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Tang appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad, I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet.
  • A man, a plan, a caret, a ban, a myriad, a sum, a lac, a liar, a hoop, a pint, a catalpa, a gas, an oil, a bird, a yell, a vat, a caw, a pax, a wag, a tax, a nay, a ram, a cap, a yam, a gay, a tsar, a wall, a car, a luger, a ward, a bin, a woman, a vassal, a wolf, a tuna, a nit, a pall, a fret, a watt, a bay, a daub, a tan, a cab, a datum, a gall, a hat, a fag, a zap, a say, a jaw, a lay, a wet, a gallop, a tug, a trot, a trap, a tram, a torr, a caper, a top, a tonk, a toll, a ball, a fair, a sax, a minim, a tenor, a bass, a passer, a capital, a rut, an amen, a ted, a cabal, a tang, a sun, an ass, a maw, a sag, a jam, a dam, a sub, a salt, an axon, a sail, an ad, a wadi, a radian, a room, a rood, a rip, a tad, a pariah, a revel, a reel, a reed, a pool, a plug, a pin, a peek, a parabola, a dog, a pat, a cud, a nu, a fan, a pal, a rum, a nod, an eta, a lag, an eel, a batik, a mug, a mot, a nap, a maxim, a mood, a leek, a grub, a gob, a gel, a drab, a citadel, a total, a cedar, a tap, a gag, a rat, a manor, a bar, a gal, a cola, a pap, a yaw, a tab, a raj, a gab, a nag, a pagan, a bag, a jar, a bat, a way, a papa, a local, a gar, a baron, a mat, a rag, a gap, a tar, a decal, a tot, a led, a tic, a bard, a leg, a bog, a burg, a keel, a doom, a mix, a map, an atom, a gum, a kit, a baleen, a gala, a ten, a don, a mural, a pan, a faun, a ducat, a pagoda, a lob, a rap, a keep, a nip, a gulp, a loop, a deer, a leer, a lever, a hair, a pad, a tapir, a door, a moor, an aid, a raid, a wad, an alias, an ox, an atlas, a bus, a madam, a jag, a saw, a mass, an anus, a gnat, a lab, a cadet, an em, a natural, a tip, a caress, a pass, a baronet, a minimax, a sari, a fall, a ballot, a knot, a pot, a rep, a carrot, a mart, a part, a tort, a gut, a poll, a gateway, a law, a jay, a sap, a zag, a fat, a hall, a gamut, a dab, a can, a tabu, a day, a batt, a waterfall, a patina, a nut, a flow, a lass, a van, a mow, a nib, a draw, a regular, a call, a war, a stay, a gam, a yap, a cam, a ray, an ax, a tag, a wax, a paw, a cat, a valley, a drib, a lion, a saga, a plat, a catnip, a pooh, a rail, a calamus, a dairyman, a bater, a canal - Panama!
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Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun tang:

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Definition of the noun tang

What does tang mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: tangs

  1. a tart spicy quality
  2. the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907
    • lexical domain: Groups - nouns denoting groupings of people or objects
    • synonym of Tang: Tang dynasty
    • more generic word: dynasty = a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
  3. the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
  4. a common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure
  5. brown algae seaweed with serrated edges
  6. any of various coarse seaweeds
    • lexical domain: Animals - nouns denoting animals
    • synonym of tang: sea tang
    • more generic word: seaweed = plant growing in the sea, especially marine algae
  7. any of various kelps especially of the genus Laminaria
    • lexical domain: Animals - nouns denoting animals
    • synonym of tang: sea tangle
    • more generic word: kelp = large brown seaweeds having fluted leathery fronds

Alternative definition of the noun tang


  1. [obsolete] tongue
  2. A refreshingly sharp aroma or flavor
  3. A strong or offensive taste; especially, a taste of something extraneous to the thing itself; as, wine or cider has a tang of the cask
  4. [figuratively] A sharp, specific flavor or tinge
  5. A projecting part of an object by means of which it is secured to a handle, or to some other part; anything resembling a tongue in form or position
  6. The part of a knife, fork, file, or other small instrument, which is inserted into the handle
  7. The projecting part of the breech of a musket barrel, by which the barrel is secured to the stock
  8. The part of a sword blade to which the handle is fastened
  9. The tongue of a buckle
  10. A group of saltwater fish from the Zebrasoma genus, also known as the surgeon fish
  11. A sharp, twanging sound; an unpleasant tone; a twang
  12. [rare] A coarse blackish seaweed (Fuscus nodosus)
  13. [vulgar slang] The vagina; intercourse with a woman

Specialised definition of the noun tang

Glossary of sports / fencing

the part of the blade where the hilt is mounted

Definition of the verb tang

What does tang mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: tanged | tanging | tangs

  1. [dated, beekeeping] To strike two metal objects together loudly in order to persuade a swarm of honeybees to land so it may be captured by the beekeeper.


