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Examples of Actor

Questions with the noun Actor

9 examples:

Is Tom an actor?

Is this an actor?

Does winning an award means extra cash for the actor or the film?
(Zlata Rodionova in The Independent - Business, )

But what's going to stop the media from obsessing over actor's ages?
(Forbes - Business, )

Technically Incorrect: Could it be that the great actor is not of this world?
(CNET News, )

"There's a lot of crazy stuff happening now," the actor says. "Maybe it's an act?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

What was Jennifer Lawrence laughing about when she took the podium to present best actor?
(Steven Zeitchik and Oliver Gettell in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

How many times have you seen a production of a bio-play about an author where the leading actor has managed to persuade you of virtually everything but the crucial fact that he or she could have written the works?
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

The discussion pinned to Gere playing a homeless man in his film, 'Time Out of Mind,' delved into the actor's belief that what people see is based on what's in their mind, leading Colbert to ask, "Is this the Matrix?
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Sentences with the noun Actor

88 examples:

He is an actor.

Tom is an actor.

I like the actor.

You're a good actor.

My dad was an actor.

Brad Pitt is an actor.

I want to be an actor.

The actor is making up.

I'm not much of an actor.

James Bond is not an actor.

He is a waiter and an actor.

Charlie Chaplin is an actor.

He should have been an actor.

I've never heard of the actor.

I've never heard of this actor.

He ought to have been an actor.

That young actor is a James Dean.

He is not a singer, but an actor.

He is a waiter and also an actor.

I have never heard of this actor.

I wish to pretend being an actor.

He lacks the talent to be an actor.

An actor has to memorize his lines.

The actor is two years senior to me.

He became acquainted with the actor.

She had a picture taken with an actor.

At last, James Bond made it as an actor.

A boxer and an actor are coming toward us.

The actor came out from behind the curtain.

A new actor was billed to appear as Hamlet.

The actor went up in his lines on the stage.

Tom abandoned the hope of becoming an actor.

The actor was on the stage for most of the play.

He flattered himself that he was the best actor.

I agree with you that the actor is very talented.

The criticism of the actor's performance was just.

The actor's death made big headlines in all the papers.

The English writer Charles Dickens doubled as an actor.

The politician first made a name for himself as an actor.

He seems to have been a very popular actor when he was young.

The actor will play five characters in less than half an hour.

The girls were all excited at the thought of meeting the actor.

Many people think that being an actor is simply memorizing lines.

Something you should know about me is that I want to become an actor.

The actor was 89.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Best actor went to 'Mr.
(The Hollywood Reporter - International, )

And not just as an actor.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Gates is a far better actor.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

How Max Irons came to be an actor.
(Jeryl Brunner, [email protected] in Forbes - Business, )

The actor will exec produce the show.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor's cause of death is unknown.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

The comedic actor is saying he's sorry.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

The actor is due back at work Thursday.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

Details about the actor's will revealed.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor gets the near-impossible done.
(USA Today - Tech, )

The actor is not happy when he sees an owl.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Business, )

"I didn't quite nail it," admits the actor.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

The actor went all in for the impersonation.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Music, )

The actor says he and his girlfriend are OK.
(Andrea Mandell in USA Today - Entertainment, )

He "has a lot of pain," the actor tells THR.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor was once roommates with James Dean.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

The actor is also an investor in the company.
(Fox News - Travel, )

The actor was arrested early Saturday morning.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor is reportedly in critical condition.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor is expected to make a full recovery.
(NBC News, )

Perhaps the actor was feeling a bit nostalgic.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor went to Rio, and things got intense.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor is Noah Emmerich, not Toby Emmerich.
(Los Angeles Times - All The Rage, )

It's strange what one role can do for an actor.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Truly proving the actor was born for this role.
(Clarisse Loughrey in The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

His name is David Reale and he's still an actor.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Good looks can be a mixed blessing for an actor.
(The Independent - People, )

Gisele Bundchen's husband wants become an actor.
(The Vancouver Sun - Celebrity, )

The actor is also known for his love of whiskey.
(Fox News - Lifestyle, )

The English actor was denied entry into the U.S.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor's mother, Janet Marylyn Frager, was 84.
(NBC Today, )

The 29-year-old actor's body was found on Aug. 19.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor was fined $93 New Zealand dollars ($79).
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Fortunately, the actor did not turn into a Walker.
(NBC Today, )

The actor will play a successful fashion designer.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor was driven by practicality, not passion.
(CNBC, )

The actor's first book will published on March 27.
(USA TODAY in USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor's iconic facial hair is taking time off.
(NBC Today, )

The actor and his show are both up for Tony awards.
(CNN - Entertainment, )

The 37-year-old actor's father passed away in 2014.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

The actor is irresistible to women in all his forms.
(Fox News - Lifestyle, )

The actor will reprise his role from the first film.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

I am "sexist," but not misogynistic, says the actor.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )


41 examples:

Who's your favorite actor?

