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Abdominal distension


Abdominal distension occurs when substances, such as air or fluid, accumulate in the abdomen causing its outward expansion beyond the normal girth of the stomach and waist. It is typically a symptom of an underlying disease or dysfunction in the body, rather than an illness in its own right. People suffering from this condition often describe it as "feeling bloated." Sufferers often experience a sensation of fullness, abdominal pressure and possibly nausea, pain or cramping. In the most extreme cases, upward pressure on the diaphram and lungs can also cause shortness of breath. Through a variety of causes, bloating is most commonly due to buildup of gas in the stomach, small intestine or colon. The pressure sensation is often relieved, or at least lessened, by burping or passing gas. Medications that settle gas in the stomach and intestines are also commonly used to treat the discomfort and lessen the abdominal distension.

  • also known as Swelling abdomen, Abdomen distended, Distended abdomen, Swollen abdomen, Swollen belly

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Google previewNancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, Canadian (2015)

by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS),, Paramedic Association of Canada,, Nancy L. Caroline

Abdominal distension is a late indication of abdominal trauma. Patients must have a significant volume of blood enter the abdominal cavity to fill it and produce distension. Try to obtain as many details about an injury as possible, keeping in ...

Google previewembolism and thrombosis of the mesenteric vessels

Abdominal distension is a sign that generally appears at an early stage (within a few hours of the onset), and increases as the disease advances. It is one of the most constant of the signs, as may be seen from the following figures. Out of 155 ...

Google previewTextbook of Clinical Pediatrics

Progressive abdominal distension is a regular feature. Bile staining of fluid within umbilical or inguinal hernias may be observed. The diagnosis is suggested by the relatively mild elevation of aminotransferase levels in association with acholic ...

Google previewThe Complete MRCPsych (2006)

A comprehensive guide to the examination by Ashok G. Patel

Abdominal distension is an essential feature of pseudocyesis. Enlargement of the ...

Google previewDifferential Diagnosis (2005)

by Gupta

Abdominal distension is a late symptom. Visible peristalsis may be noted. Acute Intussusception Healthy child suddenly starts screaming. Attack is intermittent followed by vomiting. Absolute constipation is replaced by passage of mucus and ...

Google previewThe Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants and Children (2013)

Diagnosis, Medical Therapy, Surgical Management by Ciro Esposito, Philippe Montupet, Steven Rothenberg

Abdominal Distension Postoperative abdominal distension is a typical problem after GER surgery. In to our experience this problem is less frequent after a laparoscopic intervention compared to open surgery. This can be related to ...

Google previewNeuropsychology for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (2006)

by Chris Green

However, when it is explained that epistaxis is a nose bleed and post-prandial upper abdominal distension is a bloating of the abdomen caused by the accumulation of gas after eating dinner, the fear that one might have something serious ...

Google previewPediatric Nursing by Parul Datta (2007)

by Jaypee Brothers, Medical Publishers

Abdominal distension is a common problem usually associated with intestinal obstruction and infections. It occurs when abdomen stretched out or inflated with air, gas and secretion and needs immediate attention.

Google previewJones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery (2014)

by John M. Hutson, Michael O'Brien, Spencer W. Beasley, Warwick J. Teague, Sebastian K. King

Abdominal distension is a less specific finding, as gaseous distension may occur without bowel obstruction. Furthermore ...

Google previewAssessment Skills For Paramedics (2011)

by Blaber, Amanda, Harris, Graham

Abdominal distension is a late sign that is associated with intra-abdominal bleeding and circulatory signs of shock. The peritoneal cavity can. Both of these signs are indicative of retroperitoneal bleeding (Salomone and Pons □ Contusions, ...

Google previewCommon Diseases (2012)

Their Nature Incidence and Care by John Fry

Abdominal distension is a complaint. Constipation is usual, but morning diarrhoea may affect some victims either alone or alternating with constipation. The tendency is for symptoms to cease naturally in time. There are no associations with ...

Google previewEssential Surgical Practice (2013)

Higher Surgical Training in General Surgery by Alfred Cuschieri, George B. Hanna

Abdominal distension is a late feature and reflects the onset of paralytic ileus and occurs because of subsidence of the reflex spasm of the anterior abdominal musculature. In elderly, immunosuppressed and seriously ill patients, this may be ...

Google previewe-Study Guide for: Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care by Patricia A. Ladewig, ISBN 9780131700260 (2012)

by Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Abdominal distension: Abdominal distension is a sensation of elevated abdominal pressure and volume. It is estimated that closeto25%ofthe US population hassome degreeofabdominal distension on a regular basis. Some describe it as ...

