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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb shoot:


The word shoot is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun shoot

What does shoot mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: shoots

  1. a new branch
    • lexical domain: Plants - nouns denoting plants
    • more generic word: sprout = any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud
    • more specific words:
      • sucker = a shoot arising from a plant's roots
      • tiller = a shoot that sprouts from the base of a grass
  2. the act of shooting at targets
    • example: they hold a shoot every weekend during the summer
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic words: shooting / shot = the act of firing a projectile
    • more specific terms: skeet shooting / trapshooting / skeet = the sport of shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled upward in such a way as to simulate the flight of a bird

Alternative definition of the noun shoot


  1. The emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant.
  2. A photography session.
  3. (professional wrestling slang) In professional wrestling, an event that is unscripted or legitimate.

Specialised definition of the noun shoot

Glossary of sports

(of pain) to seem to move suddenly through the body with a piercing feeling (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

in a sport such as football or basketball, to kick, hit or throw a ball in an attempt to score a goal or point (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

Definition of the verb shoot

What does shoot mean as a doing word?

Shoot is one of the top 1000 most common verbs in the English language.

verb - inflections:

simple pastpast participlepresent participlethird-person singular

  1. hit with a missile from a weapon
    • lexical domain: Competition - verbs of fighting, athletic activities
    • synonyms of shoot: hit / pip
    • more generic words: injure / wound = cause injuries or bodily harm to
    • more specific terms:
      • gun down = strike down or shoot down
      • grass = shoot down, of birds
      • kneecap = shoot in the kneecap, often done by terrorist groups as a warning
  2. kill by firing a missile
    • example: They want to shoot the prisoners
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formulaVerbs with the same syntax
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Beneficiary] [Theme]Carmen bought Mary a dressVerbs of Change of Possession: attain, book, buy, call, catch, charter, choose, conserve, find, gather, hire, lease, order, phone, pick, pluck, procure, pull, reach, rent, reserve, slaughter, vote, win
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme]Carmen bought a dress | Carmen obtained the spare part
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] for [Asset]Carmen bought a dress for $50
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] for [Beneficiary]Carmen bought a dress for Mary
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] from [Source]Carmen bought a dress from Diana | Carmen obtained the spare part from Diana
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Theme] from [Source] at / for [Asset]FMC has bought 565,000 shares from Nortek Inc. at $23.50 a share
      [Asset - not location] [Verb] [Theme]$50 won't even buy a dress | $50 won't even purchase a dress
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Patient]The witch poisoned Snow WhiteVerbs of Killing: asphyxiate, behead, crucify, decapitate, disembowel, drown, electrocute, eviscerate, garrotte, hang, impale, knife, poison, smother, stab, stone, strangle, suffocate, throttle
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Patient] [Adjective]The Boston Strangler strangled his victims dead
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Patient] to / into [Oblique, state]The Boston Strangler strangled his victims to death
      [Agent - being] [Verb] [Patient] with [Instrument]The queen poisoned Snow White with an apple
    • lexical domain: Activities - verbs of political and social activities and events
    • synonym of shoot: pip
    • more generic word: kill = cause to die
    • more specific terms:
  3. fire a shot
  4. make a film or photograph of something
  5. send forth suddenly, intensely, swiftly
    • example: shoot a glance
    • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
    • more generic words: cast / contrive / project / throw = put or send forth
  6. run or move very quickly or hastily
  7. move quickly and violently
  8. throw or propel in a specific direction or towards a specific objective
    • examples: shoot craps | shoot a golf ball
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Destination] [Theme]Steve tossed John the ball
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme]Steve tossed the ball
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Destination, locative adverb]I threw the package away
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Destination or Locative Preposition] [Destination]Steve tossed the ball to the garden
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source]Steve tossed the ball from the corner
      [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source] at / to / towards / for [Destination]Steve tossed the ball from the corner to the garden

      Verbs of Throwing (with the same syntax): bash, bat, bunt, chuck, fire, flick, fling, flip, hit, hurl, knock, lob, loft, nudge, pass, pitch, punt, shove, slam, slap, sling, smash, tap.

