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Examples of Admire

Questions with the verb Admire

2 examples:

You admire Tom, don't you?

Tell us which of these entrepreneurs do you admire the most?
(CNBC, )

Negative question with the verb Admire

1 example:

Who doesn't admire Tom?

Sentences with the verb Admire

100 examples:

I admire you.

I admire Tom.

I admire his wit.

Let me admire you.

I admire her truly.

I admire his talent.

I admire your talent.

I admire his courage.

I admire her efforts.

I admire your courage.

I admire your bravery.

They admire each other.

They admire her deeply.

I admire your tenacity.

I admire your ignorance.

I admire Tom's tenacity.

I admire your brave deed.

I admire your confidence.

I admire your dedication.

I admire your work ethic.

I admire the college too.

I admire Tom a great deal.

It's just that I admire you.

I admire Tom's perseverance.

I admire your determination.

I admire him for his courage.

I admire you for your courage.

We admire her for her bravery.

I admire his skill at driving.

I was able to admire its body.

There are many who admire him.

There are many who admire her.

Well may she admire her father.

Tom and Mary admire each other.

Remember to admire her new dress.

I admire his aristocratic manners.

I would admire to attend the party.

I admire you for keeping your head.

We admire his hold on the situation.

He's the novelist I admire the most.

I admire him, in spite of his faults.

She never forgets to admire our baby.

He is the novelist whom I admire most.

I admire the pianist for her great skill.

I looked out the window to admire the view.

I admire your perseverance and determination.

I admire a person who expresses a frank opinion.

She stopped before the mirror to admire herself.

A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.

I admire people who express their opinions frankly.

I admire the culture and the politeness of the Germans.

I admire the view of the entire city atop the Ferris wheel.

Much as I admire him as a writer, I don't like him as a man.

People I admire most are those who do not see life in terms of power.

I may admire others but I have never aspired to be like anyone, other than myself.

Björk is like another kind of being that was brought into this civilization. I admire her music.

His old company gave him the shaft. But I admire the way he turned bad luck into good and did even better with his own business.

I am fascinated by Spinoza's pantheism, but I admire even more his contribution to modern thought because he is the first philosopher to deal with the soul and body as one, and not two separate things.

God made us, and we admire ourselves.
(Spanish proverb)

The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs.
(Jeanne-Marie Roland)

A hero is someone we can admire without apology.
(Kitty Kelley)

One fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.
(French proverb)

Yes, you admire the fighters, but you follow the traitors!
(Octav Bibere)

Each day you can admire the moon, the snow and the flowers.
(Japanese proverb)

I admire people who are, by nature, kind and fair to others.
(Sidney Sheldon)

However big the fool, there is always a bigger fool to admire him.
(Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux)

The beauty of a woman becomes useless if there is no one to admire it.
(African proverb)

It is often pleasant to stone a martyr, no matter how much we admire him.
(John Barth)

Those who agree with us may not be right, but we admire their astuteness.
(Cullen Hightower)

There are many who admire us. They are the same who once admired dinosaurs.
(Ninus Nestorovic)

We always like those who admire us; we do not always like those whom we admire.
(La Rochefoucauld)

The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs.
(Alphonse de Lamartine)

We always love those who admire us; we do not always love those whom we admire.
(Rupert Brooke)

We always love those who admire us, but we do not always love those whom we admire.
(Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

Mirrors are ice which do not melt: what melts are those who admire themselves in them.
(Paul Morand)

I admire people who just do the right thing, not looking to screw people up. I love all people.
(Jessica Hahn)

If there's one thing for which I admire you, it's your original discovery of the Ten Commandments.
(Thomas Reed)

Now ask yourself why you admire them.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

It's a sure way to make people admire you.
(CNET News, )

You have to admire Kevin Pietersen’s chutzpah.
(The Independent - Cricket, )

I do admire you showing this last kindness to your mother.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

I have to admire Scott V. White for taking his case to Tax Court.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

You have to admire Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s new Finance Minister.
(The Independent - Business, )

ADRIAN DURHAM: Rafa Benitez is back and you’ve got to admire his balls.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Musicians often say they admire each other's work, but few ever do anything about it.
(Randy Lewis in Los Angeles Times - Pop & Hiss, )

While we wait for Top Five to come out in the UK, here’s another reason to admire him.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

David Bowie was that rare kind of rock star: You didn't have to like his music to admire him.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

I admire the creativity, the support, the love that I see on the walls of my patient’s rooms.
(The New York Times - Health, )

