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CAM? appears in the following palindrome (phrase that reads the same backward as forward):

  • A man, a plan, a caret, a ban, a myriad, a sum, a lac, a liar, a hoop, a pint, a catalpa, a gas, an oil, a bird, a yell, a vat, a caw, a pax, a wag, a tax, a nay, a ram, a cap, a yam, a gay, a tsar, a wall, a car, a luger, a ward, a bin, a woman, a vassal, a wolf, a tuna, a nit, a pall, a fret, a watt, a bay, a daub, a tan, a cab, a datum, a gall, a hat, a fag, a zap, a say, a jaw, a lay, a wet, a gallop, a tug, a trot, a trap, a tram, a torr, a caper, a top, a tonk, a toll, a ball, a fair, a sax, a minim, a tenor, a bass, a passer, a capital, a rut, an amen, a ted, a cabal, a tang, a sun, an ass, a maw, a sag, a jam, a dam, a sub, a salt, an axon, a sail, an ad, a wadi, a radian, a room, a rood, a rip, a tad, a pariah, a revel, a reel, a reed, a pool, a plug, a pin, a peek, a parabola, a dog, a pat, a cud, a nu, a fan, a pal, a rum, a nod, an eta, a lag, an eel, a batik, a mug, a mot, a nap, a maxim, a mood, a leek, a grub, a gob, a gel, a drab, a citadel, a total, a cedar, a tap, a gag, a rat, a manor, a bar, a gal, a cola, a pap, a yaw, a tab, a raj, a gab, a nag, a pagan, a bag, a jar, a bat, a way, a papa, a local, a gar, a baron, a mat, a rag, a gap, a tar, a decal, a tot, a led, a tic, a bard, a leg, a bog, a burg, a keel, a doom, a mix, a map, an atom, a gum, a kit, a baleen, a gala, a ten, a don, a mural, a pan, a faun, a ducat, a pagoda, a lob, a rap, a keep, a nip, a gulp, a loop, a deer, a leer, a lever, a hair, a pad, a tapir, a door, a moor, an aid, a raid, a wad, an alias, an ox, an atlas, a bus, a madam, a jag, a saw, a mass, an anus, a gnat, a lab, a cadet, an em, a natural, a tip, a caress, a pass, a baronet, a minimax, a sari, a fall, a ballot, a knot, a pot, a rep, a carrot, a mart, a part, a tort, a gut, a poll, a gateway, a law, a jay, a sap, a zag, a fat, a hall, a gamut, a dab, a can, a tabu, a day, a batt, a waterfall, a patina, a nut, a flow, a lass, a van, a mow, a nib, a draw, a regular, a call, a war, a stay, a gam, a yap, a cam, a ray, an ax, a tag, a wax, a paw, a cat, a valley, a drib, a lion, a saga, a plat, a catnip, a pooh, a rail, a calamus, a dairyman, a bater, a canal - Panama!
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  1. Cam? a.k.a. Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia and once known as the Khmer Empire, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its total landmass is 181,035 square kilometres, bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.
  2. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a large village and civil parish in Gloucestershire, England, situated in the Cotswolds. The Cotswold Way runs less than a mile from the village. It has a boundary with the town of Dursley.
  3. Cam? a.k.a. Camiri Airport is a public use airport located near Camiri, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  4. Cam? a.k.a. Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is a Building, Venue, Tourist attraction in Missouri, United States of America, St. Louis.
    • also known as Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis, MO; CAM
    • official website:


  1. Cam? a.k.a. Cam Newton: Cameron Jerrell "Cam" Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. He played college football for the Auburn Tigers in Alabama and was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is the only player in the modern era to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in the same one-year span.
    • also known as Cameron Jerrell "Cam" Newton, Cameron Jerrell Newton, Cameron Newton
    • born on (26 years ago) in Atlanta, child of Cecil Newton, Sr. and Jackie Newton
    • nationality: United States of America
    • education:
    • profession: American football player, athlete
    • some of the nominations and awards:
        • Heisman Trophy
        • nominated to Best Breakthrough Athlete ESPY Award
        • nominated to Best Male College Athlete ESPY Award
        • nominated to Fantasy Player of the Year
        • nominated to Pepsi Next Rookie of the Year
        • NFL Honors - AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
        • Pepsi Next Rookie of the Year
        • nominated to NFL Play of the Year Award
        • nominated to Kids’ Choice Award for Most Enthusiastic Athlete
  2. Cam? a.k.a. DJ Cam is a French DJ. His tunes are almost entirely a hybrid of both hip-hop and jazz music, and are presented in an abstract manner. His first LP was Underground Vibes in 1994, and was revolutionary for its time, featuring familiar jazz samples and many vibe samples and heavy hip-hop influences. His second studio album was Substances, which carried on with the tradition of its predecessor. He released The Beat Assassinated in 1998, which contained cameos from underground rappers, and also released The Loa Project vol, 2 and various DJ Mixes during 98-02. In 2003, he departed his regular sound for the Soulshine LP, which featured an appearance by Gang Starr's Guru. He went back to his hip-hop roots in 2004 with Liquid Hip-Hop, in 2006, he released an iTunes exclusive Best Of compilation, featuring a new song at the end.
  3. Cam? a.k.a. Cammile Adams: Natalie Cammile Adams is an American competition swimmer who specializes in butterfly events. She represented the United States in the 200-meter butterfly event at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  4. Cam? a.k.a. Cameran Eubanks is a real estate broker and tv personality.
  5. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Lindsay: Cameron Melrose Lindsay is a football player who plays for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League.
    • also known as Cameron Melrose Lindsay, Cam
    • born on (22 years ago) in Takapuna
    • nationality: New Zealand
    • profession: Soccer player
  6. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Watson is an American actor, screenwriter, and director, best known for playing Bart Fallmont in the TV miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion.
  7. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Ciraldo is an Italian Australian former professional rugby league footballer. He previously played for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, Newcastle Knights and Penrith Panthers in the National Rugby League. His position of choice was in the second row but he can also play lock.
    • also known as Cam, Ciro
    • born on (30 years ago) in Sydney
    • nationality: Australia
    • profession: Rugby player
  8. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron McCarthy is an Australian rules football player.
    • also known as Cam McCarthy, Cam
    • born on (20 years ago)
    • profession: Australian rules football player
  9. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Adams is an actress.
  10. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Oliver is an American football wide receiver for the Houston Cougars.
  11. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Quiseng: Cameron Michael Quiseng is the bass guitarist for the disney pop/rock boy band, Allstar Weekend.
  12. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Glendenning is a television producer and cinematographer.
  13. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron M. Brown is an actor.
  14. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is the brother of American football player Jevius Terry.
  15. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Laing is a member of the musical group, Amy Meredith.
    • also known as Cam
    • member of musical group Amy Meredith (Guitar) since
  16. Cam? a.k.a. Richard Cameron White is a screenwriter, film director, film producer and film editor.
  17. Cam? a.k.a. Cam España is a film score composer.
    • also known as Cam
    • profession: Film score composer
  18. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Hunter is a rapper.
    • also known as Cam, Cameron "Cam" Hunter
    • nationality: Canada
    • profession: Rapper, musician
    • member of musical group Down with Webster (Vocals) since


