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Definition of the noun ism

What does ism mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: isms

  1. a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
    • lexical domain: Cognitive Processes - nouns denoting cognitive processes and contents
    • synonyms of ism: doctrine / philosophical system / philosophy / school of thought
    • more generic word: belief = any cognitive content held as true
    • more specific terms:
      • nuclear deterrence = the military doctrine that an enemy will be deterred from using nuclear weapons as long as he can be destroyed as a consequence
      • Kabbalism / Cabalism = the doctrines of the Kabbalah
      • abolitionism = the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery
      • absolutism = the doctrine of an absolute being
      • amoralism = the doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid
      • animalism = the doctrine that human beings are purely animal in nature and lacking a spiritual nature
      • animism = the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls
      • antiestablishmentarianism / antiestablishmentism = the doctrine of opposition to the social and political establishment
      • asceticism = the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state
      • contextualism = any doctrine emphasizing the importance of the context in solving problems or establishing the meaning of terms
      • creationism = the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis
      • credo / creed = any system of principles or beliefs
      • divine right of kings / divine right = the doctrine that kings derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects
      • dogma = a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative
      • dualism = the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and evil
      • dynamism = any of the various theories or doctrines or philosophical systems that attempt to explain the phenomena of the universe in terms of some immanent force or energy
      • epicureanism = a doctrine of hedonism that was defended by several ancient Greek philosophers
      • establishmentarianism / establishmentism = the doctrine of supporting the social or political establishment
      • ethicism = a doctrine that ethics and ethical ideas are valid and important
      • expansionism = the doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country
      • formalism = the doctrine that formal structure rather than content is what should be represented
      • functionalism = any doctrine that stresses utility or purpose
      • Girondism = the doctrine of the Girondists
      • gospel = a doctrine that is believed to be of great importance
      • gymnosophy = the doctrine of a sect of Hindu philosophers who practiced nudity and asceticism and meditation
      • imitation = the doctrine that representations of nature or human behavior should be accurate imitations
      • individualism / laissez faire = the doctrine that government should not interfere in commercial affairs
      • internationalism = the doctrine that nations should cooperate because their common interests are more important than their differences
      • unilateralism = the doctrine that nations should conduct their foreign affairs individualistically without the advice or involvement of other nations
      • irredentism / irridentism = the doctrine that irredenta should be controlled by the country to which they are ethnically or historically related
      • literalism = the doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature
      • majority rule / democracy = the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group
      • monism = the doctrine that reality consists of a single basic substance or element
      • multiculturalism = the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country
      • nationalism = the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other
      • nationalism = the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals
      • nihilism = a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake
      • pacificism / passivism / pacifism = the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable
      • pluralism = the doctrine that reality consists of several basic substances or elements
      • populism = the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite
      • presentism = the doctrine that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (as in the Book of Revelations) are presently in the course of being fulfilled
      • freethinking / rationalism = the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct
      • reformism = a doctrine of reform
      • secular humanism / humanism = the doctrine emphasizing a person's capacity for self-realization through reason
      • humanitarianism / humanism = the doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare
      • equalitarianism / egalitarianism = the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality
      • feminism = a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women
      • reincarnationism = a doctrine that on the death of the body the soul migrates to or is born again in another body
      • secessionism = a doctrine that maintains the right of secession
      • secularism = a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations
      • phenomenology = a philosophical doctrine proposed by Edmund Husserl based on the study of human experience in which considerations of objective reality are not taken into account
      • philosophical doctrine / philosophical theory = a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy
      • states' rights = a doctrine that federal powers should be curtailed and returned to the individual states
      • commandment / teaching / precept = a doctrine that is taught
      • theological doctrine = the doctrine of a religious group
      • utilitarianism = doctrine that the useful is the good; especially as elaborated by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill
      • descriptivism = a doctrine supporting or promoting descriptive linguistics
      • descriptivism = a doctrine holding that moral statements have a truth value
      • prescriptivism = a doctrine supporting or promoting prescriptive linguistics
      • prescriptivism = a doctrine holding that moral statements prescribe appropriate attitudes and behavior
      • religious doctrine / church doctrine / gospel / creed = the written body of teachings of a religious group that are generally accepted by that group
      • millennium = in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years; the meaning of these words have been much debated

Alternative definition of the noun ism


  1. A belief that can be described by a word ending in -ism.
  2. Specifically, a form of discrimination, such as racism or sexism.


Ism a.k.a. Kissimmee Gateway Airport, formerly known as Kissimmee Municipal Airport, is a public airport in Kissimmee, a city in Osceola County, Florida, United States. The airport is located 16 nautical miles southwest of the central business district of Orlando. It is owned and operated by the City of Kissimmee.


  1. Ism is an East Coast-based alternative rock quartet founded in New York City in 2004. It combines elements of melodic rock, electronic, trip-hop, and industrial music.
  2. Ism is a musical group.
  3. Ism is a musical group.
    • album: "Battered"

There are other groups with in their name, like G-Ism & Cool Nutz.


