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Definition of the noun threshold

What does threshold mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: thresholds

  1. the starting point for a new state or experience
  2. the smallest detectable sensation
  3. the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close
  4. the sill of a door; a horizontal piece of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway and offers support when passing through a doorway
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • synonyms of threshold: doorsill / doorstep
    • more generic word: sill = structural member consisting of a continuous horizontal timber forming the lowest member of a framework or supporting structure
    • part of: door / doorway / room access = the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building
  5. a region marking a boundary
    • lexical domain: Shapes - nouns denoting two and three dimensional shapes
    • synonyms of threshold: brink / verge
    • more generic words: bound / boundary / edge = a line determining the limits of an area

Alternative definition of the noun threshold


  1. The bottom-most part of a doorway that one crosses to enter; a sill.
  2. [context: by extension] An entrance
  3. The start of the landing area of a runway
  4. [engineering] The quantitative point at which an action is triggered, especially a lower limit
  5. The wage or salary at which income tax becomes due
  6. The outset of an action or project
  7. The point where one mentally or physically is vulnerable in response to provocation or to particular things in general. As in emotions, stress, or pain.

Specialised definition of the noun threshold

Glossary of management / IT service management / problem management

a pre-determined limit to the number of incidents attributable to a single problem or known error, or to the time for which an incident, problem or known error is outstanding, at which escalation procedures are invoked

Glossary of pesticide

concentration of a pesticide in an organism or environmental compartment below which an adverse effect is not expected

Glossary of sports

the point at which something starts, e.g. where something can be perceived by the body or where a drug starts to have an effect (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

the point at which a sensation is strong enough to be sensed by the sensory nerves (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)


  1. Threshold is a progressive metal band, formed in Surrey, UK in the late 1980s.
  2. Threshold is a musical group.
    • album: "Sum Blues"
  3. Threshold is a musical group.
    • album: "First Take"

There are other groups with Threshold in their name, like At the Threshold and three day threshold.


  1. "Threshold" is the sixth studio album by the Swedish heavy metal band HammerFall. It was released in many countries in 2006 but all on different. On October 18 2006 in Sweden then on October 20 in Europe followed by France and the UK on October 23 and finally in the United States on October 31. The album entered the Swedish charts at number one, staying on the chart for eight weeks. This was the band's first No. 1 since Renegade in 2000.
  2. "Threshold" is a musical album of Erik Norlander.
    • released on (17 years ago)
  3. "Threshold" is a musical album of Hula.
    • released in (28 years ago)
  4. "Threshold" is a musical single of Pocahaunted.
    • released in (4 years ago)
  5. "Threshold" is a musical album of John Thomas.
    • released in (9 years ago)
  6. "Threshold" is a musical album of Godheadscope.
    • released in (6 years ago)
  7. "Threshold" is a composition.
  8. "Threshold" is a musical single of Rollerskate Skinny.
    • released in (21 years ago)
  9. "Threshold" is a musical album of Chico Freeman & Brainstorm.
    • released in (23 years ago)
  10. "Threshold" is a musical album of Second Thief.


  1. "Threshold" is a 1997 fantasy novel by South Australian author Sara Douglass.
    • language: English Language
    • genres: Speculative fiction, Fantasy
    • copyright: 1997
    • released on (17 years ago)
  2. "Threshold" a.k.a. "The Beginning Place" is a short novel by Ursula K. Le Guin, written in 1980. It was subsequently published under the title Threshold in 1986. The novel does not belong to any of the cycles for which Le Guin is well known. The story's genre is a mixture of realism and fantasy literature. The novel's epigraph "What river is this through which the Ganges flows?" is quoted from Jorge Luis Borges who is known for his works of magical realism. The novel has been subject to critical studies comparing it to C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass and William Shakespeare's As You Like It.
  3. "Threshold" is a science fiction novel written by David R. Palmer and published by Bantam Spectra in December 1985. It was his second book published, following Emergence, and was intended to be the first book of the To Halt Armageddon trilogy.
    • language: English Language
    • genres: Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
    • copyright: 1985-12
    • released in (29 years ago)
  4. "Threshold" is a book written by Janet Morris. It forms one of three books in the Threshold trilogy of "young-adult" science fiction books.
    • language: English Language
    • authors: Janet Morris & Chris Morris
    • genre: Science Fiction
    • released in (24 years ago)


