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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun frame:


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Frame is sometimes a misspelling of form or frames.

The word frame is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun frame

What does frame mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: frames

  1. the framework for a pair of eyeglasses
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • more generic word: framework = a structure supporting or containing something
    • more specific word: chase = a rectangular metal frame used in letterpress printing to hold together the pages or columns of composed type that are printed at one time
    • part: eyeglasses / spectacles / glasses / specs = optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision
  2. a single one of a series of still transparent pictures forming a cinema, television or video film
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • more generic words: exposure / photo / photograph / pic / picture = a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide or in digital format
  3. alternative names for the body of a human being
  4. (baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat
  5. a single drawing in a comic strip
    • lexical domain: Communicative Processes - nouns denoting communicative processes and contents
    • more generic word: drawing = an illustration that is drawn by hand and published in a book, magazine, or newspaper
    • part of: cartoon strip / comic strip / funnies / strip = a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
  6. an application that divides the user's display into two or more windows that can be scrolled independently
  7. a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning
  8. the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal
    • lexical domain: Body Parts - nouns denoting body parts
    • synonyms of frame: skeletal system / skeleton / systema skeletale
    • more generic word: system = a group of physiologically or anatomically related organs or parts
    • more specific words:
      • endoskeleton = the internal skeleton
      • exoskeleton = the exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs
    • part of: musculoskeletal system = the system of muscles and tendons and ligaments and bones and joints and associated tissues that move the body and maintain its form
    • part: skeletal structure = any structure created by the skeleton of an organism
  9. the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • synonyms of frame: skeletal frame / skeleton / underframe
    • more generic term: supporting structure = a structure that serves to support something
    • more specific words:
      • chassis = the skeleton of a motor vehicle consisting of a steel frame supported on springs that holds the body and motor
      • hoop = a light curved skeleton to spread out a skirt
    • part of: aircraft = a vehicle that can fly; building / edifice = a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; ship = a vessel that carries passengers or freight
  10. a structure supporting or containing something
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • synonym of frame: framework
    • more generic term: supporting structure = a structure that serves to support something
    • more specific terms:
      • airframe = the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket
      • pergola / arbour / arbor / bower = a framework that supports climbing plants
      • bustle = a framework worn at the back below the waist for giving fullness to a woman's skirt
      • casing / case = the enclosing frame around a door or window opening
      • climbing frame = a framework of bars or logs for children to climb on
      • clotheshorse = a framework on which to hang clothes
      • coaming = a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out
      • valance board / cornice / valance / pelmet = a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing
      • deckle = a frame used to form paper pulp into sheets
      • derrick = a framework erected over an oil well to allow drill tubes to be raised and lowered
      • doorframe / doorcase = the frame that supports a door
      • cowcatcher / buffer / fender / pilot = an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track
      • framing = a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror
      • gauntry / gantry = a framework of steel bars raised on side supports to bridge over or around something
      • grating / grate = a frame of iron bars to hold a fire
      • grillwork / grille / grill = a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate
      • gun carriage = a framework on which a gun is mounted for firing
      • handbarrow = a rectangular frame with handles at both ends
      • hayrack / hayrig = a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry
      • honeycomb = a framework of hexagonal cells resembling the honeycomb built by bees
      • latticework / fretwork / lattice = framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal
      • mounting = framework used for support or display
      • oxbow = a wooden framework bent in the shape of a U
      • picture frame = a framework in which a picture is mounted
      • rack = framework for holding objects
      • ribbing = a framework of ribs
      • window sash / sash = a framework that holds the panes of a window in the window frame
      • sawhorse / sawbuck / horse / buck = a framework for holding wood that is being sawed
      • stocks = a frame for constraining an animal while it is receiving veterinary attention or while being shod
      • stocks = a frame that supports a boat while it is under construction
      • stretcher = a wooden framework on which canvas is stretched and fixed for oil painting
      • embroidery frame / embroidery hoop / tambour = a frame made of two hoops
      • tenter = a framework with hooks used for stretching and drying cloth
      • truss = a framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure
      • undercarriage = framework that serves as a support for the body of a vehicle
      • baby-walker / go-cart / walker = an enclosing framework on casters or wheels
      • wattle = framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence
      • window = a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air
      • window frame = the framework that supports a window
    • parts:
      • backing / mount = something forming a back that is added for strengthening
      • bracing / brace = a structural member used to stiffen a framework
  11. a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror
    • examples: the frame enhances but is not itself the subject of attention | the frame was much more valuable than the miror it held
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • synonym of frame: framing
    • more generic word: framework = a structure supporting or containing something
  12. one of the ten divisions into which bowling is divided
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic words: division / part / section = one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole
    • part of: bowling = a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them

Alternative definition of the noun frame


  1. The structural elements of a building or other constructed object.
  2. The structure of a person's body.
  3. A rigid, generally rectangular mounting for paper, canvas or other flexible material.
  4. A piece of photographic film containing an image.
  5. A context for understanding or interpretation.
  6. [snooker] A complete game of snooker, from break-off until all the balls (or as many as necessary to win) have been potted.
  7. [networking] An independent chunk of data sent over the wires of a network.
  8. [context: bowling] A set of balls whose results are added together for scoring purposes. Usually two balls, but only one ball in the case of a strike, and three balls in the case of a strike or a spare in the last frame of a game.
  9. [philately] The outer decorated portion of a stamp's image, often repeated on several issues although the inner picture may change.
  10. [film, animation] A division of time on a multimedia timeline, such as 1/30th of a second.
  11. [internet] An individually scrollable region of a webpage.

