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Examples of Activity

Questions with the noun Activity

3 examples:

Does this type of activity help to prevent Parkinson's disease?
(Forbes - Technology, )

What can users get if they are able to achieve the goals put forward by the activity?
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Is the activity of data analysis properly viewed as separate, and separable from the activity of data gathering?
(Forbes - Technology, )

Sentences with the noun Activity

41 examples:

The town was full of activity.

The street is full of activity.

He is no longer full of activity.

The town was humming with activity.

His brother dedicated his life to the activity.

The activity of foreign trade has been declining of late.

There is also quite some activity here behind the scenes.

I prefer thought to action, an idea to an event, reflection to activity.

Because they had not achieved complete success they gave more scope for the activity of my imagination.

Communities that are highly dependent on fishing must implement much broader restructuring processes, since the activity of fishing fleets is decreasing.

Abundance is from activity.
(Turkish proverb)

Happiness is a state of activity.

Philosophy is not a theory but an activity.
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

To Englishmen, life is a topic, not an activity.
(William Henry Harrison)

The activity of love and faith is what makes heaven.
(Emanuel Swedenborg in Heaven and Hell)

To live well is to work well, to show a good activity.
(Thomas Aquinas)

Becoming is the mode of activity of the uncreate deity.
(H.P. Blavatsky)

Nobody doubts my partisanship, but a lot of the activity is nonpartisan.
(Norman Lear)

Happiness consists in activity. It is running steam, not a stagnant pool.
(John Mason Good)

Happiness consists in activity. It is a running steam, not a stagnant pool.
(John Mason Good)

Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality.
(Albert Schweitzer)

One must bear in mind that the expansion of federal activity is a form of eating for politicians.
(William F. Buckley, Jr.)

Study with desire is real activity; without desire it is but the semblance and mockery of activity.
(William Godwin)

Here's where all the activity is happening.
(Telegraph Staff in The Telegraph - Finance, )

There is lots of activity at the end of 2016.
(Tom Coughlin, Contributor in Forbes - Technology, )

Loving pandas isn't just a feel-good activity.
(Science Daily - News, )

The activity of cortical neurons is extremely noisy.
(Nature Neuroscience, )

It has tipped a fresh burst of activity this year too.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Accelerator programs are short, sharp bursts of activity.
(Padraig Walsh, Contributor in Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Well, if you’re serious, you need to monitor your activity.
(The Independent - Gadgets & Tech, )

An answer may be found by observing the activity of the brain.
(Science Daily - News, )

2 was expressed in neurons and shown to control their activity.
(Nature Neuroscience, )

More likely it is the activity of the 100 trillion gut bacteria.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

When egg and sperm combine, the new embryo bustles with activity.
(Science Daily - News, )

The variations are caused by the activity of solar magnetic bands.
(Tech Times - Science, )

The cardiovascular benefits of physical activity are indisputable.
(Nature Reviews Cardiology, )

Changing the location of a gene within a cell alters its activity.
(Science Daily - News, )

They also found a compound that can dampen the activity of PIP5K1C.
(Science Daily - News, )

Scientists wanted to know if the activity was testosterone-related.
(The New York Times - Science, )

The SREBP–mevalonate pathway promotes the activity of YAP and TAZ.
(Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, )

Blocking the activity of macrophages may delay the spread of cancer.
(Nature, )


36 examples:

What's your favorite activity?

What's your favorite summer activity?

What's your favorite winter activity?

What's your favorite holiday activity?

What's your favorite leisure activity?

What activity do you spend most of your time doing?

Who is going to coordinate our activity if we don't do it for ourselves?

How do interpreters orient the goals of the interaction in their translation activity?

How can your IT infrastructure keep up with such fluid computing activity?
(Forbes - Technology, )

Is there a relationship between such poverty and entrepreneurial activity?
(Science Daily - News, )

Activity trackers, treat-dispensing webcams, even a game console--for dogs?
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

What could this evidence prove about the Vikings' activity in the New World?
(Tech Times - Science, )

Trying to make sure you have enough people in order to make an activity worthwhile?
(Forbes - Technology, )

But how much do we know about the psychological impact of engaging in physical activity?
(Science Daily - News, )

What happens when you tell a wedding photographer that eating is your favourite activity?
(BBC News - World News, )

Great dining and activity deals are expected from Groupon, but a chance to meet an A-list actor?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