  1. Threshold is a science fiction drama television series that first aired on CBS in September 2005. Produced by Brannon Braga, David S. Goyer and David Heyman, the series focuses on a secret government project investigating the first contact with an extraterrestrial species.
  2. "Threshold" is a 2003 Sci-Fi Pictures original film adaptation of the 1958 black and white science fiction film It! The Terror from Beyond Space. The film stars Nicholas Lea, Jamie Luner and Steve Bacic. Other notable cast members include Teryl Rothery, television mogul Stephen J. Cannell and Gloria Slade.
  3. "Threshold" is a 1981 drama/science fiction film from Canada, directed by Richard Pearce. It starred Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum. The film was nominated for eight Genie Awards in 1983 and won three of them. Sutherland also won best actor at the 1982 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for his performance.
  4. "Threshold" is a film.


  1. "Threshold" is a roleplaying enforced MUD that has been in operation since June 1996. Its focus is on providing a place for roleplaying in addition to traditional MMO/MUD style gameplay. It has as many as 70-100 players online at any given time.
    • mode: Multiplayer video game
    • genres: MUD, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Fantasy
    • released on (18 years ago)
  2. "Threshold" is a video game.
    • genre: Action game


Threshold, Matthew Callahan, is a fictional supervillain from the Gen¹³ and DV8 comic books, published by Wildstorm.


  1. Threshold: A threshold is the sill of a door. Some cultures attach special symbolism to a threshold.
  2. Threshold was an ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics, as part of The New 52. Threshold is written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Tom Raney. The series explores the space-orientated side and cosmic mythos of DC Universe.
  3. The Threshold are a fictional organisation who appeared in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
  4. Threshold is a cataloged instance, musical recording, canonical version.

Phrases with Threshold

Phrases starting with the word Threshold:

  1. threshold gate
  2. threshold level
  3. threshold element
  4. threshold function
  5. threshold operation

Phrases ending with the word Threshold:

  1. pain threshold
  2. absolute threshold
  3. difference threshold
  4. differential threshold

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Threshold

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The absolute threshold is the least intense stimulus in a given modality that is detectable.

Google previewPerceiving in Depth, Volume 2 (2012)

Stereoscopic Vision by Ian P. Howard, Brian J. Rogers

Ideally, the diplopia threshold is the mean of the fusion and refusion limits. However, the diplopia...

The diplopia threshold is a radius ofthe fusional area, and the fusion range is a diameter of the fusional area. The fusional range is larger for ...

Google previewChemical Warfare Agents (2007)

Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics, Second Edition by James A. Romano, Brian J. Lukey, Harry Salem

For descriptive and definitional purposes the following terms are used: odor detection threshold is the concentration of gas or vapor that can be discriminated from fresh air; recognition threshold is that concentration at which the identity of the ...

Google previewGenes and Obesity (2010)

Detection threshold is the lowest concentration at which a compound can be detected, and subjects often perceive this as...

Google previewAsthma For Dummies (2011)

by William E. Berger

A low allergic threshold means that your sensitivity to an allergen is high — even a small exposure to the substance can trigger your symptoms. A high allergic threshold means that your body requires a higher concentration of allergens to ...

Google previewCardiac Pacing for the Clinician (2007)

by Fred M. Kusumoto, Nora F. Goldschlager

stimulation has a significantly lower stimulation threshold than anodal (positive) stimulation. Another critical factor determining stimulation threshold is the distance of the closest normal myocyte. The stimulation ...

Google previewSystem Design for Telecommunication Gateways (2011)

by Alexander Bachmutsky

- Programmable Denial-of-Service attack prevention thresholds: — The first threshold is the maximum number of states that will be saved ...

