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46 examples:

I've seen it a million times.

I've asked myself that question a million times.

I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.

I prefer the new me a million times more over than the old one.
(Benjamin Cohen)

Although I've said a million times that I'm not a horror writer, I do like horror.
(Dean Koontz)

But how does it feel to plug into a system that's say, a million times as smart as a person.
(Rudy Rucker)

You can say things a million times, but if you can't sing it, then it really isn't much of a song.
(Justin Timberlake)

It's since been viewed over a million times online.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

You've probably sung along to Abba’s Dancing Queen a million times.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Their dance video has now been viewed more than a million times online.
(Paul Tukker in CBC News - Canada, )

Melissa Ferrick's 150 songs have played about a million times on Spotify.
(Los Angeles Times - Pop & Hiss, )

Radiation pressure can be increased by a million times using a superconductor.
(Tech Times - Science, )

These tiny magnets are as small as 5 nanometers, a million times smaller than an ant.
(Science Daily - News, )

Wen Zhang's apology for cheating on his wife has been shared more than a million times.
(BBC News - Technology, )

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – because it really works.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

The video, allegedly made by a Scot, has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.
(USA Today - World, )

There’s a convenient narrative about small business that we’ve all heard a million times.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Research suggests we chew around 800 times in an average meal; that's almost a million times a year.
(Science Daily - News, )

If you're not familiar with it, BumpDay is a day that rhymes with "hump day" and is about a million times cuter.
(NBC Today, )

Imagine trying to measure a tennis ball that bounces wildly, every time to a distance a million times its own size.
(Science Daily - News, )

More than 12 billion years ago a star exploded, glowing so brightly that it outshone its entire galaxy by a million times.
(Science Daily - News, )

The metamaterials were created with nonlinear optical response a million times as strong as traditional nonlinear materials.
(Science Daily - News, )

A new super-powerful electron microscope that can examine objects a million times smaller than a human hair is to be unveiled today.
(The Independent - Science, )

Before Colin Kaepernick and an Internet sound chamber that magnifies every single opinion a million times, there was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.
(The Denver Post - Sports, )

The eruption of a star 20,000 years ago made it a million times as luminous as the sun, and its violent beauty still echoes through space.
(The New York Times - Science, )

Health minister Sussan Ley says for the first time ever Medicare was billed a million times a day last year, a 60 per cent increase in 10 years.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Greg Griffin said it’s happened “a million times.” He’s probably exaggerating a tad, given he’s been driving a cab for only a few decades.
(Los Angeles Times - National News, )

In 2005, in a landmark paper viewed well over a million times, John Ioannidis explained in PLOS Medicine why most published research findings are false.
(Science Daily - News, )

They were also able to save images that were transferred by the light pulse into the crystal for a minute -- a million times longer than previously possible.
(Science Daily - News, )

The amount of radiation released into the environment was a million times less than any EPA action levels, but to hear the outcry you’d think it was Chernobyl.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Connor Wickham has admitted he is 'a million times happier' at Crystal Palace - and has also hit out at Sunderland fans ahead of Monday's reunion with his former club.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Researchers demonstrate the ability to electrically manipulate the vibrations of a drum, of nanometer scale thickness, a million times smaller than that of human hair.
(Science Daily - News, )

Israeli scientists come up with a nanochip that can detect the tiniest amount of explosives chemicals in the air and works literally a million times better than current airport security.
(Tech Times - Future Tech, )

A 15-second video of Australian musician Sever playing a joke with a plastic prop on his young son has been seen more than a million times since it was posted on Facebook in the last week.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Video footage capturing some of the altercation has been viewed more than a million times since the alleged incident took place on the Metrolink service between Rochdale and Oldham on Friday.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Beauty vlogger Mariya Lyubashevskaya, 18, from Dubai, shared a tutorial showing how to make up your entire face using highlighter, in a video that has been viewed more than half a million times.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

The image, posted by an anonymous Imgur user, has been viewed over a million times in two days as internet users offer their interpretations of the eerie photo - from 'Hindu goddess' to 'devil child'.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Every time I see Ron Burgundy, a.k.a. Will Ferrell, hawking Dodge Durangos on TV — which seems like a million times a day — what strikes me is how brilliant the "Anchorman" conceit is in small bits.
(Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Nine “dwarf galaxies” a million times smaller than normal galaxies have been identified in orbit around the Milky Way, in a discovery that could shed light on the mysterious dark matter of the Universe.
(The Independent - Gadgets & Tech, )

It's one of the most iconic dresses of all time - worn by countless celebrities and copied a million times over on the high street, but the boss of Herve Leger has attacked wearers in an astonishing outburst.
(The Independent - Fashion, )

North Korea said US missile strikes against a Syrian airfield on Friday were "an unforgivable act of aggression" that showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was "the right choice a million times over".
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Experimental physicists have successfully cooled molecules in a gas of sodium potassium to a temperature of 500 nanokelvins -- just a hair above absolute zero, and over a million times colder than interstellar space.
(Science Daily - News, )

More than 300 massive water tanks sit waiting at the site for cascades of particles initiated by high-energy packets of light called gamma rays -- many of which have more than a million times the energy of a dental X-ray.
(Science Daily - News, )

Physicists have used a similar trick to measure the interaction between the smallest possible magnets -- two single electrons -- after neutralizing magnetic noise that was a million times stronger than the signal they needed to detect.
(Science Daily - News, )

The colossal freighter, guided by a pair of tug boats that looked like gnats in comparison, eased toward the entrance of the Panama Canal, the storied passageway traversed more than a million times since its debut more than a century ago.
(Los Angeles Times - World News, )

The sensors can be made from biocompatible materials, are themselves detectable down to low concentrations, and offer potential responsive NMR spectral shifts that are close to a million times greater than those of traditional magnetic resonance spectroscopies.
(Nature, )

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