Who is your favorite actor?

Who's your favorite child actor?

Who's your favorite American actor?

Who's your favorite Hollywood actor?

Who's your favorite actor or actress?

Just who is actor Mark Feuerstein?
(NBC Today, )

Can a white actor star in "Hamilton"?
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

What actor doesn’t want to be cast against type?
(Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

What were comic actor Rik Mayall's real life politics?
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

Can a black actor star in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"?
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

Can’t figure out how to pronounce actor David Oyelowo's name?
(NBC Today, )

Remember who won supporting actor Sunday night at the Golden Globes?
(Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

Would audiences ever accept podgy actor Timothy Spall as James Bond?
(Daily Mail - News, )

What does a 'Chicago Fire' actor do when he's trapped in an elevator?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

The actor Shailene Woodley eats a teaspoon of clay a day. Is it good for her?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

And if you can't believe the actor who played Khal Drogo, who can you believe?
(CNET News - Politics and Law, )

The 61-year-old actor discovered his ancestry on BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?
(Daily Mail - News, )

Who is more capable of expressing authentic emotion: a trained actor or a lunatic?
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

How do you top a director-lead actor duo as talented as Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig?
(Christopher Hooton in The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

So why doesn't the director, producer and actor make appearances in any of his fun flicks?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

Great dining and activity deals are expected from Groupon, but a chance to meet an A-list actor?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

Can you beat BBC Sport's football expert Mark Lawrenson and boyhood Liverpool fan, actor Tim Key?
(BBC Sport, )

Have you noticed that every new on-air person hired by a TV network looks like a soap opera actor?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Actor Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio arrested for cocaine possession: Is family history repeating itself?
(Forbes - Technology, )

Will the great Australian actor get naked for his stripped-back version of Shakespeare's tragic monarch?
(Sydney Morning Herald - Entertainment, )

Does this mean that actor George Clooney, who is now a first time father, will definitely be raising a geek?
(Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor in Forbes - Business, )

The actor terrifies once more in The Other Side of the Door, but has horror found its newest iconic performer?
(Clarisse Loughrey in The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Actor Damian Lewis is to star in a new West End version of Edward Albee's dark comedy The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

Just what exactly powers James Franco, the seemingly unstoppable actor, academic and almost everything in between?
(Steven Zeitchik in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Actor Richard Dreyfuss takes legal action against Disney over his share of profits from the 1991 film What About Bob?
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

With other movies in the pipeline, will U.S.audiences embrace the British actor, best-known from "Dark Knight Rising"?
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

As US star Asia Kate Dillon asks to be considered for a best actor Emmy instead of best actress, do we need gender neutral prizes?
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine is a media multitasker: rock star, budding actor, king of reality TV. How does he hold it all together?
(Fox News - Health, )

What did it take to transform a youthful actor into a cantankerous old man for the Oscar-nominated Swedish film “A Man Called Ove”?
(Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

An Oscar-winning actor who is also a tech entrepreneur, stadium-filling rock star, fashion icon and successful Silicon Valley investor?
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Who was more uncomfortable during the exchange Tuesday between CNN senior United Nations reporter Richard Roth and actor George Clooney?
(Emily Heil in The Independent - People, )

For an actor to get a recurring TV gig from season to season and still be able to change characters and stories, well, that sounds like a dream job, right?
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

But as actor Matt Damon proved in his chilly answer to the challenge, there's room for more than one good cause in an IBC video clip.Oh, and another thing he proved?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

The 48-year-old actor has been vocal about his battle with basal cell carcinoma since doctors spotted his first abnormal mole in 2013. So what is BCC, and why does Jackman's case keep returning?
(Daily Mail - Health, )

Andrew Wheeler has tried to find the humanity in some of Shakespeare’s most infamous villains but can the veteran Vancouver actor discover the softer side of the man most of his friends consider “evil incarnate” — Prime Minister Stephen Harper?
(The Vancouver Sun - Entertainment/Arts, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

He's a child actor.

I am a famous actor.

She's a child actor.

Tom is a talented actor.

He became a famous actor.

That actor's quite a ham.

The actor looked his part.

He's a former child actor.

Tom became a famous actor.

