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Definition of the noun affricate

What does affricate mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: affricates

  1. a composite speech sound consisting of a stop and a fricative articulated at the same point (as `ch' in `chair' and `j' in `joy')

Alternative definition of the noun affricate


  1. [phonetics] A sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative. English sounds /t͡ʃ/ (catch) and /d͡ʒ/ (jury) are examples.

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for affricate

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Google previewLinguistics across Historical and Geographical Boundaries (1986)

Vol 1: Linguistic Theory and Historical Linguistics. Vol 2: Descriptive, Contrastive, and Applied Linguistics. In Honour of Jacek Fisiak on the Occasion of His Fiftieth Birthday by Dieter Kastovsky, Aleksander Szwedek

the affricate is a product of the transformation [gg > d2] (and [kk > ts]). Hypothesis (b) complicates an otherwise simple ...

Google previewIntroducing Language in Use (2013)

A Course Book by Andrew John Merrison, Aileen Bloomer, Patrick Griffiths, Christopher J. Hall

affricates. The manners of articulation described in the previous two subsections were fricative and plosive. An affricate is a coordinated sequence of a plosive followed immediately by a fricative at approximately the same place of articulation.

Google previewThe Blackwell Companion to Phonology, 5 Volume Set (2011)

by Marc van Oostendorp, Colin J. Ewen, Elizabeth V. Hume, Keren Rice

An affricate is a single segment that has a complete closure with a fricative or delayed release. Like stops, affricates consist of a closure phase followed by a release phase, but unlike stops, the release of affricates contains additional supra- ...

Google previewThe Pronunciation of English (2008)

A Course Book by Charles W. Kreidler

An affricate is a combination of stop and fricative. To produce the first and last consonants of church /a o ra/ and judge /hjh/, for instance, the tongue-front, with a groove along the center line, makes contact with the alveolar ridge or the area just ...

Google previewAn Introduction to English Language (2010)

Word, Sound and Sentence by Koenraad Kuiper, W. Scott Allan

Affricate is a manner of articulation. It involves a complete closure in the oral cavity followed by a slow release, which results in friction. For example, the initial and final sounds in judge, [dʒ], are affricates. Alliteration The repetition of a ...

Google previewThe Social Stratification of English in New York City (2006)

by William Labov

The affricate is a rapid succession of the two forms – or more precisely, it is heard as the fricative with a sudden onset, instead of a gradual beginning. The use of these two variables will give us a. 17 For many speakers, the position of the ...

Google previewBeginning Linguistics (2012)

by Laurie Bauer

Affricate An affricate is a consonant that has two phases: first a stop phase, and then a fricative phrase, where the stop and the fricative are HOMORGANIC. Agreement Two words agree when they share morphological marking for some ...

Google previewPerfecting Your English Pronunciation (2011)

by Susan Cameron

Affricates An affricate is a combination of a stop plosive 14 GETTING STARTED.

Google previewThe Anthropology of Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology Workbook/Reader (2012)

by Harriet Ottenheimer

Affricates: An affricate is a combination of a stop plus a fricative. Usually the stop comes ...

Google previewDictionary (2005)

by Claus Peter Zoller

h k unvoiced velar stop unvoiced aspirated velar stop x unvoiced velar fricative q unvoiced uvular stop g voiced velar stop gh voiced aspirated velar stop q voiced velar fricative ̇c unvoiced dental affricate ̇ch ...

Google previewA Generative Lexicon Account of Bangla Complex Predicates (2015)

by Sanjukta Ghosh

E= front midlow vowel O= back midlow vowel M=velar nasal S= palatal sibilant y= palatal semivowel c= palatal voiceless unaspirated affricate ch=palatal voiceless aspirated affricate j= palatal voiced unaspirated affricate jh= palatal voiced ...

Google previewA Dictionary of Varieties of English (2013)

by Raymond Hickey

affricate. A phonetic segment which consistsofastop followed immediately by africative. Affricates actas units phonologicallyand are synchronically indivisible, for example /tʃ/ in church /tʃɜːtʃ/ or/dʒ/ in judge /dʒʌdʒ/.

Google previewDictionary of Jamaican English (2002)

by Frederic Gomes Cassidy, Robert Brock Le Page

vl b P — — d — t *<*_• Vd — — — — <*3 tf Affricate . vl — — — — Fricative . vl — V 5 z s f f e Rolled/flapped — — — r — Nasal m — — n — Lateral — — — 1 — Continuant or semivowel w — ~~ ~~ "~ Plosive . vl b d gy dvv tw 9 gw kw ...

Google previewThe MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders (2004)

by Raymond D. Kent, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

show an early /l/, as in French, and an affricate, /t/, which is one of the most frequent early sounds acquired. The first fricative tends to be the velar /x/, despite the fact that the language has both /s/ ...

Google previewA Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology (2004)

by R.L. Trask

affricate /'æfrıkət/ n. (rarely also affricative /ə'frıkətıv/, affricated stop) A consonant whose articulation involves a complete oral closure followed by a comparatively slow release with perceptible friction noise. English ...

Google previewLongman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (2013)

by Jack C. Richards, Richard W. Schmidt

n another term forAFRICAN AMERICAN ENGLISH affricate naffricated adj aspeech sound (aCONSONANT) which is produced by stoppingthe airstreamfrom thelungs, andthen slowly releasing ...

Google previewComparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary (2005)

by Michael D. Fortescue

an affricate [t] still in the west (there may be variation elsewhere), and is generally [s] before /q/; it is pronounced as an apical affricate [ts] in women's speech (as amongst older Al. speakers too); final Id varies with /t/ in C (and sometimes with ...

Google previewA dictionary and grammatical outline of Chakali (2017)

by Jonathan Brindle

voiceless glottal fricative voiceless postalveolar affricate voiced postalveolar affricate bilabial nasal alveolar nasal palatal nasal velar nasal velar-labial nasal alveolar lateral approximant labio-velar approximant palatal approximant alveolar ...

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