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Sentences with the noun Affinities

3 examples:

A combination of new evidence and modern approaches to phylogenetic analysis has now resolved the affinities of most of these forms.
(Nature, )

In a new promotional effort, the brand is trying to tap into three affinities of younger consumers — working out, technology and nontraditional sports.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Here we report newly discovered human fossils from Jebel Irhoud, Morocco, and interpret the affinities of the hominins from this site with other archaic and recent human groups.
(Nature, )

Other sentences

35 examples:

The University Libraries are divided into subject areas according to cultural affinities.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.
(Louis Kahn)

And another exploring the visual affinities between Korean and American minimalists.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

His population affinities have been the subject of scientific debate and legal controversy.
(Nature, )

Mammalian RPRD proteins bind the phosphorylated CTD of RNA pol II with different affinities.
(Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, )

The company allows advertisers to easily exclude entire 'Ethnic Affinities,' discriminating by race.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Research shows that people tend to perceive affinities between sound and body motion when experiencing music.
(Science Daily - News, )

IgG4 antibodies can exchange Fab arms and show different affinities for Fc receptors than do other IgG subclasses.
(Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, )

C. kroegeri therefore provides key evidence concerning the long debate about the crown molluscan affinities of sachitids.
(Nature, )

Consequently, we believe that the proposed affinities of these appendages are incorrect and their homologues remain uncertain.
(Nature, )

The technique uses an unmodified Illumina GAIIx sequencer to analyze millions of RNA-protein binding affinities in a single run.
(Nature Protocols, )

Its skull has small upper and ventrally open lower temporal fenestrae, supporting the hypothesis of diapsid affinities of turtles.
(Nature, )

The correlation between FRET efficiencies and relative protein concentration can be used to determine relative binding affinities.
(Nature Protocols, )

The identification of protein-binding fragments during drug development can be hampered by poor binding affinities before optimization.
(Nature Communications, )

Determining unambiguous affinities has been impeded by uncertainties about the segmental affiliation of anomalocaridid frontal appendages.
(Nature, )

Facebook's ad platform is said to be discriminatory because of the options provided to ad buyers that exclude groups with specific ethnic affinities.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Six of the individuals were similar to the modern Welsh, researchers said - and one had genetic affinities with people from North Africa and Middle East.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

Here I show that elements with distinct affinities for metal can be used to decipher the isotopic nature of the Earth’s accreting material through time.
(Nature, )

An interconverting system of three distinct stereoisomers of a cuboctahedral CoII-based cage is able to regulate the binding affinities of large anionic guests.
(Nature Chemistry, )

Levels of residual structure in disordered interaction domains determine in vitro binding affinities, but whether they exert similar roles in cells is not known.
(Nature Chemical Biology , )

Overexpressed MYC binds to virtually all active promoters within a cell, although with different binding affinities, and modulates the expression of distinct subsets of genes.
(Nature, )

Phylogenetic analysis further supports the chondrichthyan affinities of ‘acanthodians’, and places Janusiscus and the enigmatic Ramirosuarezia in a polytomy with crown gnathostomes.
(Nature, )

Here, the authors report an early Permian continental tetrapod fauna from South America in tropical Western Gondwana that constitutes a new biogeographic province with North American affinities.
(Nature Communications, )

This paper reports an approach to measure equilibrium binding affinities for interacting proteins in high throughput, allowing the rapid and quantitative profiling of the specificity of interaction motifs.
(Nature Methods, )

Despite being among the most celebrated taxa from Cambrian biotas, anomalocaridids (order Radiodonta) have provoked intense debate about their affinities within the moulting-animal clade that includes Arthropoda.
(Nature, )

To produce the wondrously complex mammalian behavior we take for granted every minute, cells of different sizes, shapes and chemical affinities buzz, hum, crackle and pop in conflict and cooperation with one another.
(Melissa Healy in Los Angeles Times - Science, )

The nature and phylogenetic affinities of Tullimonstrum have defied confident systematic placement because none of its preserved anatomy provides unequivocal evidence of homology, without which comparative analysis fails.
(Nature, )

With Atlantic tarpon as the messenger, this is the first study to quantitatively show that large migratory fishes, such as yellowfin and bluefin tunas, blue and white marlin, and sailfish have affinities for ocean fronts and eddies.
(Science Daily - News, )

The key back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, and it's offering a lesson in how deep into the trenches consumer-products companies such as Kimberly-Clark and P&G will go to win market share and cement affinities for their brands.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Cancer-associated mutations in speckle-type POZ (pox virus and zinc-finger) protein confer neomorphic activity, altering its substrate affinities and its response to bromodomain and extraterminal inhibitors in prostate and endometrial cancer.
(Nature Medicine, )

Here and in "IMS" (an acronym for "Inner Mounting Shame"), the lyrics sound like they're being negotiated, rather than expressed, while the music, for all its pleasing West Coast and Brit-psych affinities, lacks the risk and edge that made Sixties psychedelia such a thrill-ride.
(Andy Gill in The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Despite a large number of specimens and distinct anatomy, various analyses over the past five decades have failed to determine the phylogenetic affinities of the ‘Tully monster’, and although it has been allied to such disparate phyla as the Mollusca, Annelida or Chordata, it remains enigmatic.
(Nature, )

The problematic fossil taxa Halkieria and Orthrozanclus (grouped in Sachitida) have been assigned variously to stem-group annelids, brachiopods, stem-group molluscs or stem-group aculiferans (Polyplacophora and Aplacophora), but their affinities have remained controversial owing to a lack of preserved diagnostic characters.
(Nature, )

However, some morphological studies have suggested a more complex picture, whereby the northeast Asian affinities of present-day Native Americans contrast with a distinctive morphology seen in some of the earliest American skeletons, which share traits with present-day Australasians (indigenous groups in Australia, Melanesia, and island Southeast Asia).
(Nature, )

Their surprisingly poor substrate affinities and lower growth yields reveal that, in contrast to earlier assumptions, AOA are not necessarily the most competitive ammonia oxidizers present in strongly oligotrophic environments and that N. inopinata has the highest substrate affinity of all analysed ammonia oxidizer isolates except the marine AOA Nitrosopumilus maritimus SCM1 (ref. 3).
(Nature, )

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