    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic word: hit = cause to move by striking
    • more specific terms:
      • dunk = make a dunk shot, in basketball
      • break = make the opening shot that scatters the balls
      • chip = play a chip shot
      • carom = make a carom
      • birdie = shoot in one stroke under par
      • double birdie / eagle = shoot two strokes under par
      • double bogey = to shoot two strokes over par
      • bogey = to shoot in one stroke over par
      • knuckle = shoot a marble while keeping one's knuckles on the ground
  9. record on photographic film
  10. emit (as light, flame, or fumes) suddenly and forcefully
    • lexical domain: Weather - verbs of raining, snowing, thawing, thundering
    • more generic terms: emit / give off / give out = give off, send forth, or discharge
  11. cause a sharp and sudden pain in
    • lexical domain: Perceptions - verbs of seeing, hearing, feeling
    • more generic words: ache / hurt / smart = be the source of pain
  12. force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing
    • examples: They shoot the fruit with a chemical | They shoot a chemical into the fruit
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • synonym of shoot: inject
    • more generic terms: enclose / inclose / insert / introduce / put in / stick in = place, fit, or thrust (something) into another thing
  13. variegate by interweaving weft threads of different colors
    • example: shoot cloth
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic words: interweave / weave = interlace by or as if by weaving
  14. throw dice, as in a crap game
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic word: throw = throw (a die) out onto a flat surface
  15. spend frivolously and unwisely
  16. score
  17. utter fast and forcefully
  18. measure the altitude of by using a sextant
    • example: shoot a star
    • lexical domain: Cognition - verbs of thinking, judging, analyzing, doubting
    • more generic terms: measure / measure out / mensurate = determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of
  19. produce buds, branches, or germinate
  20. give an injection to

Alternative definition of the verb shoot


  1. [transitive] To fire a projectile or energy weapon at.
  2. [intransitive, usually, as imperative] To begin to speak.
  3. [transitive] To hit with a projectile or energy beam from such a weapon.
  4. [intransitive] To move very quickly and suddenly.
  5. [transitive] To dismiss or do away with.
  6. [transitive] To photograph.
  7. [context: professional wrestling] To deviate from kayfabe, either intentionally or accidentally; to actually connect with unchoreographed fighting blows and maneuvers, or speak one's mind (instead of an agreed-to script).
  8. [surveying] To measure the distance and direction to (a point).
  9. [sports] To make the stated score.
  10. [slang] To ejaculate.
  11. To go over or pass quickly through.
  12. [transitive] To tip (something, especially coal) down a chute.
  13. To inject. For example heroin.

Other definitions of shoot

What does shoot also mean?


  1. A mild expletive, expressing disbelief or disdain


  1. "Shoot" a.k.a. "Outrage!": Dispara! is a 1993 Spanish film directed by Carlos Saura, starring Francesca Neri and Antonio Banderas. The story is a revenge tragedy.
  2. "Shoot" is a 1976 American and Canadian film directed by Harvey Hart and written by Richard Berg, based on the novel of the same name by Douglas Fairbairn. The production features Cliff Robertson, Ernest Borgnine, Henry Silva and James Blendick.
  3. "Shoot" is a film, directed by Bruce Cam.
  4. "Shoot" is a film, directed by Kazuki Ōmori.


  1. "Shoot" is a book written by Douglas Fairbairn.
  2. "Shoot" a.k.a. "Shoot!" is a book by George Bowering.
  3. "Shoot" is a book by Bernard Newman.
  4. "Shoot" a.k.a. "Shoot!" is a book by Sue Mayfield.
  5. "Shoot" is a book by Neil Arksey.


  1. "Shoot" is a video game.
    • genre: Action game
    • publishers: Code Works, The
  2. "Shoot" is a video game.
    • genre: Action game


Shoot is a fictional character from In the Hive.


  1. "Shoot" a.k.a. "SHOOT!" is a musical single of RO-KYU-BU!.
    • released on (4 years ago)
  2. "Shoot" a.k.a. "SHOOT!" is a composition, cataloged instance.
  3. "Shoot" is a musical EP of Nova Mob.
    • released in (24 years ago)
  4. "Shoot" a.k.a. "Shoot!" is a musical album of Hedvig Mollestad Trio.
    • released on (4 years ago)
  5. "Shoot" is a musical EP of American Head Charge.
    • released on
  6. "Shoot" is a musical album of New Generation Big Band.
  7. "Shoot" is a musical album of Lentils.


SHOOT is an Aviation waypoint.


  1. Shoot: In botany, shoots consist of stems including their appendages, the leaves and lateral buds, flowering stems and flower buds. The new growth from seed germination that grows upward is a shoot where leaves will develop. In the spring, perennial plant shoots are the new growth that grows from the ground in herbaceous plants or the new stem and/or flower growth that grows on woody plants.
  2. Shoot: A shoot in professional wrestling is any unplanned, unscripted or real-life occurrence within a wrestling event. The name does not originate from "shooting in" for a takedown, as in amateur wrestling, but rather, it is a carny term shortened from "straight shooting" which originally referred to a gun in a carnival target shooting game which did not have its sights fixed. This term has come to mean a legitimate attack or fight in professional wrestling and its meaning has broadened to include unscripted events in general. The opposite of a shoot is a work.
  3. Shoot, or Shoot Monthly, is a football magazine published in the UK since 1969.
  4. Shoot is a trade magazine for the advertising industry that was established in 1990 as BackStage/Shoot, providing news and information about advertising agencies, executives, and creative advertising professionals. It also issues awards each year recognizing various elements of advertising, such as a "New Directors Showcase", and "Best Work You May Never See".