Specialised definition of the noun frame

Glossary of sports

the particular size and shape of someone's body (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

a solid support for something (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

Glossary of sports / billiards

a single game, completed when all the balls have been potted or when one player has conceded (2005. Chambers Sports Factfinder. Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd)

Glossary of sports / bowling

a pair of attempts by each player to score points

Definition of the verb frame

What does frame mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: framed | framing | frames

  1. enclose in or as if in a frame
  2. enclose in a frame, as of a picture
  3. take or catch as if in a snare or trap
    • examples: The innocent man was framed by the police | They want to frame the prisoners
    • lexical domain: Activities - verbs of political and social activities and events
    • synonyms of frame: ensnare / entrap / set up
    • more generic terms: cozen / deceive / delude / lead on = be false to
  4. formulate in a particular style or language
  5. make up plans or basic details for
    • example: frame a policy
    • lexical domain: Cognition - verbs of thinking, judging, analyzing, doubting
    • synonyms of frame: compose / draw up
    • more generic word: plan = make plans for something
  6. construct by fitting or uniting parts together


FRAME is a record label.


  1. Frame was an English cricketer who played for Surrey during the 1750s. He was the brother of John Frame.
  2. Frame a.k.a. Teepisit Mahaneeranon is a writer and actor.

There are other people with in their name, like Hue Frame, Ian Frame, Tom Frame, Fred Frame, Greg Frame, Katy Frame, Matt Frame, Pete Frame, Allen Frame and many others.


Frame is a musical group.

  • album: "Frame of Mind"


Frame is a fictional film character.


  1. "Frame" is a musical album of DGM.
  2. "Frame" is a musical album of Shuttle358.
    • released on (15 years ago)
  3. "Frame" is a musical single of TRF.
    • released on (9 years ago)
  4. "Frame" is a composition, cataloged instance.
  5. "Frame" is a musical album of Ben Wendel.
    • released on
  6. "Frame" is a musical album of FilFla.
    • released on (10 years ago)
  7. "Frame" is a composition.
  8. "Frame" is a musical album of Shuttle358.


Frame a.k.a. Frame, West Virginia: Frame is an unincorporated community in Kanawha County, West Virginia.


  1. Frame: In computer networking and telecommunication, a frame is a digital data transmission unit that includes frame synchronization, i.e. a sequence of bits or symbols making it possible for the receiver to detect the beginning and end of the packet in the stream of symbols or bits. If a receiver is connected to the system in the middle of a frame transmission, it ignores the data until it detects a new frame synchronization sequence.
    • also known as Data frame
  2. Frame a.k.a. Bicycle frame: A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle, onto which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright bicycle is based on the safety bicycle, and consists of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle. This is known as the diamond frame. Frames are required to be strong, stiff and light, which they do by combining different materials and shapes.
  3. Frame: In ships, frames are ribs that are transverse bolted or welded to the keel. Frames support the hull and give the ship its shape and strength.
  4. Frame a.k.a. Vehicle frame: A frame is the main structure of the chassis of a motor vehicle. All other components fasten to it; a term for this design is body-on-frame construction.
  5. Frame: Frames were proposed by Marvin Minsky in his 1974 article "A Framework for Representing Knowledge." A frame is an artificial intelligence data structure used to divide knowledge into substructures by representing "stereotyped situations." Frames are the primary data structure used in artificial intelligence Frame languages.
  6. Frame magazine is a magazine devoted to interior design, architecture, product design and exhibition design based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The magazine was first published in 1997 by Frame Publishers and have about 6 issues a year.
  7. The Frame in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis refers to the environment and relationship which enables the client to be open about their life with the therapist, and in a secure and confidential manner make a change. It is one of the most important elements in psychotherapy and counselling.
  8. Frame: A frame, or group box, is a type of box within which a collection of graphical control elements can be grouped, usually because the designer of the form believes the grouping looks better than leaving the items outside of a frame, or uses a frame to allow multiple uses of a widget which otherwise can only be used once.
  9. Frame is the body shape maintained by dancers during partner dancing. Specifically, frame refers to the shape of the upper body of the dancers relative to the rest of the dancer's body and the body of the dancer's partner.
  10. Frame is a semi-annual journal that has been run solely by students of literature and literary theory, mostly from Utrecht University, for twenty-five years. Most issues are theme issues dealing with an important topic of the moment. Frame also provides students with the opportunity to publish the results of their studies, as each issue contains at least one paper written by a student in the special student's section Masterclass.
  11. Frame: In mathematics, a frame of a vector space V, is either of two distinct notions, both generalizing the notion of a basis: In one definition, a k-frame is an ordered set of k linearly independent vectors in a space; thus k ≤ n the dimension of the vector space, and if k = n an n-frame is precisely an ordered basis. If the vectors are orthogonal or orthonormal, the frame is called an orthogonal frame or orthonormal frame, respectively.
  12. Frame is a family name.
  13. Frame a.k.a. The Frame is a non-profit, student-run art space. It is committed to showcasing the artistic work of Carnegie Mellon students and to promoting ambitious and experimental art within our community. Aladar Marberger first opened the Gallery in 1969 taking over what was once the Woodlawn Pharmacy, to provide exhibit space for university staff and students. Marberger ran the Gallery independently, without ties to any particular department. He selected all the work for the seven exhibitions each semester. Marberger was aided by three assistants, who received full tuition to Carnegie Mellon for their work. In 1976 the Gallery acquired the name the Forbes Street Gallery. In 1982 if became the Forbes Gallery and in 1998 it became the FRAME. The Frame has changed considerably throughout the years. It is now fiscally supported by JFC and the School of Art and remains entirely student-run.

