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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb bark:


Bark is sometimes a misspelling of beg.

The word bark is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun bark

What does bark mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: barks

  1. tough protective covering of the woody stems and roots of trees and other woody plants
  2. a noise resembling the bark of a dog
    • lexical domain: Natural Events - nouns denoting natural events
    • more generic word: noise = sound of any kind
  3. a sailing ship with 3 (or more) masts
  4. the sound made by a dog
    • lexical domain: Natural Events - nouns denoting natural events
    • more generic word: cry = the characteristic utterance of an animal
    • more specific word: bow-wow = the bark of a dog

Alternative definition of the noun bark


  1. [countable, uncountable] The exterior covering of the trunk and branches of a tree; the rind.
  2. [medicine] Peruvian bark or Jesuit's bark, the bark of the cinchona from which quinine is produced.
  3. The crust formed on barbecued meat that has had a rub applied to it.
  4. The short, loud, explosive sound uttered by a dog.
  5. A similar sound made by some other animals.
  6. [figuratively] An abrupt loud vocal utterance.
  7. [obsolete] A small sailing vessel, e.g. a pinnace or a fishing smack; a rowing boat or barge.
  8. [poetic] a sailing vessel or boat of any kind.
  9. [nautical] A three-masted vessel, having her foremast and mainmast square-rigged, and her mizzenmast schooner-rigged.

Definition of the verb bark

What does bark mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: barked | barking | barks

  1. speak in an unfriendly tone
    • examples: She barked into the dictaphone | They bark that there was a traffic accident
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb]Susan whispered
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Topic]Ellen told a story | Heather cabled the news | Heather cabled, 'Come immediately.' | Susan whispered the news/a few words
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Topic] at / to / towards / for [Recipient]Susan whispered the news/a few words to/at Rachel
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Topic, arbitrary control with infinitive]Heather cabled to come | Heather cabled when to send the package | Susan whispered to come
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Topic, that-complement clause]Ellen warned that the party would be tonight | Heather cabled that the party would be tonight | Heather cabled to come | Heather cabled when to send the package | Susan complained that the party would be tonight | Susan whispered that the party would be tonight
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Topic, wh-infinitive clause]Ellen warned how to avoid the crowd | Susan whispered how to avoid the crowd
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] about [Topic]Susan whispered about the party
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] for [Recipient] [Topic, object control with infinitive]Susan whispered for me to come
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] at / to / towards / for [Recipient]Susan whispered to/at Rachel
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] at / to / towards / for [Recipient] [Topic]Susan whispered to Rachel, 'Leave the room.'
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] at / to / towards / for [Recipient] [Topic, object control with infinitive]Susan whispered to Rachel to come
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] at / to / towards / for [Recipient] [Topic, that-complement clause]Susan whispered to Rachel that the party would be tonight
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] at / to / towards / for [Recipient] [Topic, wh-infinitive clause]Susan whispered to Rachel how to avoid the crowd

      Verbs of Communication (with the same syntax): babble, bawl, bellow, blare, bleat, bluster, boom, bray, burble, cackle, call, carol, chant, chatter, chirp, cluck, coo, croak, croon, crow, cry, drawl, drone, gabble, gibber, groan, growl, grumble, grunt, gurgle, hiss, holler, hoot, howl, hum, jabber, lilt, lisp, moan, mumble, murmur, mutter, natter, prattle, purr, quaver, rage, rant, rasp, roar, rumble, scream, screech, shout, shriek, simper, sing, snap, snarl, snuffle, splutter, squall, squawk, squeak, squeal, stammer, stemmer, stutter, thunder, trill, trumpet, twitter, vociferate, wail, warble, wheeze, whimper, whine, whisper, whistle, whoop, yammer, yap, yell, yelp, yodel.