Harry is an American actor.

She's a former child actor.

The actor has a large yacht.

He is an actor among actors.

Tom is an outstanding actor.

Jean Reno is my favorite actor.

I don't think he's a great actor.

Peter O'Toole is my favorite actor.

Charlie Chaplin was a British actor.

The actor has a hideaway in Colorado.

Sitting next to me was a famous actor.

The actor played the part with feeling.

That actor is both handsome and skillful.

To tell the truth, that actor is married.

The actor had a dispute with his director.

That Hungarian actor owns several cinemas.

He's a good actor and he's really cute too!

The actor walked on stage carrying a spear.

Tom is the most handsome actor in the world.

I recognized the actor the minute I saw him.

He was the first actor I had met in my life.

He has a great admiration for actor Olivier.

The actor who plays Jesus is quite handsome.

The actor’s career lasted for thirty years.

He's a good actor and he's also good-looking.

The actor died at the height of his popularity.

I have a friend whose father is a famous actor.

It is a must for an actor to know his audience.

My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

The actor used to have the tailor make his suits.

He became the finest actor on the American stage.

That actor is both attractive and good at acting.

He made a lot of efforts to become a famous actor.

That Kabuki actor is very popular with young people.

The man who lives next door to us is a famous actor.

He is the same famous actor who recently won an award.

The Australian actor, Andy Whitfield, has passed away.

They knew the names of every leading actor and actress.

That Kabuki actor is very well known amongst young people.

The son of a great actor became a good actor in his own right.

Every actor has cold feet just before the beginning of a show.

In the play, the actor suddenly transmogrified into a monster.

The actor really played cowboy roles better than any other actor.

One of them is an actor, who is going to pretend to murder someone.

Against all odds, he won that contest and became a well-known actor.

The famous actor and heartbreaker admits that he's finally settled down.

Tom's father is a brilliant actor, but in real life he's a crashing bore.

De Niro is a great actor.
(Forbes - Business, )

Dexter actor gets married.
(The Vancouver Sun - Celebrity, )

The actor has died at age 69.
(Carly Mallenbaum in USA Today - Entertainment, )

His son is actor Chris Elliott.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

The actor/writer/director was 82.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Not so much for the actor himself.
(NBC News Entertainment, )

Her husband is actor Chi Zhongrui.
(Forbes - Business, )

Just ask actor Leonardo di Caprio.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

Actor Josh McDermitt has the answer.
(CNN - Entertainment, )

Actor was known for his philanthropy.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The accomplished British actor was 79.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor has resurfaced an old rumor.
(Fox News - Travel, )

Veteran actor Kirk Douglas is not dead.
(USA Today - National, )

The son of actor José Ferrer, he was 61.
(NBC News Entertainment, )

Actor is joining popular CBS drama series.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Burnaby actor Andrea Bang is making noise.
(The Vancouver Sun - Celebrity, )

The actor swears (!) the trilogy was good.
(CNET News, )

US actor Garry Shandling has died, aged 66.
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

You may not be the only actor on the stage.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

We talk to the actor as Star Wars turns 40.
(CNET News - Politics and Law, )

Tech-savvy teen actor is a photography buff.
(USA Today - Tech, )

Actor James Rebhorn is having the last word.
(The Vancouver Sun - Celebrity, )

Kathleen Rose Perkins is an actor’s actor.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

The star is engaged to actor Thomas Sadoski.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor and WWE wrestler has a softer side.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

He was the first James Bond actor to pass on.
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Not like he did," the Doc Holliday actor says.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

The actor confirmed he'll be back for Season 6.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor and activist previously was with UTA.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

The actor, who died at 81, sure had personality!
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Actor brings the cowboy way to a Jurassic world.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

"...for me as an actor, I don't look for heroes.
(CNN - Entertainment, )

He is a Mohawk actor from Six Nations in Ontario.
(CBC News in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

Bernal is a Mexican actor, director and producer.
(Oscar Quine in The Independent - People, )

But the actor had some pretty good moves himself.
(Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

Actor French Stewart, it seems, has double booked.
(Jamie Wetherbe in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

Actor says he's lost 19 friends to drug overdoses.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Actor goes from international figure to 1990s dad.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actor behind the role explains his take on it.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

The late actor had two movies at the film festival.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Every actor hopes for one great role in his career.
(NBC Today, )

The actor returns with a new TV show and long hair.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The actress wed actor Ryan Dorsey over the weekend.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Style & Culture, )

A-list actor is now the Fresh Prince of Belle Reve.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

Other examples

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