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Alone appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Enola Devil lived alone.
  • Enola, I may ball a wallaby… am I alone?
  • Enola repacified art I trade if I caper alone.
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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the adjective alone:


The word alone is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the adjective alone

What does alone mean as an attribute of a noun?

Alone is one of the top 100 most common adjectives in the English language.

adjective - degrees: more alone / most alone

  1. isolated from others
    • examples: could be alone in a crowded room | was alone with her thoughts | I want to be alone
    • adjective position: predicative adjective (it occurs after a verb that follows the noun)
    • similar: unsocial
  2. lacking companions or companionship
    • examples: he was alone when we met him | she is alone much of the time
    • adjective position: predicative adjective (it occurs after a verb that follows the noun)
    • synonyms of alone: lone / lonely / solitary
    • similar: unaccompanied
  3. exclusive of anyone or anything else
    • examples: she alone believed him | cannot live by bread alone
    • adjective position: predicative adjective (it occurs after a verb that follows the noun)
    • synonym of alone: only
    • similar: exclusive
  4. radically distinctive and without equal
    • examples: he is alone in the field of microbiology | this theory is altogether alone in its penetration of the problem
    • adjective position: predicative adjective (it occurs after a verb that follows the noun)
    • synonyms of alone: unequaled / unequalled / unique / unparalleled
    • similar: incomparable / uncomparable

Alternative definition of the adjective alone


  1. By one's self, solitary.
  2. Apart from, or exclusive of, others.
  3. Considered separately.
  4. Without equal.

Definition of the adverb alone

What does alone mean as an attribute of something other than a noun?


  1. without any others being included or involved
  2. without anybody else or anything else
    • examples: the child stayed home alone | the pillar stood alone, supporting nothing
    • synonyms of alone: solo / unaccompanied

Alternative definition of the adverb alone


  1. By one's self; apart from, or exclusive of, others; solo
  2. Without outside help.
  3. See Exclusively.


    1. "Alone" is a 2007 Thai horror film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom, a duo whose debut film, Shutter, was a box-office smash in Thailand and other Asian countries. Alone stars Thai-German pop singer Marsha Wattanapanich in her first film role in 15 years.
    2. "Alone" is a 2008 Turkish film written and directed by Çağan Irmak. The movie has received widespread interest from the Turkish media and had an outstanding performance in the box-office. The film's Turkish title Issız Adam is a triple entendre, as it can mean "Abandoned Man", "My Abandoned Island", and "My Lonely Ada", Ada being the name of the female lead character.
    3. "Alone": Solas is a 1999 Spanish film written and directed by Benito Zambrano.
    4. "Alone" a.k.a. "Solo" is a 2013 Canadian mystery thriller film directed by Isaac Cravit and is the first film released under Shock Till You Drop's US film distribution branch. The movie was first released on August 29, 2013 in Canada and stars Annie Clark as a teenager who finds herself terrorized after she's left alone in the woods for a two night camp counselor initiation process.
      • read more about Solo
    5. "Alone", also known in English by the transliterated Russian title Odna, is a Soviet film released in 1931. It was written and directed by Leonid Trauberg and Grigori Kozintsev. It was originally planned as a silent film, but it was eventually released with a soundtrack comprising sound effects, some dialogue and a full orchestral score by Dmitri Shostakovich. The film, about a young teacher sent to work in Siberia, is in a realist mode and addresses three political topics then current: education, technology, and the elimination of the kulaks.
    6. "Alone" a.k.a. "Solo" is a 2013 thriller film written and directed by Marcelo Briem Stamm.
      • read more about Solo
    7. "Alone" is a 2004 drama film written and directed by Thomas Durchschlag.
    8. "Alone" a.k.a. "Akela" is a Bollywood social film released in 1941. It was produced by Great India Pictures and directed by Pessi Karani. The film starred Bibbo, Mazhar Khan, E. Billimoria, Miss Moti, Pratima Devi, Bose, and Mohammed Hadi. It's music was composed by Khan Mastana and the lyrics were written by Pyare Lal Santoshi.
    9. "Alone" is a film, directed by Lana Kosovac.
      • also known as Nasamo
      • country: Croatia
      • released in
    10. "Alone" is an award-nominated film, directed by Philip Claydon.
    11. "Alone" is a 2012 documentary family film written and directed by Bing Wang.
    12. "Alone" is a film, directed by Kenas Li & Lee Kin Fai.
    13. "Alone": Seule is a 1997 short film written and directed by Erick Zonca.
    14. "Alone" is a Croatian film directed by Lukas Nola. It was released in 2001.
    15. "Alone" is a 2010 short drama feature film written and directed by Russell Sheaffer.
    16. "Alone" is a 2012 short film written and directed by Hunter Hopewell.
    17. "Alone" is a 2009 animated short film written and directed by Miklos Mendrei.
    18. "Alone" is a 1976 film written by Luis Brandoni and Raúl de la Torre and directed also by Raúl de la Torre.