You may be forced to admire the long-haired, versatile veteran spark plug from afar next season.
(Forbes - Business, )

Commentary: A Gallup poll asks people whom they admire most. The president-elect comes in second.
(CNET News - Politics and Law, )

As Noreen Fraser’s husband, I want to say again how much I admire the remarkable woman I married.
(Fox News - Health, )

But you have to admire a business that is bucking the trend and investing in people, bricks and mortar.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Travel bloggers have the world at their feet, and their favourite place to admire it is from their luxury hotel.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

It’s hard not to admire the gumption of CODA, a four-year old California-based electric car and battery company.
(Forbes - Technology, )

PETER REID: Roberto Martinez is a man of principle, I admire that, I respect it, but it doesn't always win football matches.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

I admire the enthusiasm of people signing a petition to save the fibre-to-the-premises NBN, but it's unlikely to go anywhere.
(ZDNet - Just News, )

I was curious why Western people seem to admire the way Aboriginal and Asian cultures show respect, if not fealty, to their elders.
(The Vancouver Sun - Health, )

The tale of best friends who run away into the woods may be rough around the edges, but you have to admire its engaging cleverness and cast.
(Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic in Los Angeles Times - Pop & Hiss, )

– the degree to which we admire their contributions and value their insight – may well inform the way we treat the seniors in our own lives.
(The Vancouver Sun - Health, )

Itineraries in Chicago, San Francisco and New York offer the chance to admire the cities’ architecture, nature and history — in just a few hours.
(The New York Times - Travel, )

Negative sentences with the verb Admire

9 examples:

There was no one who did not admire him.

There was no one that did not admire the boy.

Let him be a great statesman, I don't admire him.

If the eye do not admire, the heart will not desire.
(Senegalese proverb)

What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire.
(Traditional proverb)

I do not admire young actresses whose foreheads cannot move.
(Kathleen Turner)

Don't admire the flying bird before you know the pain of flapping.
(African proverb)

Animals do not admire each other. A horse does not admire its companion.
(Thomas Mann)

Brigham Young University found that preschoolers do not admire superheros for their bravery, but for their violent skills.
(Daily Mail - Science, )


4 examples:

For why should we not admire more the angels themselves and the blessed choirs of heaven?
(Giovanni Pico della Mirandola)

We travel to France and Italy to admire Monets and Fra Angelicos, but how does Germany's art match up?
(Michael White in The Telegraph - Travel, )

When work consists of cruising on a yacht along the shoreline of a tropical paradise island, stopping to hit a few balls into the crystal waters and admire the view, why would Ernie Els need to retire?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

With all of the cheery things to see and do in this sumptuous city just north of the Alps — drink beer, admire palaces and old churches, visit museums, soak up Bavarian hospitality, and drink more beer — why would anyone want to visit sites associated with Adolf Hitler?
(The Vancouver Sun - Travel, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

Many admire him.

Many admire her.

I admire Pharamp a lot.

I cannot but admire him.

Many people admire Nikko.

Foreigners admire Mt. Fuji.

He could not but admire her.

I cannot but admire his courage.

Most boys admire baseball heroes.

I, as an American, admire Lincoln.

I could not but admire his courage.

We could not but admire his courage.

I greatly admire her for her bravery.

We cannot help but admire his courage.

He is such a teacher as we all admire.

Visitors to Switzerland admire the Alps.

Americans admire Lincoln for his honesty.

There are few but admire your resolution.

There are few of us but admire his courage.

Future generations will admire your statue.

She is just such a teacher as we all admire.

I deeply admire Frida Kahlo's life and work.

He is such a great artist that we all admire.

I couldn't help but admire Tom's perseverance.

Every child needs someone to admire and emulate.

At least this one had something for you to admire.

You can't do anything other than admire his courage.

I wholeheartedly admire your understanding of Chinese.

We always love the people that admire us, but not always the ones we admire.

From "desire": desirable-admirable from "admire", Lumber, plumber, bier, but brier,

When I considered beautiful things I found that there was nothing for me to do but to gaze and admire.

You can add your sentences to the "favorites", and from there admire how they are translated by others.

It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.