Google previewe-Study Guide for: Paramedics (2012)

by Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Abdominal distension: Abdominal distension is a sensation of elevated abdominal pressure and volume .

Google previewClinical Gastroenterology (2011)

A Practical Problem-Based Approach by Nicholas J Talley

Abdominal distension is an uncommon feature of the most usually hard bowel actions is expected. A history of laxative abuse is also very common. Lower abdominal colicky pain maybe associated.When such painoccurs it should be relieved ...

Google previewCystic Fibrosis, Third Edition (2012)

by Margaret Hodson, Andrew Bush, Duncan Geddes

Abdominal distension is an uncommon problem, which can be lessened by switching to a PS ventilator or decreasing the tidal volume on a volume-targeted ventilator. A nasogastric tube can decrease the tolerance of a nasal mask, and also ...

Google previewHodson and Geddes' Cystic Fibrosis, Fourth Edition (2015)

by Andrew Bush, Diana Bilton, Margaret Hodson

Abdominal distension is an uncommon problem, which is generally related to patient-ventilator synchrony. This side effect can be corrected ...

Google previewAvery's Neonatology (2005)

Pathophysiology & Management of the Newborn by Mhairi G. MacDonald, Mary M. K. Seshia, Martha D. Mullett

Abdominal distension is a common early finding. Hematest-positive stools help confirm the diagnosis, but blood may be absent or a late finding. Abdominal wall erythema and a palpable abdominal mass are commonly late findings and signify ...

Google previewe-Study Guide for: Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care (2012)

by Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Abdominal distension: Abdominal distension is a sensation of elevated abdominal pressure and volume. It is estimated that close to 25% of the US population has some ...

Google previewTransactions of the Colorado State Medical Society (1897)

by Colorado State Medical Society

Abdominal distension is an important symptom in acute peritonitis, At the outset the abdominal muscles are usually in a state of tonic rigidity, and extremely sensitive to the slightest touch. Soon after, they relax and become distended with gas ...

Google previewNancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, Canadian Edition (2011)

by Nancy L. Caroline

Abdominal distension is a late indication of abdominal trauma. Patients must have a significant volume of blood enter the abdominal cavity to fill it and produce distension. Try to obtain as many details about an injury as possible, keeping in ...

Google previewPediatric Surgery (2009)

Diagnosis and Management by Prem Puri, Michael E. Höllwarth

Abdominal distension is a consequence of the distended, unobstructed urinary bladder with or without upper urinary tract dilation. Most patients with MMIHS are not able to void spontaneously. The outcome of smooth muscle disorders is ...

Google previewDiagnosis in Acute Medicine (2010)

by Sherif Gonem

Abdominal distension is a feature of bowel obstruction. – Jaundice occurs with hepatobiliary ...

Google previewHandbook IMCI (2005)

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness by World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development

ABDOMINAL DISTENSION means the abdomen has increased in size. 1 This annex will not teach you now to use an NG tube to give fluids. 2 According to Plan C, the same steps are followed to rehydrate a child by NG tube as by mouth.

Google previewPractical Problems in Gastroenterology (1986)

by John R Bennett, Duncan G Colin-Jones, Nicholas Dyer, Peter WR Lee, Paul M Smith

Abdominal distension is a major symptom that means different things to different patients. There may be a general build-up of gas above a segment of bowel spasm. This usually passes off overnight, but may sometimes be hastened by an ...

Google previewYao & Artusio's Anesthesiology (2008)

Problem-oriented Patient Management by Fun-Sun F. Yao, Manuel L. Fontes, Vinod Malhotra

Abdominal distension is a late finding that may be absent in high small bowel obstruction that is associated with frequent bouts of emesis. Other signs of intestinal Table 19.2 Radiologic Signs in Intestinal Obstruction. SIMPLE MECHANICAL ...

Google previewIn a Page (2004)

Pediatric signs & symptoms by Kathleen O. DeAntonis, Scott Kahan

Acute- onset abdominal distension is a sign that should be taken seriously, especially when 78. Abdominal Masses Abdominal masses are common presenting signs of.

Google previewSynopsis of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (2002)

by Gary Robert Fleisher, Stephen Ludwig, Benjamin K. Silverman

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Abdominal distension is a nonspecific sign (Table 6.1); common causes are listed in Table 6.2 and life-threatening etiologies in Table 6.3. Bowel distension occurs secondary to mechanical or functional intestinal ...

Google previewHirschsprung's Disease and Allied Disorders (2007)

by Alexander Matthias Holschneider, Prem Puri

Abdominal distension is a constant and early finding; other symptoms include bile-stained vomiting and absent or decreased bowel sounds. A distended, nonobstructed urinary bladder can be relieved by catheterization. Of 182 infants, 61 had ...

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