Making gingerbread homes is a popular holiday activity, but what if you could actually live in one?
(NBC Today, )

The first spacewalk took place 50 years ago. Why were Russians the first to carry out this activity?
(Tech Times - Science, )

With IE declining and mobile activity increasing, where does Microsoft's Windows 10-only Edge fit in?
(ZDNet US, )

Want to keep track of your activity and sleep patterns without having to wear a black rubber bracelet?
(Matthew Sparkes in The Telegraph - Technology, )

Many firms believe in the value of charitable activity, but what's the best way for firms to give back?
(BBC News - Business, )

It has caused resignations and frenzied activity, but does a political saga reflect a changing Australia?
(BBC News - World News, )

Not everyone can get to the gym - but is it really possible to stay fit through everyday household activity?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

And if so, then why would an adolescent smoke, yet still participate in recommended levels of physical activity?
(Science Daily - News, )

With mixed economic numbers and the market trading in a muted range, does M&A activity possess power for the market?
(CNBC, )

Interleukin-7 supports metabolic activity in memory CD8+ T cells, and should our paradigms of memory subsets be revised?
(Nature Reviews Immunology, )

As Tesco suspends some aspects of its online bank thanks to "online criminal activity", what is known about the attack so far?
(BBC News - Business, )

With this much activity buzzing on one platform, finding ways to boost your Facebook engagement should be a breeze… Or is it?
(Mike Templeman, Contributor in Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Companies can now utilize the smartphone space to make education a fun activity, and what better way to teach kids than with robots?
(CNBC, )

In this article, though, I focus on the offshoring/reshoring issue: where will manufacturing activity take place in the coming years?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

With the publication of a new juvenile SpA disease activity index, has this gap now been bridged, and is it a comprehensive tool for the clinic?
(Nature Reviews Rheumatology, )

Could nailfold videocapillaroscopy (NVC) be useful to assess disease activity in patients with systemic sclerosis, as well as for diagnostic and staging purposes?
(Nature Reviews Rheumatology, )

If a disease affects motoneurons, cells that control voluntary muscle activity, researchers should focus their efforts on motoneurons to find potential treatments, right?
(Science Daily - News, )

IHS Technology projects that sports, fitness and activity monitors will be a strong market and up 22 percent in 2014. Will smartwatches and smartphones derail that growth?
(ZDNet - Just News, )

A new study sheds light on one of the fundamental questions in cancer biology: how do oncogenic changes, such as Retinoblastoma (RB)-mutation, modify E2F and Myc activity?
(Nature Cell Biology, )

A lawsuit in Oklahoma highlights a new question for energy companies: Can they be forced to pay for damages from earthquakes if the tremors can be linked to oil-and-gas activity?
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

Industrial activity is brisk.

Watching TV is a passive activity.

Tam says he wants a group activity.

Activity keeps the mind from rusting.

The office was full of activity all day.

There was much activity around the plane.

Tom is showing no sings of brain activity.

He devoted himself to the volunteer activity.

She devoted herself to the volunteer activity.

I have no time to engage in political activity.

In this activity one immediately sees the result.

There's very little activity around here on Sundays.

Overtraining leads to increased sympathetic activity.

Freewriting is a good activity if you have writer's block.

Many companies monitor their employees' internet activity.

The surface of the earth rose due to the volcanic activity.

The retail price index is a barometer of economic activity.

Taping a woman's wrists together is not first date activity.

The movie called "Paranormal Activity" was not that much good.

There's been a lot of activity around the office this morning.

Political activity tends to be discouraged in most work places.

Peasants often have a secondary activity to augment their income.

It’s a communication medium, not a substance or specific activity.

Rina is in the home economics club. Her main activity is dressmaking.

Any activity you need to accomplish will take more time than you have.

Men need some kind of external activity, because they are inactive within.

Take part in the activity not for money but for learning through experience.

Learning probably takes place in virtually every activity in which we take part.

The tourists scare away the animals and disrupt their natural activity patterns.

The sun is currently in a period of low activity but even so large sunspots occasionally appear.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

Due to constant seismic activity, Japanese engineers have come up with novel construction techniques.

The concept of “Internet addiction” implies that “the Internet” is some sort of definable activity.

Parliamentary activity has become a political tug of war between the ruling and opposition parties over the issue.

It was your cousin. Second year, current member of student council, club activity is basketball, working as vice captain.