    1. "Alone" is a 22-line poem by Edgar Allan Poe, originally written in 1829 and left untitled and unpublished during his lifetime.
      • also known as “Alone”
      • language: English Language
    2. "Alone" is a novella from 1903 by Swedish writer August Strindberg. The protagonist is a 50 years old writer who has returned to Stockholm after spending several years on the countryside. The novel has been subject to treatment by a number of literary researchers. An English translation of the novella by Arvid Paulson was published under the title Days of Loneliness.


    1. "Alone" is a song composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. It first appeared via Steinberg and Kelly's 1983 pet project, I-Ten, on Taking a Cold Look. It was later recorded by Valerie Stevenson and John Stamos in their roles as Lisa Copley and Gino Minelli, on the original soundtrack of the CBS sitcom Dreams in 1984. American rock band Heart made it a number one US and Canadian hit in 1987. Twenty years later, Celine Dion recorded it for her album Taking Chances.
    2. "Alone" is the first mini album by Korean girl group Sistar. The album was released on April 12, 2012 with the song of same title being used as the promotional song.
    3. "Alone" is the ninth single by B'z, released on October 10, 1991. This song is one of B'z many number-one singles in Oricon chart. The single was re-released in 2003, and re-entered at #8. It sold over 1,127,000 copies according to Oricon. It was used as the drama Hotel Woman's theme song. The song was the 10th best selling single of 1991 and the 56th best selling single of 1992, making their only single to chart for two years in the yearly charts.
    4. "Alone" is the eighth studio album released by Modern Talking, and their second after their 1998 reunion. It was released on 19 February 1999 by Hansa Records, BMG. Two singles were released off this album "You Are Not Alone" and "Sexy Sexy Lover", first one of which peaked at No. 7 and the second at No. 15 in Germany. The album Alone entered the German album chart at No. 1 on March 8, 1999 and spent four consecutive weeks at the top. After spending total of 27 weeks on the album chart, Alone eventually went platinum, shipping more than 500,000 units in Germany.
      • also known as Alone: The 8th Album
      • genre: Pop music
      • released on (15 years ago)
      • award: - Echo Award for Best National Rock/Pop Group nomination for Modern Talking
    5. "Alone" is an album by jazz musician Bill Evans, recorded in late 1968 for Verve Records. The actual year of release is unknown: some sources state 1968, others 1969 or 1970. The Grammy Award-winning Alone was Bill Evans' first single piano solo album following in the footsteps of his 1963 Verve session Conversations With Myself and his 1967 Further Conversations with Myself, also on Verve. It has been reissued in various forms with additional tracks and alternate takes from sessions on September 23, October 8 and 21st.
      • genre: Jazz
      • released in (47 years ago)
      • award:
        • Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album nomination for Bill Evans
        • Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album (Artist), received by Bill Evans
    6. "Alone" a.k.a. "Simmonds Alone": Alone was the debut album by Swedish singer Stephen Simmonds. It was first released in 1997 in Sweden and later in Japan. In 1998 and 2000 in UK and United States it went by the name Spirit Tales.
    7. "Alone" is a song by South Korean girl group Sistar. It was released on April 12, 2012 through Starship Entertainment.
      • music by Brave Brothers
      • award:
        • Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance - Female Group nomination for Sistar
        • Mnet Asian Music Award for Song of the Year nomination for Sistar
    8. "Alone" is a song by the Bee Gees. It is the opening track on the multi-platinum Still Waters album released by the Bee Gees in 1997, and the first single from the album. The song is a pop ballad written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb recorded in 1996. The track was a big hit worldwide, peaking at #5 in the UK and dominating the charts in Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia at #1. In the U.S. the single peaked at #28, making it their final top 40 hit in that country, after being a Billboard "Hot Shot" debut at #34.
    9. "Alone" is the debut album from bassist Evan Brewer of The Faceless and Animosity, the album features only bass guitar sounds. The Artwork was made by the Colombian drummer and graphic designer Mauro Mazuera.
    10. "Alone" is the sixth album by the US doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus. It was released in 2006. The album cover is done by Travis Smith.
      • genre: Doom metal
      • released on (8 years ago)
    11. "Alone" is the third and final single released from Swedish boy band E.M.D.'s debut album A State of Mind. On its fourth week on the chart it reached the top position, becoming E.M.D.'s third consecutive #1 in Sweden.
    12. "Alone" is a studio album by American country music artist Vern Gosdin. It was released in 1989 via Columbia Records. The album peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.
      • genre: Country
      • released on (25 years ago)
    13. "Alone" is a 1957 studio album by Judy Garland, arranged by Gordon Jenkins.
    14. "Alone" is the first single from American hard rock band Falling in Reverse's second album, Fashionably Late.


