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Probe appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Eva, can I stir a web or plan an anal probe war?… It’s in a cave!
  • So fuel bar ova for a web, or plan an anal probe war, O favorable UFOs.
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Probe is sometimes a misspelling of problem.

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Definition of the noun probe

What does probe mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: probes

  1. an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities
    • example: there was a congressional probe into the scandal
    • lexical domain: Cognitive Processes - nouns denoting cognitive processes and contents
    • synonym of probe: investigation
    • more generic words: enquiry / inquiry / research = a search for knowledge
    • more specific term: fishing expedition = an investigation undertaken in the hope (but not the stated purpose) of discovering information
  2. a flexible slender surgical instrument with a blunt end that is used to explore wounds or body cavities
  3. an exploratory action or expedition
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic word: exploration = a careful systematic search
  4. an investigation conducted using a flexible surgical instrument to explore an injury or a body cavity
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic word: research = systematic investigation to establish facts

Alternative definition of the noun probe


  1. [surgery] Any of various medical instruments used to explore wounds, organs etc. [definition from 15th c.]
  2. [figuratively] Something which penetrates something else, as though to explore; something which obtains information. [definition from 17th c.]
  3. An act of probing; a prod, a poke. [definition from 19th c.]
  4. [figuratively] An investigation or inquiry. [definition from 20th c.]
  5. [aeronautics] A tube attached to an aircraft which can be fitted into the drogue from a tanker aircraft to allow for aerial refuelling. [definition from 20th c.]
  6. [sciences] A small device, especially an electrode, used to explore, investigate or measure something by penetrating or being placed in it. [definition from 20th c.]
  7. [astronautics] A small, usually unmanned, spacecraft used to acquire information or measurements about its surroundings. [definition from 20th c.]
  8. [game of go] a move with multiple answers seeking to make the opponent choose and commit to a strategy

Definition of the verb probe

What does probe mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: probed | probing | probes

  1. question or examine thoroughly and closely
    • examples: The men probe the area for animals | The men probe for animals in the area
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Location] for [Theme]I hunted the woods for game | I searched the cave for treasure | I stalked the woods for game | We rummaged the drawer for important documents
      [Agent - being] [Verb] for [Theme] [Locative Preposition] [Location]I searched for treasure in the cave
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Locative Preposition] [Location]I searched through America
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Locative Preposition] [Location] for [Theme]I searched in the cave for treasure

      Verbs of Searching (with the same syntax): advertise, check, comb, dive, drag, dredge, excavate, patrol, plumb, prospect, prowl, quarry, rake, rifle, scavenge, scour, scout, search, shop, sift, trawl, troll, watch.

    • lexical domain: Communication - verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing
    • synonym of probe: examine
    • more generic terms: investigate / look into = investigate scientifically
    • more specific words:
  2. examine physically with or as if with a probe
    • example: probe an anthill
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 1
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • synonyms of probe: dig into / poke into
    • more generic words: penetrate / perforate = pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance
    • more specific word: gutter = wear or cut gutters into


  1. Probe is a 1988 American television pilot and subsequent TV series, created by television mystery writer William Link and noted science fiction author Isaac Asimov. It aired on ABC. Michael B. Wagner, a veteran television writer, wrote the two-hour pilot, and became Executive Producer for the series. The pilot and series starred Parker Stevenson as Austin James, a misanthropic genius who solved high tech crimes, and Ashley Crow as James' new secretary Mickey Castle.
  2. "Probe" is a film directed by Russ Mayberry released on Feb 21, 1972.


"Probe" is a book, written work.

  • author: Edward M. Lerner
  • genres: Science Fiction, Fiction, Speculative fiction, Suspense
  • subject: Espionage
  • copyright: 1991


Probe is a parlor game introduced in the 1960s by Parker Brothers. It is reminiscent of the simple two-person game Hangman, whose object is to guess a word chosen by another player by revealing specific letters. Probe extends the number of players to a maximum of four and introduces additional game elements that increase the levels of both skill and chance. Like Hangman, each player has a secret chosen word. But unlike Hangman, the game ends when the last word, not the first word, is revealed. All players remain in the game until the end.

  • genre: Word


  1. "Probe" is a musical album of Roswell Return.
    • released in (5 years ago)
  2. "Probe" is a musical album of Zero Degree.
    • released on (5 years ago)
  3. "Probe" is a musical EP of Trobo 6.
    • released in (18 years ago)
  4. "Probe" is a composition.


