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"7571" a.k.a. "The Last of the Great Race" is a book by Stanton A. Coblentz.

  • also known as "The rise of the anti-poets; selected editorials from Wings, a quarterly of verse"
  • genre: Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1964


  1. 7571 a.k.a. Lingula is a genus of brachiopods within the class Lingulata. Lingula is known as "moule-à-queue" in New Caledonia, "bec de cane" along some coasts in the Indian Ocean, and "shamisen-gai" in Japan. Lingula is known to have existed possibly since the Cretaceous or at least the Tertiary. Like its relatives, it has two unadorned phosphatic valves and a long fleshy stalk. Lingula lives in burrows in barren sandy coastal seafloor and feeds by filtering detritus from the water. It can be detected by a short row of three openings through which it takes in water and expels it again. In Thailand, there is limited Lingula anatina fishery, where it is known as hoi pak ped.
    • also known as 舌形貝屬
  2. 7571 a.k.a. True Stories was an Australian biographical documentary series which explored the personal journeys of ordinary, and sometimes extraordinary Australians. It is based on the ABC's Australian Story.
  3. 7571 a.k.a. zinc finger protein 23 (KOX 16) is a gene.
    • also known as zinc finger protein 359, zinc finger protein 32, kruppel-like zinc finger factor X31, zinc finger protein 23

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