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Get appears in the following tongue twisters:

  • They think that their teeth get thinner at times they want to taste thick meat.
  • You name it, we claim it. If we can't get it, we'll send you to get it. If we can't send you to get it, forgit it. Who's got it, if we don't got it?
    (from the 1960's)
  • Mo mi mo me send me a toe,
    Me me mo mi get me a mole,
    Mo mi mo me send me a toe,
    Fe me mo mi get me a mole,
    Mister kister feet so sweet,
    Mister kister where will I eat !?
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Get appears in the following pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • My jocks box, get hard, unzip, quiver, flow. (32 letters)
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Get appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Strategy: get arts.
  • Gab too late: get a loot bag.
  • Won’t I get a late git now?
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Get is sometimes a misspelling of any, gate, gets, got or great.

The word get is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun get

What does get mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: gets

  1. a return on a shot that seemed impossible to reach and would normally have resulted in a point for the opponent
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic word: return = a tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player

Alternative definition of the noun get


  1. See Offspring.
  2. See Lineage.
  3. [sports, tennis] A difficult return or block of a shot.
  4. [British, regional] A 'git'.
  5. [Judaism] A Jewish writ of divorce.

Specialised definition of the noun get

Glossary of sports / squash

a difficult shot successfully reached and returned (2005. Chambers Sports Factfinder. Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd)

  • example: what an amazing get!

Definition of the verb get

What does get mean as a doing word?

Get is the 5th most common verb. It is used mostly in speech, being the 2nd most common verb in spoken English.View more statistics!

verb - inflections:

 simple pastpast participlepresent participlethird-person singular
primarily used in British Englishgotgotgettinggets

  1. come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
    • examples: Get your results the next day | Get permission to take a few days off from work | The children get the ball
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Beneficiary] [Theme]Carmen bought Mary a dress
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme]Carmen bought a dress | Carmen obtained the spare part
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] for [Asset]Carmen bought a dress for $50
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] for [Beneficiary]Carmen bought a dress for Mary
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] from / for / on [Source]John earned $10 million on proceeds from the sale
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] from [Source]Carmen bought a dress from Diana | Carmen obtained the spare part from Diana
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] from [Source] at / for [Asset]FMC has bought 565,000 shares from Nortek Inc. at $23.50 a share
      [Asset - not location] [Verb] [Theme]$50 won't even buy a dress | $50 won't even purchase a dress

      Verbs of Change of Possession (with the same syntax): cash, earn, fetch, gain, save, score, secure, steal.

    • lexical domain: Possession - verbs of buying, selling, owning
    • synonym of get: acquire
    • more specific terms:
  2. enter or assume a certain state or condition
    • examples: Get going! | John will get angry
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Patient - being] [Verb] to [Destination]He converted to Buddhism
      [Patient - being] [Verb] to [Destination, subject control with -ing]He converted to believing in Buddha

      Verbs of Transformation (with the same syntax): come around, fall, get around, get down, go back, resort, return, revert, settle down, shift, take, turn.