  1. Probe is a musical group with members Ott Karp and Karel Kattai.
  2. Probe is a musical group.
  3. Probe is a musical group.
    • album: "User Friendly"
  4. Probe is a musical group.
    • album: "Direction"

There are other groups with in their name, like Logic probe and Gay Death Probe.


Probe a.k.a. Probe Productions, Inc. is an independent media production house and is the producer of award-winning programs such as “The Probe Team,” “Gameplan,” “5 and Up,” “Cheche Lazaro Presents,” and “Art Is Kool.” These programs earned critical acclaim for its depth, balance and high production values in both local and international competitions.


PROBE is an Aviation waypoint.


  1. Probe Profiles was a Philippine public affairs program being aired on ABS-CBN and on its sister cable channel, the ANC. It is hosted by Cheche Lazaro and is produced by Probe Productions Inc., under a joint co-production agreement with ABS-CBN.
    • begun on and completed on (4 years ago)
    • country: Philippines
    • genre: Public affairs
    • official website:
  2. Probe: The British based dance theatre company Probe was founded in 2004 by Antonia Grove and Theo Clinkard, who came together as dancers, artistic directors, curators and producers to commission work to perform as a duo. Probe was conceived by Antonia, who was looking for a way to progress artistic ideas formed through years of working as a dancer with different companies and choreographers and as a choreographer in her own right.
  3. Probe is a TV program.
    • award: - Peabody Award (Power Politics in Mississippi), received by WLBT
  4. Probe is a make of automobile produced by Adams Brothers.

Phrases with Probe

  1. Probe-and-Drogue
  2. to probe
  3. Armed Probe
  4. space probe

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Probe

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Google previewVeterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner - E-Book (2013)

by Cecilia Gorrel

Probe and explorer The periodontal probe is a narrow rounded or flat, blunt- ended, graduated instrument while a dental explorer is a sharp-ended instrument . Center picture depicts double-ended instruments; top is a combined explorer ...

Google previewQuestion Authority; Think for Yourself (2012)

by Beverly A. Potter, Mark James Estren

A probe is an open-ended question beginning with “what,” “when,” “where,” “who, ” “in what way,” “under what...

A probe is a wonderful technique because it cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.

Google previewDental Hygiene (2014)

Theory and Practice by Margaret Walsh, Michele Leonardi Darby

The furcation probe is a specialized probe instrument designed to adapt to the architecture of multirooted teeth to measure...

probe is the furcation instrument from Paradise Dental Technology ...

Google previewReadings in Cognitive Science (2013)

A Perspective from Psychology and Artificial Intelligence by Allan Collins, Edward E. Smith

IF the goal is to recognize LVProbe and LV probe is an LVtype and the memory set contains an LVitem of LVtype, ...

Google previewSPICE for Power Electronics and Electric Power, Second Edition (2005)

by Muhammad H. Rashid, Hasan M. Rashid

Probe is a graphics postprocessor in PSpice and is very useful in plotting the results of simulation. Especially with the capability of...

Probe is an option of PSpice, but it comes with the student version. Running Probe does not require a math ...

Google previewStructure and Inference in Classical Planning (2014)

by Nir Lipovetzky

PROBE is a complete, standard greedy best-first (GBFS) STRIPS planner using the standard additive heuristic, with just...

A probe is an action sequence a0 ,a1 ,. ..,a k that generates a sequence n0, n1 ,...,n k+1 of nodes, each of which is a pair ...

Google previewPrinciples of Plasma Physics for Engineers and Scientists (2010)

by Umran S. Inan, Marek Gołkowski

The Langmuir or plasma probe is a practical instrument that has been widely used to investigate plasmas in the laboratory and in the space environment. This electrostatic device, first developed by Langmuir and Mott-Smith, gives a measure ...

Google previewForensic Dentistry (2002)

by Paul G. Stimson, Curtis A. Mertz

A DNA probe is a small piece of single-stranded DNA (oligonucleotide) which will bind to another single-stranded DNA with the complementary sequence. A sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) probe, also known as an allelespecific ...

Google previewRadioguided Surgery (2010)

by Giuliano Mariani, Armando E. Giuliano, H. William Strauss

The imaging probe is a small field-of-view, portable, handheld, high-resolution gamma ray detector that aids the surgeon in finding specific targets either to be removed in the surgical field (such as sentinel lymph nodes or occult tumor lesions) ...

Google previewReview of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (2013)

by Donald O. Thompson, Dale E. Chimenti

For example, the focused infrared detector is a local point temperature detector; the mirage effect laser probe is a line detector; and the microphone is an area detector. The presence of the localized source gives all of these methods the ...