  1. "ISM" is the sixth album by Norwegian electronic dance music producer Aleksander Vinter, and his fourth under the alias "Savant". It was released on 9 September 2012.
  2. "Ism" a.k.a. "_ism" is a musical album of JBK.
    • released on (13 years ago)
  3. "ism" is a musical album of PAMELAH.
    • released on (15 years ago)
  4. "ISM" is a musical album of SoulJa & Jane Siberry.
    • released on
  5. "ISM" is a musical album of Smegma.
    • released in (22 years ago)
  6. "ism" is a cataloged instance, composition.
  7. "ISM" is a musical album of Smut Peddlers.


  1. Ism a.k.a. -ism is a suffix in many English words, originally derived from Ancient Greek -ισμός, reaching English through Latin, via French.
    • also known as 主义
  2. ISM a.k.a. ISM band: The industrial, scientific and medical radio bands are radio bands reserved internationally for the use of radio frequency energy for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than telecommunications. Examples of applications in these bands include radio-frequency process heating, microwave ovens, and medical diathermy machines. The powerful emissions of these devices can create electromagnetic interference and disrupt radio communication using the same frequency, so these devices were limited to certain bands of frequencies. In general, communications equipment operating in these bands must tolerate any interference generated by ISM equipment, and users have no regulatory protection from ISM device operation.
  3. Ism a.k.a. Masimasi Language: Masimasi is a nearly extinct Austronesian language spoken on an offshore island of Papua, Indonesia.
  4. Ism is a file format.

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Google previewShi'ism (2012)

by Hamid Dabashi

PReLUDe Shi'ism is a festive gathering, a festival, a feast, a constellation of moral manners, a commitment, a conviction,

Shi'ism is the shimmering memory of an event, a dream, a single traumatic incident, condemned forever to try to ...

Google previewEarly Muslim Dogma (1981)

A Source-Critical Study by Michael Cook

At the same time, the traditions in the Masffil show a tendency to emphasise that Murji'ism is a late development.

Google previewRelativism and Intentionalism in Interpretation (2011)

Davidson, Hermeneutics, and Pragmatism by Kalle Puolakka

Humpty Dumpty- ism is the view that regards the two as identical to each other.

Google previewThe World is My Home (2017)

A Hamid Dabashi Reader by Andrew Davison

Shi'ism is a religion of protest. It can never succeed. As soon as it...

The key operative concept constitutional to Shi'ism is that of mazlumiyyat, “having been wronged,” or “having been tyrannized.” The paradigmatic expression of this key ...

Google previewMedical Terminology: A Programmed Systems Approach (2009)

by Jean Tannis Dennerll, Phyllis E. Davis

Crypt/orchid/ism means undescended testicle. crypt means hidden. When a testicle is hidden in the abdominal cavity, the condition is known as / / crypt/orchid/ism krip tôr' kid izәm . 6.48 A crypt/ic remark is one with a ...

Google previewThe Twilight of Atheism (2007)

The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World by Alister McGrath

ism is the rebellion of son against father. This powerful personal quest for identity is often linked with the l't'j(*CfiUll of the father's beliefs. In the high noon of atheism, this story often took the form of the rebellion of an atheist son against the ...

Google previewIran (2013)

A Beginner's Guide by Homa Katouzian

Shi'ism is the sect of Islam that was born out of the dispute over the succession of the Prophet, and which later developed other important differences to the majority sect of the Sunnis. The Shi'a believed (as they still do) that Ali was the rightful ...

Google previewThe Cultural Cold War (2013)

The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters by Frances Stonor Saunders

It is consequently intractably opposed to totalitarianism of whatever kind, for totalitarian- ism is the very negation of these conditions.” 33 This same statement had deplored “the plain and shameful fact that, even today, Communists and ...

Google previewHistorical Dictionary of the Ottoman Empire (2003)

by Selcuk Aksin Somel

Its syncretistic character turned Bektasi-ism into a religious order liberal in its practices and tolerant of other beliefs. As a movement it originated from Babai- ism and the Haydari order; it was developed by Abdal Musa and Balim Sultan into an ...

Google previewDictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations (2001)

For Information and Communication Technologies and Related Areas by J. Vlietstra


Google previewAbbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition (2001)

by Dean A. Stahl, Karen Landen

Neo-Catholic(ism) Neo-Christ Neo-Christian(ity) neoclas neoclassical; neoclassicism neocol neocolonial(ism) neocolim neocolonial-colonial-imperialist Neo-Conf Neo-Confucian(ist) neo-con(s) neo-conservative(s) Neo-Dar Neo- Darwinian; ...

Google previewThe Routledge Dictionary of Politics (2004)

by David Robertson

ism. Institutional racism as a term entered everyday political and journalistic.

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I wanted the press to become something of a movement. Not a movement committed to a particular ""ism,"" but a gathering together of writers with an aesthetic approach to literature and with a lust for excellence. (John Metcalf)
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