    • lexical domain: Communication - verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing
    • more generic words: mouth / speak / talk / utter / verbalise / verbalize = express in speech
  2. cover with bark
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic word: cover = provide with a covering or cause to be covered
  3. remove the bark of a tree
  4. make barking sounds
  5. tan (a skin) with bark tannins
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • more generic word: tan = treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather


"Bark": In the big city a dog barks loudly late into the night. The noise wakes up the residents of the house who go to complain at the flat where the barking is coming from. Peter opens the door and his sarcastic comments incense them further. The people complaining about the noise, however, do not know that the source of the howling and barking is Peter’s wife Lucy. She thinks she’s a dog. Her strange psychological state has lasted for several weeks now and Peter is at his wits’ end. His attempts to consult specialists meet with little interest or understanding; one psychiatrist even suggests that this isn’t such a bad defence against the cruelties of the world: to love devotedly and to be loved unconditionally – just the way people love their pets. But to accept this sort of metamorphosis in a loved one is an almost insurmountable task.


"Bark" is a book written by Lorrie Moore.


  1. "Bark" is the sixth studio album by Jefferson Airplane. Released in 1971 as Grunt FTR-1001, is one of the late-period albums by Jefferson Airplane, notable for many "firsts" with its major personnel change; It was the first without band founder Marty Balin and the first with violinist Papa John Creach. Drummer Spencer Dryden had also departed, being replaced by Joey Covington. This was the first all new Airplane LP in two years, the previous being Volunteers, released in 1969. It was also the first to be released under the Jefferson Airplane owned Grunt Records label.
  2. "Bark" is an album that was nominated for Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Album of the Year – Group in the 2004 Juno Awards.
  3. "Bark" a.k.a. "BARK!" is a musical album of The Barking Dogs.
    • genre: Folk punk
    • released in (22 years ago)
  4. "Bark" is a musical EP of Creaming Jesus.
    • released in (25 years ago)
  5. "Bark" is a musical album of Skyline.
    • released in (15 years ago)
  6. "Bark" is a composition.


  1. Bark is a record label.
  2. Bark is a record label.


  1. Bark a.k.a. Boat: A boat is a watercraft of any size designed to float or plane, to work or travel on water. Small boats are typically found on inland or in protected coastal areas. However, boats such as the whaleboat were designed for operation from a ship in an offshore environment. In naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard another vessel. Another less restrictive definition is a vessel that can be lifted out of the water. Some definitions do not make a distinction in size, as 1000-foot bulk freighters on the Great Lakes are called oreboats. For reasons of naval tradition, submarines are usually referred to as 'boats' rather than 'ships', regardless of their size and shape.
  2. BARK was an early electromechanical computer. BARK was built using standard phone relays, implementing a 32-bit binary machine. It could perform addition in 150 ms and multiplication in 250 ms. It had a memory with 50 registers and 100 constants. It was later expanded to double the memory. Howard Aiken stated in reference to BARK "This is the first computer I have seen outside Harvard that actually works.
  3. BARK is an Oregon, United States, non-profit organization that was created to combat logging, clear-cutting, deforestation and projects members say create "commercial destruction" in Oregon forests, specifically those of the Mt. Hood National Forest.
  4. Bark is a grassroots, non-profit organization based in the northwest portion of the U.S. state of Oregon that works to preserve the forests, waters and wildlife of Mount Hood National Forest and surrounding regions.
  5. Bark a.k.a. Bark! is a children¬タルs magazine published by Canada Wide Media Limited for the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is published twice per year and teaches children how to care for animals.

Phrases with Bark

Phrases starting with the word Bark:

  1. Bark Lice
  2. Bark Anole
  3. bark louse
  4. bark-louse
  5. bark beetle
  6. Bark Beetles
  7. Bark Mixture

Phrases ending with the word Bark:

  1. dita bark
  2. Ring-Bark
  3. tapa bark
  4. Tree bark
  5. birch bark
  6. tappa bark
  7. bitter-bark
  8. cassia bark
  9. Indian Bark
  10. cabbage bark
  11. canella bark
  12. chittam bark
  13. chittem bark

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Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Bark

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Google previewA Clinical Guide to Blending Liquid Herbs (2003)

Herbal Formulations for the Individual Patient by Kerry Bone

Indian barberry root bark also contains berberine.9 The root bark is the preferred plant part for therapeutic use for both barberry...

Google previewBiotechnology for Pulp and Paper Processing (2011)

by Pratima Bajpai

Bark is the outermost layer of tree trunks and branches (Fig. 4.1). It protects the tree from its environment. It is distinct and separable from wood. Bark refers to all the tissues outside of the vascular cambium. It overlays the wood and consists of ...