Tang is a fruit-flavored drink. Originally formulated by General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell in 1957, it was first marketed in powdered form in 1959. The Tang brand is owned by Mondelēz International.


Who is Tang?

Tang a.k.a. Saksit Tangtong is a Thai actor and singer.


Tang is a musical group.


  1. Tang is a fictional character from the 1977 crime and drama film, The Jade Pussycat.
  2. Tang is a fictional character from The Love of Siam.
  3. Tang is a fictional character from the 2008 Taiwanese film Winds of September.
  4. Tang is a fictional character from the 2007 adventure comedy animation film Tous à l'Ouest, une aventure de Lucky Luke.
  5. Tang is a fictional character from the 2009 film Da' Booty Shop.
  6. Tang is a fictional character from the 1988 action film Walk on Fire.
  7. Tang is a fictional character from the 1987 film The Last Emperor.
  8. Tang is a fictional character from the 2008 film Bikini Royale.
  9. Tang is a fictional character from the the 2013 film Hot Guys with Guns.
  10. Tang is a fictional film character.

There are other characters with in their name, like Li Tang, Lao Tang, Tang Lung, Pootie Tang, Tang Shaoyi, Michael Tang, Emperor Taizong of Tang, Emperor Xuānzong of Tang and Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.


  1. Tang: A tang or shank is the back portion of a tool where it extends into stock material or is connected to a handle as on a knife, sword, spear, arrowhead, chisel, file, coulter, pike, scythe, screwdriver, etc. Various tang designs are usually described by their appearance or the manner in which they are affixed to a handle and their length in reference to the handle.
    • also known as 莖
  2. Tang a.k.a. Sedang Language: Sedang is an Austro-Asiatic language spoken in eastern Laos and Kon Tum Province in south central Vietnam. The Sedang language is the most populous of the North Bahnaric language group, which are known for their range of vowel phonations.
  3. Tang a.k.a. Táng: Tang, is a Chinese surname. The three languages also have the surname with the same character but different pronunciation/romanization . In Korean, it is usually Romanized also as Dang. In Japanese, the surname is often Romanized as To. In Vietnamese, it is commonly written as Đường. It is pronounced dhɑng in Middle Chinese, and lhāŋ in Old Chinese.

Phrases with Tang

Phrases starting with the word Tang:

  1. tang dynasty
  2. Tang's Snapper

Phrases ending with the word Tang:

  1. sea tang
  2. Blue Tang
  3. Mugil Tang
  4. Yellow Tang
  5. Chevron Tang
  6. Convict Tang
  7. Ecnomus tang
  8. Redspot Tang
  9. Sailfin Tang
  10. Spotted Tang
  11. Achilles Tang
  12. Orangespot Tang
  13. Species Mugil Tang
  14. species Ecnomus tang

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Tang

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Google previewRules for Modern Life (2016)

by Sir David Tang

Dame Julia PeytonJones 'David Tang is the thinking woman's Fu Manchu. If you are allergic to the combination of wit, brains and mischief you won't enjoy this book' Barry Humphries 'David Tang is an astute observer of the social scene with ...

Google previewData Intensive Distributed Computing: Challenges and Solutions for Large-scale Information Management (2012)

Challenges and Solutions for Large-scale Information Management by Kosar, Tevfik

Haixu Tang is an Associate Professor of Informatics and Computing.

Besides having published many books and articles, Tang is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award (2007), as well as a ...

Google previewBuild the Perfect Survival Kit (2013)

by John D. McCann

A full tang means the blade and handle are made from one solid piece of metal. Scales, or handle material, are then placed on each side of the handle end and attached in some manner such as screws or rivets. Many good survival knives ...

