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"9387" a.k.a. "The Book of Ultimate Truths" is a novel by British author Robert Rankin. The plot revolves around the adventures of Cornelius Murphy and his companion Tuppe. The novel was first published by Doubleday in 1993.

  • language: English Language
  • genres: Fantasy, Speculative fiction
  • copyright: 1993
  • released in (22 years ago)


  1. 9387 a.k.a. The Northern Short-tailed Shrew is the largest shrew in the genus Blarina, and occurs in the northeastern region of North America. It is a semifossorial, highly active and voracious insectivore and is present in a variety of habitats. It is notable in that it is one of the few venomous mammals. The specific epithet, brevicauda, is a combination of the Latin brevis and cauda, meaning "short tail".
  2. 9387 a.k.a. Here's Harry is a TV program, begun in (55 years ago).
  3. 9387 a.k.a. Coach Trip - Season 1: Coach Trip 1 was the first series of Coach Trip that was filmed from April to June 2004 and aired from 7 March to 19 April 2005. The trip went through several European countries. Chris Groombridge was the driver for the only time, Brendan Sheerin was the tour guide, Andy Love was narrator and the registration was T100 MTT.
    • also known as Coach Trip

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