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6351 a.k.a. Thunder Alley is an American sitcom which aired from March 9, 1994 to July 4, 1995 on ABC.


"6351" a.k.a. "Eaters of the Dead": Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922 is a 1976 novel by Michael Crichton. The story is about a 10th-century Muslim who travels with a group of Vikings to their settlement.

  • also known as "Eaters of the Dead (Previously The 13th Warrior)", "The 13th Warrior", The 13th Warrior, Eaters of Dead Film Poster Exp
  • language: English Language
  • characters:
    • Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
    • Herger - Joyous
    • Buliwyf
    • King Hrothgar
    • Wulfgar
    • Wiglif
  • genres: Fantasy, Historical novel, Fiction, Historical fiction, Speculative fiction, Suspense
  • subjects: History, Scandinavia, Adventure, Middle Ages
  • copyright: 1976
  • released in (39 years ago)


  1. 6351 a.k.a. Nereis is a genus of polychaete worms in the family Nereidae. It comprises many species, most of which are marine, including the sandworm and the common clam worm. Nereis possess setae and parapodia for locomotion. They may have two types of setae, which are found on the parapodia. Acicular setae provide support. Locomotor chaetae are for crawling, and are the bristles that are visible on the exterior of the Polychaeta.
    • also known as 沙蚕
  2. 6351 a.k.a. The Marshal - Season 1 is a tv season.
  3. 6351 a.k.a. chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 4 is a gene.
    • also known as secreted protein G-26, chemokine C-C motif ligand 4, small inducible cytokine A4, small inducible cytokine A4 (homologous to mouse Mip-1b), lymphocyte-activation gene 1, CC chemokine ligand 4

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