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Ali appears in the following palindrome (phrase that reads the same backward as forward):

  • Ali names it in a series on television ("Ill in Illinois"): "I’ve let nose ire sanitise Manila."
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Definition of the noun ali

What does ali mean as a name of something?


  1. United States prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942)
  2. the fourth caliph of Islam who is considered to be the first caliph by Shiites; he was a cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad; after his assassination Islam was divided into Shiite and Sunnite sects
    • lexical domain: People - nouns denoting people
    • instance of: calif / caliph / kalif / kaliph / khalif / khalifah = the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth


  1. "Ali" is a 2001 American biographical film directed by Michael Mann. The film tells the story of the boxer Muhammad Ali, played by Will Smith, from 1964 to 1974 featuring his capture of the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, his conversion to Islam, criticism of the Vietnam War, banishment from boxing, his return to fight Joe Frazier in 1971, and, lastly, his reclaiming the title from George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle fight of 1974. It also discusses the great social and political upheaval in the United States following the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson.
  2. "Ali" is a 2012 film written by Rafael Cobos and Paco R. Baños and directed by Paco R. Baños.
  3. "Ali" a.k.a. "Ali: An American Hero" is an American television movie which aired on August 31, 2000 on FOX. It chronicles portions of the career of heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, who is portrayed by David Ramsey.


  1. Ali a.k.a. Dazzler is a Marvel Comics superheroine, usually associated with the X-Men. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #130.
  2. Ali a.k.a. Courtney DiLaurentis: Courtney was the identical twin sister of Alison. She was mentally unstable and was about to be sent away. To avoid being sent away, she pretended to be Alison after meeting the main characters. She befriended them because Courtney knew nothing about Alison's old friends. Courtney recorded all of her friends secrets in a diary which was how Mona found out everything. She would often tease them about their secrets. Alison eventually killed Courtney in a murderous rage. She is buried under Alison's name.
  3. Ali is a fictional character from the 1940 film Gül Baba.
  4. Ali is a fictional character from the 2012 film Just the Wind.
  5. Ali is a fictional character from 2012 film A Long Story.

There are other characters with in their name, like Ali G, ALI K, Abo Ali, Ali Aga, Ali Bey, Ali Rey, Ben Ali, Abou Ali, Ali Bhai, Amir Ali, Arif Ali, Sara Ali, Sher Ali, Abbas Ali, Ahmed Ali, Ahsan Ali, Akbar Ali, Ali Gator, Ali Hakim and Ali Hosni.


"Ali" is an award-winning photo by Carol Guzy depicting: Muhammad Ali reminiscing amidst boxing memorabilia at his farm, where he once trained for big fights. Ali come a long way since he established his reputation as the promising young boxer Cassius Clay. Though stricken with Parkinson's disease, he is actively involved with various humanitarian causes.

  • taken in (18 years ago)
  • media: photograph
  • award:
    • World Press Photo Award for Portraits (Singles) nomination for Carol Guzy
    • World Press Photo Award for Portraits (Singles), received by Carol Guzy


  1. "Ali" is the 2001 soundtrack album by various artists.
    • also known as Ali Soundtrack
    • released on (13 years ago)
    • award: - Black Reel Award: Best Film Soundtrack
  2. "Ali" is the second official mixtape by Odd Future member Mike G. It was released as a free digital download on the Odd Future website. The album features production from fellow Odd Future members Tyler, The Creator, Left Brain, as well as Syd tha Kyd. Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt and MellowHype are also featured on the album.
  3. "Ali" is a composition, cataloged instance.
  4. "Ali" is a musical album of Alboth!.
    • released in (20 years ago)
  5. "Ali" is a musical EP of MIDIval Punditz.
    • released on (8 years ago)