    ALONE is an Aviation waypoint.

    • also known as ALONE waypoint, fix ALONE, waypoint ALONE, ALONE fix


    Alone is a cataloged instance, musical recording, canonical version.

    Phrases with Alone

    1. Alone in a Crowd
    2. let alone
    3. Left Alone
    4. Go It Alone
    5. leave alone
    6. sauce-alone
    7. stand-alone
    8. to let alone
    9. Leave me alone
    10. To Go It Alone
    11. to leave alone
    12. Anthomyia alone
    13. Macrorchis alone
    14. Leave well enough alone
    15. species Anthomyia alone
    16. species Macrorchis alone
    17. you get more with a kind word and a gun than you do with a kind word alone

    Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Alone

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    Google previewThe Second Coming (2008)

    by Joel D. Anastasi

    G: Being alone with yourself simply means being willing to take responsibility for your own path, your own growth, your own development. That is what being alone means. Being alone also means finding the ability to accept all that you are , ...

    Google previewWoozie (Aka Grandmother) Wisdom (About Life, Sex, Love) (2016)

    by Lynn Hubschman

    Being alone means you have no one to answer to, no one trying to control you, no one getting angry at you for whatever,

    Being alone also means you have no one to share life with, the mundane and profound, no one to be emotional with, ...

    Google previewStreet Smart Franchising (2011)

    by Joe Mathews

    Being alone means you are the business. If you aren't working, you aren't getting paid. And when you are working delivering a product or service, it means you aren't marketing for new customers. By your nature, you resist building a team.

    Google previewWrite Yourself a New Life (2000)

    A Life-changing Course where You, and Your Words, are the Tutor by Stephen Wade

    Being alone means that your mind is in a receptive condition.

    Google previewA Daily Guide to Spiritual Living (2001)

    by Jim Rosemergy

    Remember, being alone means being with ...

    Google previewA Christian dictionary ... Whereunto is annexed, a particular dictionary for the Revelation of S. John. For the ... Song of Solomon. For the Epistles to the Hebrewes. The third edition, augmented, etc (1622)

    is laued by Faith alone without works, receiuing gratis the remission of finnes. Againe, They are freely luftified, working : thing, nor making recompence but iustified fola Fide, by Fayth alone, thorough the gift of God. s Ambrose in Romanes the ...

    Google previewHistorical Dictionary of Environmentalism (2009)

    by Peter Dauvergne

    There are few topics that are more important for all of us than the environment, since we are among the many creatures who live in it and will be seriously affected by any problems, let alone major disasters, it encounters. So it is definitely a ...

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    Quotes about Alone

    Alone I stand
    Alone I fall
    Alone I wait
    Alone I crawl

    Alone I sing
    Alone it stings
    Alone I sit
    Alone sadness brings

    Alone I pray
    Alone I cry
    Alone I lay

    Alone I lie
    Alone I stand
    Alone I fall
    Alone I wait
    Alone I stall (Tiana Bowers)
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