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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

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Accumulation is a member of the word family accumulate, included in the Academic Word List by Dr. Averil Coxhead, which contains the 570 most frequent word families used in academic texts from a variety of subject areas, of interest for students that learn the words most needed to study at tertiary institutions.

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Definition of the noun accumulation

What does accumulation mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: accumulations

  1. an increase by natural growth or addition
    • lexical domain: Natural Processes - nouns denoting natural processes
    • synonym of accumulation: accretion
    • more generic words: growth / increase / increment = a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important
    • more specific words:
      • backup = an accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage
      • buildup = the result of the process of accumulation
      • deposition / deposit = the natural process of laying down a deposit of something
  2. several things grouped together or considered as a whole
    • lexical domain: Groups - nouns denoting groupings of people or objects
    • synonyms of accumulation: aggregation / assemblage / collection
    • more generic words: group / grouping = any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
    • more specific terms:
      • procession = the group action of a collection of people or animals or vehicles moving ahead in more or less regular formation
      • pharmacopoeia = a collection or stock of drugs
      • string = a collection of objects threaded on a single strand
      • wardrobe = collection of clothing belonging to one person
      • wardrobe = collection of costumes belonging to a theatrical company
      • population / universe = the entire aggregation of items from which samples can be drawn
      • armamentarium = the collection of equipment and methods used in the practice of medicine
      • art collection = a collection of art works
      • backlog = an accumulation of jobs not done or materials not processed that are yet to be dealt with
      • battery = a collection of related things intended for use together
      • block = a number or quantity of related things dealt with as a unit
      • rule book / book = a collection of rules or prescribed standards on the basis of which decisions are made
      • book = a collection of playing cards satisfying the rules of a card game
      • bottle collection = a collection of bottles
      • caboodle / bunch / lot = any collection in its entirety
      • coin collection = a collection of coins
      • collage = any collection of diverse things
      • contents / content = everything that is included in a collection and that is held or included in something
      • tout ensemble / ensemble = an assemblage of parts or details (as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole
      • corpus = a collection of writings
      • crop = a collection of people or things appearing together
      • tenantry = tenants of an estate considered as a group
      • findings = a collection of tools and other articles used by an artisan to make jewelry or clothing or shoes
      • flagging = flagstones collectively
      • flinders = bits and splinters and fragments
      • pack = a complete collection of similar things
      • deal / hand = the cards held in a card game by a given player at any given time
      • long suit = in a hand, the suit having the most cards
      • herbarium = a collection of dried plants that are mounted and systematically classified for study
      • stamp collection = a collection of stamps
      • statuary = statues collectively
      • sum total / summation / sum = the final aggregate
      • agglomeration = a jumbled collection or mass
      • gimmickry = a collection of gimmicks
      • nuclear club = the nations possessing nuclear weapons
      • agglomerate / cumulation / cumulus / mound / heap / pile = a collection of objects laid on top of each other
      • mass = an ill-structured collection of similar things
      • combination = a collection of things that have been combined
      • congregation = an assemblage of people or animals or things collected together
      • hit parade = a collection of the best or most popular people or items of a given kind
      • Judaica = materials relating to Judaism
      • kludge = a badly assembled collection of parts hastily assembled to serve some particular purpose
      • subroutine library / program library / library = a collection of standard programs and subroutines that are stored and available for immediate use
      • library = a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing
      • mythology = myths collectively
      • biology / biota = all the plant and animal life of a particular region
      • zoology / fauna = all the animal life in a particular region or period
      • petting zoo = a collection of docile animals for children to pet and feed
      • set = a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used
      • Victoriana = collection of materials of or characteristic of the Victorian era
      • category / family / class = a collection of things sharing a common attribute
      • job lot = a miscellaneous collection of things sold together
      • package / bundle / packet / parcel = a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
      • defense lawyers / defense team / defence / defense = the defendant and his legal advisors collectively
      • prosecution = the lawyers acting for the state to put the case against the defendant
      • planting = a collection of plants (trees or shrubs or flowers) in a particular area
      • signage = signs collectively
      • generally accepted accounting principles / GAAP = a collection of rules and procedures and conventions that define accepted accounting practice
      • pantheon = all the gods of a religion
      • Free World = anti-communist countries collectively
      • Third World = underdeveloped and developing countries of Asia and Africa and Latin America collectively
      • Europe = the nations of the European continent collectively
      • Asia = the nations of the Asian continent collectively
      • North America = the nations of the North American continent collectively
      • Central America = the nations of Central America collectively
      • South America = the nations of the South American continent collectively
      • Oort cloud = a hypothetical huge collection of comets orbiting the sun far beyond the orbit of Pluto
      • galaxy = a splendid assemblage
      • extragalactic nebula / galaxy = a collection of star systems
      • fleet = a group of warships organized as a tactical unit
      • fleet = group of motor vehicles operating together under the same ownership
      • fleet = group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership
      • repertoire / repertory = a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform and do perform for short intervals on a regular schedule
      • repertoire / repertory = the entire range of skills or aptitudes or devices used in a particular field or occupation
      • miscellanea / smorgasbord / assortment / miscellany / salmagundi / mixed bag / potpourri / mixture / variety / motley = a collection containing a variety of sorts of things
      • clutch / batch = a collection of things or persons to be handled together
      • batch = all the loaves of bread baked at the same time
      • rogue's gallery = a collection of pictures of criminals
      • exhibition / exposition / expo = a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display
      • convoy = a collection of merchant ships with an escort of warships
      • traffic = the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time
      • air power / aviation = the aggregation of a country's military aircraft
      • vegetation / botany / flora = all the plant life in a particular region or period
      • jurisprudence / law = the collection of rules imposed by authority
      • menagerie = a collection of live animals for study or display
      • information / data = a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
      • ana = a collection of anecdotes about a person or place
      • mail / post = any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered
      • treasure = a collection of precious things
      • treasure trove = any collection of valuables that is discovered
      • trinketry = trinkets and other ornaments of dress collectively
      • troponomy / troponymy = the place names of a region or a language considered collectively
      • smithereens = a collection of small fragments considered as a whole
    • instances:
      • Nag Hammadi Library / Nag Hammadi = a collection of 13 ancient papyrus codices translated from Greek into Coptic that were discovered by farmers near the town of Nag Hammadi in 1945
      • Wise Men / Magi = the sages who visited Jesus and Mary and Joseph shortly after Jesus was born; the Gospel According to Matthew says they were guided by a star and brought gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh
  3. the act of accumulating
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • synonyms of accumulation: accrual / accruement
    • more generic words: increase / step-up = the act of increasing something
    • more specific word: buildup = the act of building up an accumulation
  4. (finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