  1. Ali ibn Abi Talib was the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, ruling over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661. A son of Abu Talib, Ali was also the first male who accepted Islam. Sunnis consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun, while Shias regard Ali as the first Imam after Muḥammad, and consider him and his descendants the rightful successors to Muhammad, all of whom are members of the Ahl al-Bayt, the household of Muhammad. This disagreement split the Ummah into the Sunni and Shi`i branches.
  2. Ali is a South Indian actor who has acted in more than 1000 films in Telugu, Tamil and Bollywood film industries. He is a regular actor in Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan movies. He recently received a Doctorate honour. The Academy of Global Peace conferred an honorary doctorate to Ali on 25 May 2013 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
  3. Ali a.k.a. Ali MacGraw: Elizabeth Alice "Ali" MacGraw is an American actress. She first gained attention with her role in Goodbye, Columbus in 1969, for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. She reached international fame in 1970's Love Story, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. In 1972, MacGraw was voted the top female box office star in the world and was honored with a hands and footprints ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. She went on to star in the hit films The Getaway and Convoy, and the 1983 television miniseries The Winds of War. In 1991, she published her autobiography, Moving Pictures.
  4. Ali a.k.a. Alison Pill: Alison Courtney Pill is a Canadian actress. A former child actress, Pill began her career at age twelve, appearing in numerous films and television series. She transitioned to adult roles and her breakthrough came in the television series The Book of Daniel. She is best known for her roles in the films Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Milk, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Midnight in Paris and the television series In Treatment, The Pillars of the Earth and The Newsroom.
  5. Ali a.k.a. Mahershala Ali: Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, commonly known as Mahershala Ali, is an American actor perhaps best known for his role as Commander Boggs in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" and Richard Tyler in the series The 4400.
  6. Ali a.k.a. Ali Hewson: Alison "Ali" Hewson is an Irish activist and businesswoman. She is the wife of singer and musician Paul Hewson, known as Bono, from the rock group U2.
  7. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Wentworth: Alexandra "Ali" Wentworth is an American actress, comedian, author and producer.
  8. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Chando: Alexandra Nicole Chando is an American actress. She is best known for playing Maddie Coleman in the television soap opera As the World Turns, and identical twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer in the ABC Family series The Lying Game.
  9. Ali a.k.a. Ali Hillis: Alecia "Ali" Hillis is an American actress and voice actress from the state of Illinois who learned to perform in theater as a child and auditioned for parts in the Broadway plays in New York City. She has appeared in a variety of TV shows and films with a voice character in a number of video games.
  10. Ali a.k.a. Alisan Porter is a former American child actress, singer and dancer.
  11. Ali a.k.a. Ali Cobrin: Alexandra Arley "Ali" Cobrin is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Molly in the Showtime series Look, and as Kara in the 2012 film American Reunion.
  12. Ali a.k.a. Ghulam Ali: Ustad Ghulam Ali is a Pakistani ghazal singer of the Patiala gharana . He is not to be confused with the Indian singer Bade Ghulam Ali Khan or Chhote Ghulam Ali, who is another Pakistani singer in the Qual Bachon Gharana.
  13. Ali a.k.a. Allison Adler: Allison Beth Adler is an American television producer and writer. She is best known as the co-creator of The New Normal.
  14. Ali a.k.a. Alistair Brownlee: Alistair Edward Brownlee, MBE is a British triathlete, and the current Olympic, European and Commonwealth champion in his sport, having won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He is a two-time Triathlon World Champion, winning in 2009 and again in 2011, a 3 time World Team Champion and a 3 time European Champion. His brother, Jonathan Brownlee, is also a triathlon champion, placing third in the 2012 Olympics, winning the 2012 World Championship and the last World Sprint Triathlon Championship, in addition to accompanying his brother in their World and Commonwealth mixed team relay victories.
  15. Ali a.k.a. Alejandro Rose-Garcia is an actor.
  16. Ali a.k.a. Ali Fedotowsky: Alexandra Elaine "Ali" Fedotowsky is an American TV personality, correspondent, host, spokesperson and blogger. She was also a reality television contestant known from her appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality shows The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and was the sixth Bachelorette.
  17. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Kerry: Alexandra Forbes Kerry is an American filmmaker. She is a partner at Locomotive Films and co-founder of Fictional Pictures, a film production company based in New York and Los Angeles.
  18. Ali a.k.a. Alison Newman is a British actress, best known for her role in the hit ITV1 television series Footballers' Wives as Hazel Bailey.
  19. Ali a.k.a. Alison Williamson: Alison Jane Williamson MBE is an athlete from Great Britain. She competes in archery.
  20. Ali a.k.a. Ali Riley is a football player, athlete, olympic athlete.
  21. Ali a.k.a. Alison Routledge: Alison Mary Stuart Routledge is a New Zealand actress.
  22. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Astin is an actress.
  23. Ali, originally Daddy Ali is a French rapper from Paris who started his music career with Booba as rap duo Lunatic and now is a solo rapper artist.
  24. Ali a.k.a. Alyssa Shafer: Alyssa Jordan Shafer is an American child actor.
  25. Ali a.k.a. Alicyn Packard is an American voice actress writer and singer nominated for a 2014 Voice Arts Award. She voices the characters Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Whoops on the Cartoon Network animated series the The Mr. Men Show. She also stars as Alma on the Sprout network show Poppy Cat and wrote an episode of the show's second season. The plays Toodles on The Tom & Jerry Show and Connor and Caitlin on Olivia.
  26. Ali Jones, better known by his stage name Ali is an American rapper and member of the hip hop group St. Lunatics.
  27. Ali: Cho Yong-Jin, famously known as Ali, is a South Korean singer-songwriter famous for her work on Korean pop music in the early twenty-first century. Her stage name is a motif from Muhammad Ali. This is because for it to be engraved easily masses. Following her debut in 2009, she is primarily known for her strong vocals and her time as a contestant on the KBS program Immortal Song 2.
  28. Ali a.k.a. Allison Kyler is an actress.
  29. Ali a.k.a. Allison Bertolino is a Young Artist Award nominated American television and film actress.
  30. Ali a.k.a. Anton Nouri is an actor.
  31. Ali a.k.a. Alitzah Navarro is a singer and an actor.
  32. Ali a.k.a. Katerina Stehlikova is a pornographic actress.
  33. Ali a.k.a. Svend Ali Hamann is an actor and a hypnotist.
  34. Ali a.k.a. Khamly Philavong is an actress.
  35. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Hart-Gilliams is an actress.
  36. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Fulton is an actress.
  37. Ali a.k.a. Alessandro Costantini is an actor.
  38. Ali a.k.a. Alaine Huntington is an actress.
  39. Ali a.k.a. Alice Dylan is an actress.
  40. Ali is an actor.
  41. Ali a.k.a. Alisha McKinney is an actress.
  42. Ali a.k.a. Alexandra Dickson Gray is a film director and producer.
  43. Ali a.k.a. J. Walter Negro: ALI was the graffiti name of artist and musician Marc André Edmonds, also known as J. Walter Negro, “The Playin’ Brown Rapper.” As ALI, he is best known as the founder of 'Soul Artists' and originator of the cult of Zoo York. As "alter-ego" J. Walter Negro, he is remembered as the lead singer/songwriter of the proto-hip-hop-rap group 'J. Walter Negro and the Loose Jointz', who had some success with their 1981 release "Shoot the Pump".
  44. Ali is an actor.
  45. Ali is an actor.
  46. Ali is an actor.
  47. Ali a.k.a. Alison McMillan is an actress.
  48. ali is ac actor.
    • born in
    • nationality: Iraq
    • profession: Actor
  49. Ali a.k.a. Alí is a bassist.
    • profession: Bassist
    • member of musical group Eskorbuto (Bass guitar) between and (4 years)
  50. Ali is an actor.
  51. Ali appeared in the Two At The Border documentary film.
  52. Ali is a musical artist.
    • profession: Musician
    • member of musical group 80KIDZ (Synthesizer) since