Phrases with Shoot

Phrases starting with the word Shoot:

  1. Shoot Me
  2. shoot up
  3. shoot for
  4. Shoot Off
  5. shoot down
  6. shoot-down
  7. shoot craps
  8. Shoot 'em up
  9. shoot a line
  10. Shoot Blanks
  11. shoot-'em-up
  12. Shoot the Bull
  13. Shoot The Moon
  14. Shoot the Shit
  15. Shoot the Boots
  16. Shoot One's Bolt

Phrases ending with the word Shoot:

  1. Re-Shoot
  2. Photo shoot
  3. bamboo shoot
  4. trouble-shoot

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Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Shoot

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Google previewThe Daily Book of Photography (2010)

365 readings that teach, inspire & entertain by Simon Alexander, Grier Cooper, Bill Diller, David Greenberg, Tom Hauck, Melissa LaRose, Matthew Roharik, David Schmidt, Christine Walsh-Newton

The model test shoot is a great way to start building your fashion and beauty portfolio. The name “test shoot” is an industry term for testing a model's abilities and look on camera. New talent needs to test with photographers to gain experience ...

Google previewThe Future of the Gun (2014)

by Frank Miniter

Every child needs to know something about gun safety; and like learning to drive a car, learning to shoot is a serious thing that requires responsibility and maturity. Outside of video games, many groups offer real, safe, and positive experiences ...

Google previewZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy (2010)

by Scott Spencer

Every photo shoot is a team effort, and they had the full team involved, including Veronika Jaskova aka Kristin (project manager for the anatomy websites and manager of models and photo shoots), Tomas Babinec (project manager for ...

Google previewThe Poor churchman's quarterly magazine, ed. by T.K. Arnold (1837)

by Thomas Kerchever Arnold

for the new shoot is a part of the seed.

Google previewHandbook of Herbs and Spices (2012)

by K. V. Peter

The leafy shoot is the pseudostem formed by leaf sheath and bears 8–12 distichous leaves. The inflorescence is a spike which generally springs directly from the rhizome. The subfamily Zingiberoideae is also noted for two important spice ...

Google previewCRC World Dictionary of Plant Names (1999)

Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology by Umberto Quattrocchi

Cucurbitaceae Origins: From Greek klados "branch, twig, young shoot, shoot" and sikyos "wild cucumber, gourd." Cladogelonium Leandri Euphorbiaceae Origins: Greek klados "a branch, shoot" plus the genus Gelonium Roxb. ex Willd.

Google previewThe Complete English–Maori Dictionary (2012)

by Bruce Biggs

shoot kookihi, ngao,pihi, pookihi, tupu, ...

Google previewConcise Encyclopedia of Temperate Tree Fruit (2003)

by Suman Singha, Tara Baugher

SHOOT ORIENTATION EFFECT ON APICAL DOMINANCE Apical dominance is strongest in the actively growing terminal buds of vertical shoots and limbs. Thus, limb orientation has a dramatic effect on apical dominance and, thereby, the ...

Google previewA Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language (1878)

Explained in English by Frederic Baraga

Shoot, young shoot, oshktiin, toeshkiging mitigmw .

Google previewDictionary of Americanisms, Briticisms, Canadianisms and Australianisms (2010)

by V.S. Matyushenkov

shoot esp.

Google previewCambridge Dictionary of American Idioms (2003)

by Paul Heacock

shoot down sth, also shoot sth down 1 to destroy an aircraft or ...

Google previewBushman dictionary

by D.F. Bleek

to shoot. CIII. (D.B.) Ex.: kapa karibu ——- has shot game. kapdrte, n. goats, kapfiriwa, kids. SV. (D.B.) Ex.: kapurte Gpoinja Spoin lki --- the young goats are asleep, kapfiriwa fa 'fi --- the kids are coming. kara, karra, u. to spread out, ...

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Small photo of wedding time shootSmall photo of Young shoots of pine. Young shoots on the branches of pine. Young shoots of pine trees in the forest spring. bud pollination pinecone, vertical shootSmall photo of Young shoots of pine. Young shoots on the branches of pine. Young shoots of pine trees in the forest spring. bud pollination pinecone, vertical shootSmall photo of Small shooting range in Remedios town, Cuba. There is a quote of Fidel Castro: Every Cuban must know how to shoot and shoot well. More...

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You know, differentiating between training and matches. If they are all matches it becomes very natural to shoot them, although Dan thinks I should shoot more of them. I think I shoot plenty of them. (Nancy Johnson)
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Scrabble value of S1H4O1O1T1

The value of this 5-letter word is 8 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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