Google previewVoyager (2004)

by Jon Eric Hakkila, Adele Richardson

A space probe is a small spacecraft designed to study planets or moons. Pioneer 10 ;s launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. if the. cessfully landed on the moon, ...

Google previewEmergencies in ENT

by Rupa Vedantam

A Buck's curette or Jobson Horne probe is a useful instrument for removal of wax and foreign bodies lodged in the ear canal. Aural and nasal suction tips should be ...

Google previewDictionary of DNA and Genome Technology (2012)

by Paul Singleton

Probe Use (e.g.) Abasic-site A (quenched) fluorescent probe used for detecting products in an isothermal method for mimic DNA amplification (see RPA, sense 1 ) Activity- A fluorophore-labeled probe that labels active caspases in vivo: see the ...

Google previewA Dictionary of Dentistry (2010)

by Robert Ireland

A probe with a sharp point used to investigate tooth surface defects is also called an *explorer. BPE probe See BASIC PERIODONTAL EXAMINATION. An endodontic probe, used to locate fine root canals, has an elongated working tip set at ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Meat Sciences (2004)

by Carrick Devine, M. Dikeman

DNA sequences using a labelled probe or detection of a specific sequence after amplification of the target DNA molecule. A variety of techniques have been developed based on these two principles. This article introduces those techniques ...

Google previewElectrochemical Dictionary (2012)

by Allen J. Bard, György Inzelt, Fritz Scholz

Adv Electron Electron Phys 71:109 MML Scanning probe microscope An instrument used for studying surface properties of materials from the atomic to the micron level. All scanning probe ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry: Fundamentals (2001)

by Nicholas D. Spencer, John H. Moore

Femtosecond spectrometer for transient hole-burning spectroscopy with a continuum probe. Symbols used: bs, 10% reflecting beamsplitter; p, polarizer. The continuum generator consists of a focusing lens, a cell containing flowing water or ...

Google previewThe Dictionary of Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics (2015)

by Guenter Kahl

Alternately binding probe competitive polymerase chain reaction (ABC-PCR): A variant of the conventional → polymerase chain reaction (PCR), that combines competitive PCR and a sequence-specific fluorescent, socalled alternately binding ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Astrobiology (2011)

by Muriel Gargaud

The probe of the Cassini- Huygens mission which landed on Titan's surface on January 14, 2005, was named ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Human Memory [3 volumes] (2013)

by Annette Kujawski Taylor Ph.D.

PROBE RECOGNITION TASK The probe recognition task requires a person to hold some information in memory and then to respond as quickly and accurately as possible as to whether a specific piece of information in memory matches a ...

Google previewMosby's Dental Dictionary (2007)

by Elsevier, Mosby

probenecid procarbazine HCl 538 Marquis color-coded probe. (Daniel/Harfst/ Wilder, 2008). primordium primordium (primor′dem), n the first evidence of an organ in a developing embryo. principal, adj the leader; highest in rank; the source ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science (2006)

by P. Somasundaran

Table 1 Electric probe techniques: some names and acronyms used in the literature and the corresponding physical properties Fig. 2 AFM (left) and SEPM ( right) images from the. SCANNING ELECTRIC PROBE MICROSCOPY ...

Google previewThe Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (2000)

by Charles Taylor

The space probe Cassini, launched in 1997, will reach Saturn in 2004. On arrival it will orbit the planet and its moons for four years. Cassini will release the miniprobe Huygens to investigate Titan, Saturn's largest moon, and the only one in the ...

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Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb probe:


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Small photo of A Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) has a tail and claws made for clinging onto trees while they probe for insectsSmall photo of hand holding a probe of fresh roasted coffee beans Small photo of Scientist measuring environmental water quality in a wetland using a multi-parameter probeSmall photo of probe of oscilloscope card chips, power supply with wire clamps on wooden table. Repair electronic circuit board, probes measuring deviceSmall photo of Repair electronic circuit board manually tweezers, probes measuring device. Probe of oscilloscope card chips, power supply with wire clamps on wooden tableSmall photo of Ukraine - circa 2018: A postage stamp printed in Soviet Union USSR show Snapshot of the Earth from the automatic probe Zond-7. Series: Space Exploration. Circa 1969.Small photo of Industrial probe for analyse semiconductors. Testing device tool inside research physics laboratory. More...

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The purpose of all higher education is to make men aware of what was and what is to incite them to probe into what may be. It seeks to teach them to understand, to evaluate, to communicate. (Otto Kleppner)
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Scrabble value of P3R1O1B3E1

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