There are other people with in their name, like Ali Aga, Ali Ahn, Ali Baz, Ali Bey, Ali Bux, Ali Dia, Ali Eid, Ali Elk, Ali Jan, Ali Lea and many others.


Ali a.k.a. 'aLi is a musical group.

  • album: "The Album"


  1. Ali a.k.a. Alì is a comune in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located about 180 kilometres east of Palermo and about 20 kilometres southwest of Messina. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 900 and an area of 16.7 square kilometres.
    • read more about Alì
  2. Ali a.k.a. Alice International Airport is a public use airport located three nautical miles southeast of the central business district of Alice, a city in Jim Wells County, Texas, United States. The airport is owned by the city and county. It is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015, which categorized it as a general aviation facility.

There are other places with in their name, like A'ali, Al Ali, Ma'ali, Ain Ali, Ben Ali, Ali Adde, Ali Gane, Ali Jaan, Ouro Ali, Ali Malek, Ali Shahr, Bi'r `Ali, Ighil Ali, Jang `Ali, Jebel Ali, Ali Sabieh, Bakhsh Ali, Ali-Muratly, Ali Pur Noon.


  1. Ali is a male Arabic name, derived from the Arabic root ʿ-L-Y which literally means "high". It is a common name in Arabic countries and the rest of the Muslim world.
  2. Ali the Fox is a cartoon character created by Xu Han, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and received a master’s degree. Ali is a red fox in white pants. The company controlling the character is Beijing Dream Castle Culture Co., Ltd.
  3. Ali a.k.a. Amaimon Language: Amaimon is a Papuan language spoken by 1,781 people in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.
  4. Ali a.k.a. Association lacanienne internationale: French based International school of psychoanalysis.
  5. Ali is a 1992 theater production of the play by Geoffrey C. Ewing And Graydon Royce.
  6. Ali a.k.a. Yakamul Language: Yakamul, also known as Kap or Ali, is an Austronesian language spoken in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in the village of Yakamul on the north coast and on the island of Ali, offshore.
  7. Ali is a print ad.
    • award:

Phrases with Ali

Phrase starting with the word Ali:

  1. ali baba

Phrases ending with the word Ali:

  1. Gnophos Ali
  2. mehemet ali
  3. Spialia Ali
  4. mohammed ali
  5. muhammad ali
  6. Anastatus Ali
  7. Glossosoma ali
  8. Polycystis Ali
  9. Hussein Ibn Ali
  10. Species Gnophos Ali
  11. Species Spialia Ali
  12. Parasitorhabditis Ali
  13. Species Anastatus Ali

Other phrases containing the word Ali:

  1. Manienie Ali'i
  2. muhammad ali jinnah
  3. Centaurea Ali-Beyana
  4. Polycystis Ali Somali
  5. Salim Ali's Fruit Bat

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Google previewEncyclopedia of Women in Today's World (2011)

by Mary Zeiss Stange, Carol K. Oyster, Jane E. Sloan

Laila Ali is an accomplished and undefeated boxer who currently holds both the Women's International Boxing Association and the International...

Google previewEducation in the Broader Middle East (2013)

borrowing a baroque arsenal by Gari Donn, Yahya Al Manthri

Sajid Ali is an Assistant Professor at the Aga Khan...

Google previewGender, Sainthood, & Everyday Practice in South Asian Shi'ism (2011)

by Karen G. Ruffle

Mirroring Muhammad's manifest mission, (Ali is the Imam endowed with the ability to interpret (ta'wil) the hidden meaning of the scripture. In Surat alRa'd (The Chapter ofThunder), God explains the difference between Muhammad's role as ...

Google previewBiography of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

by Ali Muhammad As-Sallabi

“'Ali is a door of forgiveness whoever enters it is secure.” [The Hadeeth is a fabrication; there is Husayn...

“'Ali is the best of creatures; whoever disputes this is an unbeliever.” [The Statement is a fabrication. Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar said,” Ibn Adiyy ...

Google previewThe New Encyclopedia of Islam (2008)

by Cyril Glassé

am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is the gate (bab)." From this, the term bab lent itself to be used in ShT' ism as the title of a person claiming to vehicle special knowledge. The most famous ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of African History 3-Volume Set (2013)

by Kevin Shillington

This British move encouraged the sultan's attempt, in June 1839, to expel Muhammad Ali from Syria; an attempt that was easily repelled by Egyptian forces. Shortly thereafter, the sultan died, and the entire Ottoman fleet surrendered to Egypt.

Google previewThe New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (2014)

Volume 13: Gender by Nancy Bercaw, Ted Ownby

President Jimmy Carter greets Muhammad Ali at a White House dinner, 1977 Confederate president Jefferson Davis's...

Google previewIbn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary (1843)

by Abū al-ʿAbbās Aḥmad b. Muḥammad Ibn Ḵallikān, Ibn Khallikan, William MacGuckin de Slane

Abu 'l-Faraj al-Ala lbn Ali Ibn' Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Ahmad Ibn Abd 546 Allah, a native of Wasit and surnamed lbn as-Sawadi, was a lamb and a poet. In the art of verse be displayed a great natural talent, combined with a subtle wit and some ...

Google previewAmerican Dissidents: An Encyclopedia of Activists, Subversives, and Prisoners of Conscience [2 volumes] (2011)

An Encyclopedia of Activists, Subversives, and Prisoners of Conscience by Kathlyn Gay

For example, there are autobiographical or biographical accounts of such diverse individuals as boxing great Muhammad Ali, settlement house founder Jane Addams, author Zora Neale Hurston, former Alaska governor and vice presidential ...

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Small photo of Cairo, Egypt - October 21, 2017: Closed wooden aged door with ornate bronzed floral patterns at the mosque of The Manial Palace of Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik, Cairo, EgyptSmall photo of NEW YORK, USA - CIRCA 2016: A postage stamp printed in Togo showing Muhammad Ali, circa 2014Small photo of Haji Ali Mosque Pillers DesignsSmall photo of ISTANBUL, TURKEY: Interior of Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque at Tophane. Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque was built at Ottoman period in Turkey by Mimar Sinan. October 5, 2017Small photo of ISTANBUL, TURKEY: Interior of Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque at Tophane. Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque was built at Ottoman period in Turkey by Mimar Sinan. October 5, 2017Small photo of NEW YORK, USA - CIRCA 2016: A postage stamp printed in Togo showing Muhammad Ali, circa 2014Small photo of BANGKOK - OCT 21: A waxwork of Muhammad Ali on display at Madame Tussauds on Oct 21, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. Madame Tussauds' newest branch hosts waxworks of numerous stars and celebrities. More...

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I think on balance, Don King has been bad for boxing. I think he's done some very good things and I think he did a heck of a job of promoting Ali but I think I could have promoted Ali. (Dick Schaap)
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