Google previewMencius (2009)

by Mencius

Here Tang is the name of Yao's dynasty, and 105 book 5a.

Google previewComputer Transformation of Digital Images and Patterns (1989)

by Zi-Cai Li

Tang is the author of Electronic Designer's Graphics (Publishing House of P.P.T., Beijing, China, 1981) , and Electronic Power Amplifier (Publishing House of P.P.T., Beijing, China, 1983) ...

Google preview"What Do You Care What Other People Think?": Further Adventures of a Curious Character (2011)

by Richard P. Feynman

* The tang is the male part of ...

Google previewTents of the Righteous (2014)

by Eric Blair

Jolyon Grosvenor, the Enterprise and Re-education Commissioner, is a languid individual; Lenny Tang is the Food Commissioner and Jenny Ming is the Lord Commissioner for Culture, Sports and Communications. The one thing they all have ...

Google previewRadio-Frequency Heating in Food Processing (2014)

Principles and Applications by George B. Awuah, Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy, Juming Tang

Ramaswamy, and Juming Tang is the third issue under the general umbrella of edited books in the Electro-Technologies for ...

Google previewAdvancED ActionScript Components (2006)

Mastering the Flash Component Architecture by Antonio De Donatis


Google previewEncyclopaedia Perthensis, Or, Universal Dictionary of the Arts, Sciences, Literature, Etc. : Intended to Supersede the Use of Other Books of Reference (1816)

then, as co-sine BCD : co-fine ACD : ; tang. AC : tang. BC (by theor 1.) Two angles A, B, and The side BCTTAs fine Bosne ACTsing A Time BC (by the8 a fide AC opposite to opposite the ...

Google previewA Dictionary, Hindustani & English (1866)

Accompanied by a Reversed Dictionary, English and Hindustani by Duncan Forbes

ë-G3 tang, strait, tight, narrow; wanting, U.5 TF1 tangă, m. a denomination of money, equal to two paisa. h. J34-85 SF": tung-bhadra, m. a restiveele. phant, or one in rut; ...

Google previewA New Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary (1814)

Comprising an Explanation of Terms and Principles of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, and Such Branches of Natural Philosophy as are Susceptible of Mathematical Investigation. With Historical Sketches of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Several Departments of These Sciences, and an Account of the Discoveries and Writings of the Most Celebrated Authors, Both Ancient and Modern by Peter Barlow

tang. v/o: + 2 va + ...

Google previewEncyclopaedia Britannica; Or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature; Constructed on a Plan, by which the Different Sciences and Arts are Digested Into the Form of Distinct Treatises Or Systems, Comprehending the History, Theory, and Practice, of Each, According to the Latest Discoveries and Improvements... Vol. 1. [-18] (1797)

co-sme A : : tang. AC : tantz. AD (by theor. 1_) and an angle opposite AB and (by theor. 2.) as co-sine AC : co-sine BC : : co-sine AD. 3 to one of them zco-sine BD. Note, this and the last case are both ambizzuous when the first in so. Two sides ...

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Small photo of Flat lay Chinese new year food "tang yuan" plain glutinous rice ball hot soup dessert on rustic wooden kitchen counter top.Small photo of Changzhou, jiangsu, China, April 14, 2013. Tianning temple tianning pagoda. Changzhou tianning temple was built in the tang dynasty.Small photo of Hong Kong, China - May 16,2012 : The Nan Lian Garden, located in the opposite of the Chi Lin Nunnery, is a Chinese Classical Garden also built in the style of the Tang dynasty.Small photo of Yellow Tang FishSmall photo of Mae Tang,Chiang Mai-November 25, 2017:a stunning place of workship with religious teachings at Wat Baan Den in Mae Tang,Chiang Mai.Small photo of Yellow tang, zebrasoma flavescensSmall photo of On January 20, 2018, the historical museum of xi 'an, the tang dynasty, the tang dynasty. More...

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Sign language

Synopsis | Hong Kong Sign Language By Gladys Tang

Duration 01:00

BOOK REVIEW OF YOUR FAVORITE BOOK =--- Where to buy this book? ISBN: 9789629961954 Book Review of Hong Kong Sign Language by Gladys Tang If you want to a...

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I like the Wu Tang Clan a lot. (Ethan Suplee)
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Scrabble value of T1A1N1G2

The value of this 4-letter word is 5 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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