Alternative definition of the noun accumulation


  1. The act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated, or that which is accumulated
  2. [legal] The concurrence of several titles to the same proof.
  3. [accounting] The continuous growth of capital by retention of interest or savings.
  4. [context: investment] The action of experienced investors buying an asset from inexperienced investors when the price of the asset is low.


"Accumulation" High Definition Video with Sound Duration: 4 min 00 sec. Loop. Single Channel Video Projection Aspect Ratio 16:9, 2 Ch Stereo Installation dimensions variable Accumulation is an experimental video by the collaborative team of Hillerbrand+Magsamen. Through performance, Accumulation interstices between art and the contemporary American family by playfully and poetically exploring perceptions of emotions, family, consumerism and media within a uniquely American subjectivity. In Accumulation, the innocence of a child dangles in a dark void and then a couple piles up tons of stuff from their garage: lawn mower, toys, tools, Christmas lights, and more into a mountain that they climb up as a means to get to another space. An auctioneer rambles away and the viewer is left to decide if the couple is buying or selling their material, physical and emotional accumulation.

Phrases with Accumulation

  1. accumulation point
  2. point of accumulation

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Accumulation

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Google previewThe Characterization of a Novel Aspect of Sulfur Metabolism in Histoplasma Capsulatum (2007)

Sulfite accumulation is a novel aspect of sulfur metabolism in H. capsulatum. Histoplasma yeasts produce and efflux sulfite during growth in vitro. Sulfite rapidly accumulates extracellularly during late-logarithmic growth until a particular ...

Google previewCulture and Economy in the Age of Social Media (2015)

by Christian Fuchs

Accumulation is the need to increase productivity and to possess more capital at moment 2 than at moment 1. It is a specific temporality of the capitalist economy. Therefore Marx stressed the importance of the economy of time: The less time ...

