade root tissue after birth. Females are able to lay up to 1,000 eggs at a time in a large egg mass. By surviving harsh winters, they can survive in cold climates.
  3. 6305 a.k.a. The World of Wooster is a television program.
  4. 6305 a.k.a. SET binding factor 1 is a gene.
    • also known as myotubularin-related protein 5, myotubularin related 5, OTTHUMP00000028749

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