Cam? a.k.a. CAM is a record label.


  1. Cam? a.k.a. Camille Saroyan: Camille "Cam" Saroyan, M.D. è un personaggio protagonista della serie televisiva Bones. È interpretata da Tamara Taylor.
    • also known as Dr. Camille Saroyan, Cam
    • created by Hart Hanson
  2. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2014 film Tracers.
  3. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2007 film Good Luck Chuck.
  4. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from 21.
  5. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2010 film She's Out of My League.
  6. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Briel is a fictional character from the book Fallen.
    • also known as Cam
  7. Cam? a.k.a. Camryn Barnes: Camryn Elizabeth "Cam or Cami" Barnes is a fictional character and one of the two main characters from the popular book series by H. B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld called T*Witches.
  8. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2012 film Fags After Dark.
  9. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from Seeds.
  10. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2007 film Yeah No Definitely.
  11. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2005 movie The Big White.
  12. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from Taps.
  13. Cam? a.k.a. CAM is a fictional character from THX 1138.
  14. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is the fictional character from the 2010 film Long thanh cam gia ca.
  15. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character in the computer animated action adventure TV series American Dad!.
  16. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2011 film Forever and a Day.
  17. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2009 film Adrift.
  18. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2002 drama film Me thao - Thoi vang bong.
  19. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from Jumpy.
  20. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2010 film SubHysteria.
  21. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character played by Kisha Batista in 2007 film Blackout.
  22. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 2013 film A Hot Mess.
  23. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the tv series Young & Hungry.
  24. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional character from the 1997 film Mean Guns.
  25. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a fictional film character.
  26. Cam? a.k.a. Cameron Caleigh is a fictional character from the book The Secret of Crickley Hall, appearing in the series of the same title.
    • also known as Cam


  1. Cam? a.k.a. Cam: A cam is a rotating or sliding piece in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice-versa. It is often a part of a rotating wheel or shaft that strikes a lever at one or more points on its circular path. The cam can be a simple tooth, as is used to deliver pulses of power to a steam hammer, for example, or an eccentric disc or other shape that produces a smooth reciprocating motion in the follower, which is a lever making contact with the cam.
    • also known as 凸轮
  2. Cam? a.k.a. Cam: A cam is a bootleg recording of a film. Unlike the more common DVD rip or screener recording methods which involve the duplication of officially distributed media, cam versions are original clandestine recordings made in movie theaters.
    • also known as 枪碟
  3. Cam? a.k.a. Cemuhî Language: Cemuhî is an Oceanic language spoken on the island of New Caledonia, in the area of Poindimié and Touho.
    • also known as Camuki, Tyamuhi, Wagap, Camuhi, Cèmuhî language
  4. Cam? a.k.a. CAM is a website.
    • also known as Airport Code CAM, CAM Airport Code, Camiri Airport
  5. Cam? a.k.a. Calmodulin I is a protein.
    • also known as CALML2, Calm1, CaM1, Calmodulin 1, DD132, Cam I, CaMI, Calm, CaM
  6. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a website.
  7. Cam? a.k.a. Cam is a file format.
  8. Cam? a.k.a. KRIT1, ankyrin repeat containing is a gene.
    • also known as ankyrin repeat-containing protein Krit1, krev interaction trapped 1, cerebral cavernous malformations 1

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I really love playing the bad guys. They have so much more freedom than the hero, and it's more of a challenge to give them a heart. I have a movie coming out soon called The unborn in which I play a good guy, and I would love to do more. (Cam Gigandet)
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