Google previewRemote Sensing of the Cryosphere (2015)

by M. Tedesco

As the only input term to the mass balance of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, snow accumulation is a critical process to measure accurately.

Google previewSchering Workshop on Pharmacokinetics, Berlin, May 8 and 9, 1969 (2013)

Advances in The Biosciences by Gerhard Rasp├ę

Dettli Department of Internal Medicine, University of Basel, B├╝rgerspital, 4000 Basel, Switzerland Summary: Toxic drug accumulation is a serious problem in pharmacotherapeutics.

Google previewRethinking Capitalist Development (2014)

Primitive Accumulation, Governmentality and Post-Colonial Capitalism by Kalyan Sanyal

Interpreted thus, primitive accumulation is the transfer of an excess of production over consumption from the...

Google previewContemporary Vascular Surgery (2011)

by Mark K. Eskandari

Some perigraft fluid accumulation is an expected component of the graft healing process and perigraft fluid up to six weeks follow- ing placement of an aortic prosthesis for occlusive disease is considered a normal CT finding; fluid present ...

Google previewChallenges for European Innovation Policy (2011)

Cohesion and Excellence from a Schumpeterian Perspective by Slavo Radosevic, Anna Kaderabkova

Technological accumulation is a process affected by a variety of factors of which the Single Market and resulting competition constitute just one. Increased competition should be complemented by endogenous R&D to assimilate technology ...

Google previewSocialism in America (2004)

by John Bowman

This ethic has been destroyed by socialism and today, instant gratification through debt accumulation is the typical behavior model.

Google previewCommentaries on Living : 2 (1957)

by J.Krishnamurti

Accumulation is the way of desire; to accumulate is to continue. Gathering experience, knowledge, power or things, makes for continuity, and to deny these is to continue negatively. Positive and negative continuance are similar. The gathering ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Soil Science (2006)

by R. Lal

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS Climate Climate influences organic matter accumulation by controlling the balance...

Therefore, the worldwide accumulation of soil organic matter is related more to factors controlling decomposition than to the ...

Google previewRoutledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy: Entries A-F (2001)

by R. J. Barry Jones

The emergence in the 1 940s of the Fordist mode, also described as a monopolistic mode, solved the structural crisis of the Fordist REGIME OF ACCUMULATION (ROA). Thanks to the Fordist mode, the mass-production characteristic of the ...

Google previewRoutledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy (2002)

by R. J. Barry Jones

While the term `accumulation' bears the connotation of `stock', the continuous accumulation of capital requires any stock to be in continuous flow in the circuit. Once an entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs holds on to one of the three guises ...

Google previewDictionary of Financial Terms (2007)

by Virginia B. Morris, Kenneth M. Morris

Accumulation period The accumulation period refers to the time during which your retirement savings accumulate in a deferred annuity. Because annuities are federal income tax deferred, all earnings are reinvested to increase the base on ...

Google previewA Dictionary of Geography (2015)

by Susan Mayhew

The accumulation zone (accumulation subsystem) is between the source and the *firn line, where the input of snow, firn, and ice exceeds *ablation. For snowfall in an accumulation zone to emerge as ice at the glacier snout takes about 100 ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Geomorphology (2013)

by Andrew Goudie, Visiting Professor and Special Adviser to the Principal Andrew Goudie

Accumulation zone Dry-snow zone Percolation zone Wet-snow Dry-snow line Wet-snow line Snow line No runoff zone zone Equilibrium line A B C Glacier surface at the end of the previous summer Wet-snow (firn) Figure 72 The surface ...

Google previewThe Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism (2016)

by Immanuel Ness, Zak Cope

Accumulation by dispossession Large-scale land deals have to be ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Ecology and Environmental Management (2009)

an illuvial accumulation of clay minerals ...

Google previewDictionary of Political Thought (1982)

by Roger Scruton

It does not follow that B is responsible for A: chains of responsibility run downwards by *delegation, chains of accountability upwards; if the two chains accumulation coincide, then this is a achievement. political acculturation. An Americanism ...

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Gradualness, gradualness, and gradualness. From the very beginning of your work, school yourself to severe gradualness in the accumulation of knowledge. (Ivon Petrovich Pavlov)
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