Many admire, few know.
(Hippocrates in Regimen)

We admire what we do not understand.
(Indian proverb)

Fools admire, but men of sense approve.
(Alexander Pope)

I do greatly admire Australian artists.
(Jeffrey Archer)

I certainly admire people who do things.
(Raymond Chandler)

We tend to become like those whom we admire.
(Thomas S. Monson)

To cease to admire is a proof of deterioration.
(Charles Horton Cooley)

I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction.
(Gene Tierney)

I didn't do anything at the Queen, whom I admire.
(Vivienne Westwood)

I may not understand, but I am willing to admire.
(Anthony Hope)

Admire the person with dirt under his fingernails.
(Klingon proverb)

You always admire what you really don't understand.
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Even a pacifist should admire the military virtues.
(John Keegan)

I just happen to admire everyone that we work with.
(Pharrell Williams)

All this is only for the mice and myself to admire!
(Catherine the Great)

I just admire everybody and sit in awe and watch them.
(Fred Willard)

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.
(Carl Sandburg)

I am thankful I can see much to admire in all religions.
(Alfred Russel Wallace)

I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.
(Ayrton Senna)

How we treasure (and admire) the people who acknowledge us!
(Julie Morgenstern in O Magazine, Belatedly Yours, )

I am not a long-run actor. I admire actors who can do that.
(David Ogden Stiers)

We all admire the wisdom of people who come to us for advice.
(Arthur Helps)

You can't ever be really free if you admire somebody too much.
(Tove Jansson)

He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.
(Winston Churchill)

We seldom praise anyone in good earnest, except such as admire us.
(Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.
(Winston Churchill)

I really admire people who are extraordinarily tolerant and patient.
(Holly Hunter)

I always try to find something I admire about every character I play.
(Ben Kingsley)

We always admire the other person more after we've tried to do his job.
(William Faulkner)

Eisenhower was my war hero and the President I admire and respect most.
(Ethel Merman)

To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.
(Theophile Gautier)

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.
(Noam Chomsky)

The effect of studying masterpieces is to make me admire and do otherwise.
(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

True enthusiasm is a fine feeling whose flash I admire where-ever I see it.
(Charlotte Bronte)

Two things I admire: the intelligence of the beast and the bestiality of men.
(Flora Tristan)

I admire bull riders for their passion and the uniqueness each one of them has.
(Chris LeDoux)

I never admire another's fortune so much that I became dissatisfied with my own.
(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

If thou art a man, admire those who attempt great things, even though they fail.
(Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. And that is not happiness.
(F.H. Bradley)

I admire Jodie Foster. Her head is screwed on really well. It's not loose at all.
(Thora Birch)

The English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.
(James Agate)

It is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartially admire all schools of art.
(Oscar Wilde in The Critic as Artist, )

When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.
(Abraham Joshua Heschel)

I admire Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman for their sheer dedication to their craft.
(Lavrenti Lopes)

The only things one can admire at length are those one admires without knowing why.
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

The best way to learn about writing is to study the work of other writers you admire.
(Jeffery Deaver)

The generous Critic fann'd the Poet's fire, And taught the world with reason to admire.
(Edgar Allan Poe)

I admire David Lynch so much, and I think he made some bad decisions with Lost Highway.
(Greg Egan)

I defer to all these other American poets who, for some reason, I both envy and admire.
(Charles Olson)

Yes, there are directors I admire, the mavericks. Altman. There are many good directors.
(Mark Rydell)

I can't do pieces I only admire technically. I have to feel some direct contact with them.
(Michael Tilson Thomas)

There is in true beauty, as in courage, something which narrow souls cannot dare to admire.
(William Congreve)

The movies we love and admire are to some extent a function of who we are when we see them.
(Mary Schmich)

I can't judge my own stuff. That's for others. But those are the three things that I admire.
(Mose Allison)

I don't have any specific role model. I admire anyone who is strong, confident, intelligent.
(Rita Mero)

I admire runners older than I - they are now my heroes. I want to be like them as I grow older.
(Frank Shorter)

I admire actors and artists who devote just as much time to their life as they do to their work.
(Jake Gyllenhaal)

To receive this award from an organization I admire so much makes me totally happy and grateful.
(James Welch)

That your enemy should admire you, is a mere delusion. He is only anxious to find your soft spot.
(Valeriu Butulescu in Immensity of the Point)

I really think that aside from admiring my talent you really admire me as a person and as a woman.
(Katherine Dunham)

I went through all the musicians in my life who I admire as bright, intelligent, virtuosic players.
(David Bowie)

Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

His teammates admire his ability to do it all.
(Lance Pugmire in Los Angeles Times - Hockey, )

Kyle Busch is not always an easy champion to admire.
(UPI - Sports News, )

So it is important that they have traits that you admire.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

It is hard not to admire what Mourinho has imbued in his team.
(Ian Herbert in The Independent - Football, )

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