Phrases with Frame

Phrases starting with the word Frame:

  1. frame in
  2. frame up
  3. frame-up
  4. Frame saw
  5. Frame Ball
  6. Frame rate
  7. Frame House
  8. frame buffer

Phrases ending with the word Frame:

  1. A-Frame
  2. B-Frame
  3. D-Frame
  4. I-Frame
  5. P-Frame
  6. to frame
  7. cold frame
  8. open frame
  9. time frame
  10. Flash Frame
  11. Space frame
  12. Freeze Frame

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Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Frame

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Google previewA Basis Theory Primer (2010)

Expanded Edition by Christopher Heil

Every orthonormal basis is an exact Parseval frame, and conversely every exact Parseval frame is an orthonormal basis (Exercise 8.7).

A frame is a sequence, not a set, and hence repetitions of elements are allowed. Also ...

Google previewJ. Michael Dunn on Information Based Logics (2016)

by Katalin Bimbó

Then - restricts to an operation on the regular subsets so that the algebra of regular subsets with the -o- operator is a concrete LL*-algebra, accordingly as the frame is an LL2-frame. Proof If x is a regular point, which is the same as saying that ...

Google previewMechanics of Materials (2002)

by Dr. B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kr. Jain, Arun Kr. Jain

A statically determinate frame is the one in which the axial forces in the members can be determined by the application of equations of...

The simplest form of a perfect frame is a triangular frame, consisting of three joints and three members.

Google previewExpertise Out of Context (2012)

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making by Robert R. Hoffman

For Minsky, a frame is a type of data structure in which individual cases are defined in terms ofa set of features on each of a...

Google previewAdvances in Intensional Logic (2013)

by Maarten de Rijke

An intuitionistic general frame is a triple &; = (W, R, P) where W # 0, R is a partial order on W and P is a collection of upward...

Google previewThe Implement Age (1913)

The floating frame is a solid, square frame with no joints or hinges to wear, and as a consequence the cutter bar is always...

Google previewA Course in Error-correcting Codes (2004)

by Jørn Justesen, Tom Høholdt

A data frame is an entity of data that can be independently stored, communicated, and interpreted. It consists of a header, a data field, and a parity field. We assume that the data field consists of a fixed number of source symbols, although ...

Google previewInstrumentation for the Operating Room (2016)

by CTI Reviews

The Taylor Spatial Frame is an external fixator used by podiatric and orthopaedic surgeons to treat complex fractures and bone...

Google previewThe Encyclopaedia Britannica, Or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature (1823)

It is to be observed that there must be five inches added to each line that represents a frame in the horizontal plane for the thickness of the plank, that being nearly a mean between the thickness of the plank next the water -> Second Water Line ...

Google previewFocal Illustrated Dictionary of Telecommunications (2013)

by Xerxes Mazda, Fraidoon Mazda

jabber frame: A transmission frame whose length exceeds the value allowed by the protocol being used. jack: The socket into which a plug fits to make an electrical connections.

Google previewThe Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques (2002)

by Robert Cunning

Although there are traditional styles, many of which are still appropriate, there is no one perfect way to frame any picture. Two main factors have to be considered. The frame must suit the picture and enhance our viewing of it, but it must also ...

Google previewThe Encyclopedia of Wood (2007)

by U S Dept of Agriculture

Wood frame construction manual for oneand two- family dwellings, ...

Google previewOhio Historic Places Dictionary (2008)

by Editorial Staff, State History Publications, LLC

The outbuildings include a one-story storage building, one-story frame garage, frame privy, and two frame farm-related buildings. Another grouping is located along the road entering the property. They include a large, two-story barn, two store ...

Google previewDictionary of Health Information Technology and Security (2007)

FREQUENCY FRAME: A 64–1518 byte packet with header/data/trailer information to mark the initiation and cessation of transmitted or relayed information; synchronous serial communication; 'framed'; a Web site that divides a Web ...

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I'm always watching people over a short time frame, putting them in an extreme position. Sometimes you don't see the humanity in a person because the time frame is so short and the circumstance so extreme. (Irvine Welsh)
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