    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonyms of get: become / go
    • more generic terms: change state / turn = undergo a transformation or a change of position or action
    • more specific terms:
      • sober up / sober = become sober after excessive alcohol consumption
      • sober up / sober = become more realistic
      • work = arrive at a certain condition through repeated motion
      • take effect = go into effect or become effective or operative
      • run = change from one state to another
      • take = be seized or affected in a specified way
      • break = come into being
      • settle = become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
  3. cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonyms of get: have / let
    • more generic word: make = give certain properties to something
  4. receive a specified treatment (abstract)
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonyms of get: find / incur / obtain / receive
    • more generic word: change = undergo a change; become different in essence
    • more specific word: take = ascertain or determine by measuring, computing or take a reading from a dial
  5. reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress
  6. go or come after and bring or take back
    • example: Get me those books over there, please
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 1
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • synonyms of get: bring / convey / fetch
    • more generic words: channel / channelise / channelize / transfer / transmit / transport = send from one person or place to another
    • more specific words:
      • retrieve = run after, pick up, and bring to the master
      • retrieve = go for and bring back
      • deliver = bring to a destination, make a delivery
    • entailment: come / come up = move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody
  7. go through (mental or physical states or experiences)
  8. take vengeance on or get even
  9. achieve a point or goal
  10. cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner
    • example: They get him to write the letter
    • lexical domain: Communication - verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing
    • synonyms of get: cause / have / induce / make / stimulate
    • more specific words:
      • decide = cause to decide
      • persuade = cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action
      • bring = induce or persuade
      • solicit = incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination
      • encourage = spur on
      • let = actively cause something to happen
      • lead = cause to undertake a certain action
      • instigate / inspire / prompt = serve as the inciting cause of
      • suborn = induce to commit perjury or give false testimony
      • obligate / compel / oblige = force somebody to do something
  11. succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase
  12. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
  13. be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
  14. communicate with a place or person; establish communication with, as if by telephone
    • example: The operator couldn't get Kobe because of the earthquake
    • lexical domain: Communication - verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing
    • more generic words: communicate / intercommunicate = transmit thoughts or feelings
  15. give certain properties to something
    • example: get someone mad
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonym of get: make
    • more generic words: alter / change / modify = cause to change; make different
    • more specific words:
      • render = cause to become
      • have / let = cause to move
      • leave = act or be so as to become in a specified state
  16. move into a desired direction of discourse
    • lexical domain: Communication - verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing
    • synonyms of get: aim / drive
    • more generic words: intend / mean = mean or intend to express or convey
  17. grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of
    • examples: did you get it? | She didn't get the joke | I just don't get him
    • lexical domain: Cognition - verbs of thinking, judging, analyzing, doubting
    • synonym of get: catch
    • more generic word: understand = know and comprehend the nature or meaning of
  18. attract and fix
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • synonyms of get: arrest / catch
    • more generic terms: attract / draw / draw in / pull / pull in = direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes
  19. reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • synonym of get: catch
    • more generic word: hit = deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument
  20. reach by calculation
  21. acquire as a result of some effort or action
    • examples: You cannot get water out of a stone | Where did she get these news?
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 1
    • lexical domain: Possession - verbs of buying, selling, owning
    • more generic word: acquire = come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
  22. purchase
  23. perceive by hearing
    • example: She didn't get his name when they met the first time
    • lexical domain: Perceptions - verbs of seeing, hearing, feeling
    • synonym of get: catch
    • more generic word: hear = perceive (sound) via the auditory sense
  24. suffer from the receipt of
  25. receive as a retribution or punishment
  26. leave immediately; used usually in the imperative form
  27. reach and board
    • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
    • more generic word: catch = reach in time
  28. irritate
  29. evoke an emotional response
    • examples: Brahms's `Requiem' gets me every time | The bad news will get him
    • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
    • more generic words: stir / touch = affect emotionally
  30. apprehend and reproduce accurately
    • lexical domain: Creation - verbs of sewing, baking, painting, performing
    • synonym of get: catch
    • more generic word: reproduce = recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.
  31. earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher
  32. overcome or destroy
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic words: destroy / ruin = destroy completely
  33. be a mystery or bewildering to
  34. take the first step or steps in carrying out an action
  35. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
  36. make (offspring) by reproduction