Google previewBark Structure of Hardwoods Grown on Southern Pine Sites (1980)

by Hiroki Nanko, Wilfred A. Côté

Bark is a nontechnical term but is commonly used to cover all the tissues outside of the vascular cambium.

Google previewThe British Cyclopæedia of Natural History (1835)

Combining a Scientific Classification of Animals, Plants, and Minerals ... by Charles Frederick Partington

BARK is the name given to the outer covering of trees and shrubs.

Google previewThe British Cyclopaedia of the Arts, Sciences, History, Geography, Literature, Natural History, and Biography ... (1838)

BARK is the name given to the ou';.er covering of trees and shrubs.

Google previewThe British Cyclopædia of Natural History: A-Cetochilus (1835)

by Charles Frederick Partington

BARK is the name given to the ou';.er covering of trees and shrubs.

Google previewMarine Mycology (2013)

The Higher Fungi by Jan Kohlmeyer, Erika Kohlmeyer

Bark is a complex tissue composed mainly of dead cork cells that are made impervious to water by high amounts of Suberin. Cork is quite resistant to decomposition, and information on decay of cork is scarce (DeBaun and Nord, 1951; Dapper ...

Google previewHow to Make Chocolate Candies (2014)

Dipped, Rolled, and Filled Chocolates, Barks, Fruits, Fudge, and More. A Storey BASICS® Title by Bill Collins

After fudge, bark is the second easiest chocolate candy to make. Chocolate bark did not get its name from a dog. It's said that a piece of chocolate bark ...

Google previewThe Outdoor Handy Book (2008)

For Playground, Field, and Forest by Daniel Carter Beard

The bark is a vessel with square-rigged foremast and mainmast and a fore-and- aft rigged mizzen-mast (Fig. 136). The brig is a vessel with only two masts, both of which are square rigged (Fig. 134). The brigantine has two masts—foremast ...

Google previewIssues in Cancer Epidemiology and Research: 2011 Edition (2012)

“Cinnamomum cassia bark is the outer skin of an evergreen tall tree belonging to the family Lauraceae containing several active components such as essential oils (cinnamic aldehyde and cinnamyl aldehyde), tannin, mucus and ...

Google previewThe Works of John Hunter, F.R.S. (2015)

by John Hunter

Bark is the medicine that probably will be of most general use; opium in most cases of this kind will ...

Google previewTRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL (1906)


The root, bark is a remedy in hypochondriasis, melancholia and palpitation of the heart and the leaves in decoction are used in asthma. -TRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL360 Chittaratta — Alpina galanga. The tubers which Part 1 Contents Part ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Food and Color Additives (1997)

by George A. Burdock

SASSAFRAS BARK, EXTRACT (SAFROLE-FREE) (Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees) 2495 Natural sources leaves and also oval leaves of various sizes. The parts used are the root bark and leaves. Sassafras has a spicy odor, reminiscent of ...

Google previewEncyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: Chemical, industries and occupations (1998)

by Jeanne Mager Stellman

1 • Bark and sap products and uses. Product (tree) Commodity Resins (inner bark) Oleoresins (sopwood) Latex Pine resin, copal, frankincense, myrrh, red resin (climbing palm) Turpentine Rosin Benzoin Camphor (camphor laurel tree) ...

Google previewLuo Biological Dictionary (1998)

by J. O. Kokwaro, Timothy Johns

high with brown to blackish bark, inner bark pink-red. Leaves simple, ovate to oblanceolate, 4- 1 2 cm. long, 2-3 cm. wide. Flowers green and on axillary cymes; sepals 3 ; petals 1 0 , ...

Google previewContinuum Encyclopedia of Native Art (2003)

Worldview, Symbolism, and Culture in Africa, Oceania, and North America by Hope B. Werness

Bark Cloth. Textiles made from tree bark are found ...

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Quotes about Bark

He keeps dogs and feed them.
As he wants them to wag.
He loves them for his sway
On them to make them bark.

I keep no dogs to feed.
I don’t need them to wag.
I don’t need them to bark either.
Must I be worse than one keeping dogs?
12.10.2007 (Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar)
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Scrabble value of B3A1R1K5

The value of this 4-letter word is 10 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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