Especially in northern China, wrapping and eating dumplings has become an important activity for happily spending New Year's Eve in many households.

Tatoeba is becoming an addiction to me. I am even paying less attention to the games played by my team Vasco da Gama, just to participate in the exciting, amazing activity that is going on in this community.

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

Stamina is the capacity to carry on an physical or mental activity for an extensive period of time without getting tired. You can increase your stamina by training, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by consuming a healthy and balanced diet.

Activity breeds prosperity.
(Kurdish proverb)

Science is a self-sufficient activity.
(Jonathan Miller)

Activity is the only road to knowledge.
(George Bernard Shaw)

Never mistake activity for achievement.
(John Wooden)

Politics is activity in relation to power.
(Francis Parker Yockey)

Where there is activity, there is fertility.
(Turkish proverb)

God must become an activity in our consciousness.
(Joel S. Goldsmith)

Furious activity is no substitute for understanding.
(H.H. Williams)

It takes ground activity to stimulate that Black vote.
(Eddie Bernice Johnson)

Any activity that adversely affects society is immoral.
(B.J. Gupta)

Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.
(Thomas Carlyle)

On a selfish basis, I really enjoy sports and activity.
(Alan Thicke)

Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Saigon is hot, full of atmosphere, activity, and commerce.
(Brendan Fraser)

The Bahamas is headed for unprecedented economic activity.
(Perry Christie)

College campuses were once a hotbed of political activity.
(Tom Ford)

I never saw anything that would qualify as a criminal activity.
(Martin Bashir)

Friendship is a very taxing and arduous form of leisure activity.
(Mortimer Adler)

If you think squash is a competitive activity, try flower arranging.
(Alan Bennett)

Winter in Maine is a time of alternating rest and frenzied activity.
(Tom Allen)

I like to dance, but it's not my weekend activity. I'm not a clubber.
(Ewan McGregor)

Civilization is the order and freedom is promoting cultural activity.
(Will Durant)

Activity in politics also produces eager competition and sharp rivalry.
(John George Nicolay)

People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.
(Albert Einstein)

The good news is that even minimal activity can significantly extend life.
(Howard Coble)

I was blacklisted because of this activity, so I'm not a typical anything.
(Karen Morley)

You must be still in the midst of activity, and be vibrantly alive in repose.
(Indira Gandhi)

There is an incompatibility between literary creation and political activity.
(Mario Vargas Llosa)

Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity.
(Paul Goodman)

Showing off seemed to me to be a highly valuable and necessary activity when I was 20.
(Dylan Moran)

I don't think you can lightly paint a picture. It's an activity I take very seriously.
(Howard Hodgkin)

We must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
(Indira Gandhi)

You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
(Indira Gandhi)

Reading is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual.
(Jorge Luis Borges)

The geysers and hot springs of the Yellowstone are another proof of recent volcanic activity.
(Ellsworth Huntington)

Painting is, I think, inevitably an archaic activity and one that depends on spiritual values.
(Bridget Riley)

I try to do some physical activity each day, even if it's just walking my dogs up into the hills.
(Salli Richardson)

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.
(Wilhelm von Humboldt)

If their were more Franklin operations it could help the cause much more than right wing activity.
(Tom Metzger)

People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity.
(Marilyn Manson)

You can follow her twitter activity here.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

We try out TomTom's new activity tracker.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Activity in some industries is as expected.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Volcanic activity is increasing at Mount Etna.
(NBC News Science, )

Uranus is exhibiting intense weather activity.
(Tech Times - Science, )

New activity is bringing new life to Double Bay.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Iceland has its fair share of volcanic activity.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Emotional manipulation is not a benign activity.
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

How tumours induce brown fat activity is unknown.
(Nature, )

But activity at cafes and shops is humming again.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

1 is a gut hormone with glucose-lowering activity.
(Nature Communications, )

Three days, $30 and only one free activity per day.
(CNN - World Business, )

Dog-friendly and a good base for activity holidays.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

Summer means an increase in bug and insect activity.
(Science Daily - News, )

Jumping on bandwagons is my least favorite activity.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

It meant their overall physical activity leveled out.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

A projected timeline of the Feds activity though 2016.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

People born with a heart defect need physical activity.
(Science Daily - News, )

Solar activity isn't going to lead us into new Ice Age.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Fibroblast activity is regulated by tissue macrophages.
(Nature Communications, )

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