Google previewObjective Measurement (2000)

Theory Into Practice by Mark Wilson, George Engelhard

The second threshold is the point where a response of strongly disagree (0) or disagree (1) is equally likely as agree (2) or strongly agree (3). The third threshold is the point where a response of agree (2) or less is as likely as a response of ...

Google previewRehabilitation Engineering Applied to Mobility and Manipulation (1995)

by Rory A Cooper

The threshold is the minimum stimulus required to elicit a visible muscle contraction. The threshold is a function of pulse duration, amplitude, and stimulus period. The muscle recruited at the lowest stimulus level is considered the primary ...

Google previewPoetry as Survival (2010)

by Gregory Orr

As such, a threshold is a place of transition, a place where a person might pause. Imagine yourself there for a moment: you are departing and stop briefly on the threshold with the door open. Before you, the wild and varied scene of the outer ...

Google previewImage Analysis and Processing (1995)

8th International Conference, ICIAP '95, San Remo, Italy, September 13 - 15, 1995. Proceedings by Carlo Braccini, Leila DeFloriani, Gianni Vernazza

The threshold is the minimum acceptable gradient modulus. Due to the fluctuation of the...

As we will show, the threshold is a function of edge characteristics and of the properties of the edge detector. Consequently, it is not easy to find a ...

Google previewIrradiation Effects in Structural Alloys for Thermal and Fast Reactors (1969)

A Symposium

Again the subject judges which of each pair is the stronger, and the difference threshold is the point where 75 percent of the judgments are correct, that is, agree with the direction of the physical difference. b. Method of Limits This method is ...

Google previewJubilee Time (2009)

Celebrating Women, Spirit, And The Advent Of Age by Maria Harris

CRossiNG THRESHOLDS Crossing a threshold is a sacred, ritual act, not only in the Bible, but throughout human history. Thresholds have always been granted special powers. In most cultures, pride of place goes to the door and the doorway ...

Google previewDeformation-enhanced Fluid Transport in the Earth's Crust and Mantle (1997)

by M.B. Holness

The percolation threshold is that value of ...

Google previewTime, Internal Clocks and Movement (1996)

by M.A. Pastor, J. Artieda

Conversely, the fusion threshold is the opposite and is determined by reducing the time interval between two stimuli until they become fused, being perceived by the subject being examined as one. Both thresholds establish a discriminative ...

Google previewInternational Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set (2006)

by Waldemar Karwowski

FIGURE 3 Exemplary representation of the IRTTS (Integrated Restitution Temporary Threshold Shift). Physiological Costs of Noise Exposure: Temporary Threshold Shifts min Exposure. 1 0 dB at 250 Hz or 30 dB at 64 Hz, ...

Google previewDictionary of Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation, Resynchronization, and Arrhythmias (2007)

by David L. Hayes, MD, Samuel J. Asirvatham, MD

activity threshold. Programmable variable representing the level of activity that must be exceeded before a rate-adaptive pacing system will increase pacing rate . acute electrical remodeling. Any change in re- fractoriness, conduction, ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Chromatography (2005)

by Jack Cazes

Absorbance Threshold Setting an absorbance threshold improves the accuracy of spectral comparison by screening out spectra near the signal baseline. These spectra tend to have a relatively high degree of noise, which adversely affects the ...

Google previewA Dictionary of Ethology (1989)

by Klaus Immelmann, Colin Beer

Threat yawn See Threat face Threshold The minimum strength of a stimulus necessary to elicit a response, such as a behavior pattern or a nerve impulse. Also the lowest perceivable level of a stimulus; for example, the auditory threshold of a ...

Google previewEnvironmental Engineering Dictionary (2005)

by C. C. Lee

Threshold limit value (TLV): The concentration of an airborne substance that a healthy person can be exposed to for a 40-hour work week without adverse effect ; a workplace exposure standard (FFDCA/pesticide-04). Threshold limit value ...

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Hope smiles on the threshold of the year to come, whispering that it will be happier. (Alfred Lord Tennyson)
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