Alternative definition of the verb get


  1. [transitive] To obtain, purchase or acquire.
  2. [transitive] To receive.
  3. [transitive] To fetch.
  4. [context: copulative] To become.
  5. [transitive] To cause to become; to bring about.
  6. [transitive] (used with preposition) To don or doff clothing, etc.
  7. [transitive] To cause to do.
  8. [reflexive] To betake oneself.
  9. [intransitive] To arrive (at) or progress (towards a place or outcome).
  10. [intransitive] [qualifier, with various prepositions, such as into, over or behind; for specific idiomatic senses see individual entries get into, get over, etc.] To adopt or assume (a certain position or state).
  11. [intransitive] To begin (doing something).
  12. [transitive] To take or catch (a scheduled transportation service).
  13. [transitive] To respond to (a telephone call, a doorbell, etc).
  14. [intransitive, followed by infinitive] To be able, permitted (to do something); to have the opportunity (to do something).
  15. [transitive, informal] To understand (often used as [term, get it]).
    • [transitive, informal] To be (used to form the passive of verbs).
    • [transitive, informal] To become ill with or catch (a disease).
    • [transitive, informal] To catch out, trick successfully.
    • [transitive, informal] To perplex, stump.
    • [transitive] To find as an answer.
    • [transitive, informal] To bring to reckoning; to catch (as a criminal); to effect retribution.
    • [transitive, informal] To hear completely; catch.
    • [transitive] To getter.
    • [context: now rare] To beget (of a father).


    Get a.k.a. Geraldton Airport is an airport located 6 nautical miles east of Geraldton, Western Australia, along the Geraldton – Mount Magnet Road. On average, from 2006 to 2011, more than 98,000 passengers used the airport annually.


    1. Get is the son of Tan Passakornnatee.
    2. Get a.k.a. Anyarit Pitakkul is an actor.

    There are other people with in their name, like Get This, get this!, Go Get It, Planet Get Down, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano.


    Get is a record label.


    1. "GET" is a musical single of Michiyo Heike.
      • released on (18 years ago)
    2. "GET" is a musical album of DA BUBBLE GUM BROTHERS.
      • released on (23 years ago)
    3. "GET" is a musical album of Tsuyoshi Watanabe With Marie.
      • released on (19 years ago)


    1. Get: A get is a divorce document in Jewish religious law, which must be presented by a husband to his wife to effect their divorce. The essential part of the get is very short; the text is "You are hereby permitted to all men", which means that the wife is no longer a married woman and that the laws of adultery no longer apply. The get also returns to the wife the legal rights that a husband holds in regard to her in a Jewish marriage.
    2. The get of an animal are the offspring of a particular individual male animal. It is derived from the term "begat", meaning to father offspring. The term is frequently used in livestock raising and informal animal husbandry, notably horse breeding to describe the offspring of a stallion. In show competition, a "get of sire" class evaluates a group of animals who have the same sire and evaluates the consistency with which a given sire is able to pass on desirable characteristics to his offspring.
    3. Get a.k.a. Georgia Time Zone is a time zone.
    4. Get a.k.a. Legal responses to Agunah: Judaic Law holds that a Jewish divorce, a get, must be consensual. Sometimes a spouse can be held in a so-called "limping marriage" when the other spouse refuses co-operation in the religious form of divorce a phenomenon known as Agunah. Where one party has the power to grant or withhold a religious divorce, this power can be used as a bargaining tool to pressure the other party to agree more favourable divorce terms. Some countries have enacted laws providing civil legal remedies against a spouse who refuses to grant the other a get.

    Phrases with Get

    1. get at
    2. get by
    3. get in
    4. get it
    5. get on
    6. get to
    7. get up
    8. get-go
    9. get off
    10. get out
    11. Get Wet
    12. Get You
    13. get away
    14. get back
    15. Get Bent
    16. Get Busy
    17. get down
    18. get even
    19. Get High
    20. to get

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    get full form by MD JUNAID ALAM

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    Google previewThe Dictionary of Unfamiliar Words (2008)

    by Diagram Group

    get cold feet To lose your nerve, or be too fearful to go ahead with something. get down to brass tacks To address the essential facts, or get down to serious business; from the brass tacks in the counter of a dry-goods store, ...

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    Usage statistics about get

    The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English from the later part of the 20th century, both spoken and written.

    Usage statistics for the verb get:

    spoken English86.85%written English13.15% conversational speech66.43%task-oriented speech33.57% imaginative writing74.71%informational writing25.29%

    Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb get:


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    Quotes about Get

    Get the facts, or the facts will get you. And when you get them, get them right, or they will get you wrong. (Thomas Fuller)
    more quotes about get...

    Scrabble value of G2E1T1

    The value of this 3-letter word is 4 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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