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Examples of Aftermath

Questions with the noun Aftermath

3 examples:

In the aftermath of the Soma mining disaster, will the pressure for cheaper coal outstrip the needs of workers?
(BBC News - Business, )

In the aftermath of Waterloo, the coalition forces ranged against him grappled with a far more immediate question: What to do with the diminutive Corsican?
(The Vancouver Sun - World, )

Even The Village was (ironically) victimized by its chilling teaser trailer that successfully sold a monsters-in-the-woods movie and thus angered fans who instead got a mournful and thoughtful (but not-entirely-successful) mediation on the corrupting and controlling power of fear and fear-minded propaganda in the aftermath of 9/11. Everything that followed The Village (which opened to $50 million in July of 2004 solely on his name and on that initial teaser) was, how I do say this, flawed?
(Forbes - Business, )

Sentences with the noun Aftermath

79 examples:

There was no electricity for two days in the aftermath of the typhoon.

Throughout the aftermath of the explosion, Jason's easiness unsettled the survivors.

In the aftermath of September 11th, it is critical to secure our borders.
(Bobby Jindal)

History has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premiums.
(Alan Greenspan)

It is the youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow... that are the aftermath of war.
(Herbert Hoover)

Of course, I write crime stories, and I have to describe violence and the aftermath of violence.
(Jeffery Deaver)

And they are struggling in the aftermath.
(CNN - World News, )

The aftermath of the meteor that exploded over Russia.
(Telegraph Staff in The Telegraph - Science news, )

This is how election day and its aftermath will unfold.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Indianapolis-area residents are cleaning up in the aftermath.
(NBC Weather, )

In the aftermath of glorious rebirth came some salutary advice.
(The Independent - Cricket, )

Here’s a look at the numbers surrounding the spill and its aftermath.
(Riannon Westall in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

Margaret Brown looks at the aftermath of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Reviews, )

The aftermath of Dave Quick's troops' first firefight was a rude awakening.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

The All-Star forward has seen better days than the aftermath of Monday's loss.
(USA Today - NBA, )

Its subject is the aftermath of an Air New Zealand crash in Antartica in 1979.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

A 1963 painting that captures the aftermath of a car crash sold for $105 million.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

The Denver Broncos are smarting in the aftermath of their collapse at New England.
(Sam Farmer in Los Angeles Times - Football, )

In the aftermath of a heart attack, cells within the region most affected shut down.
(Science Daily - News, )

After taking an 88-MPH pitch to his face, the Marlins superstar shared the aftermath.
(USA Today - Sports, )

Other communities have wrestled with the aftermath of controversial police shootings.
(Matt Pearce in Los Angeles Times - National News, )

Even businesses near the boardwalk not touched by the fire are affected by the aftermath.
(USA Today - National, )

In the aftermath of his team's second defeat in as many days, Hanley Ramirez was smiling.
(Dylan Hernandez in Los Angeles Times - Baseball, )

Nebraska State Patrol video shows the aftermath of the tornadoes that struck Pilger, Neb.
(NBC Weather, )

Experts believe that the object could be the aftermath of a collision between two galaxies.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Piers Morgan has heavily criticised US gun laws in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting.
(The Independent - People, )

Aerial footage shows the aftermath of a rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers in Staffordshire.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Desertion — inseparable from its aftermath of recovery — haunts the band’s eighth album.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Photographer John Preissl records the aftermath of the oil spill on Metro Vancouver's beaches.
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

A couple copes with the aftermath of their young child's death in Leland Orser's debut feature.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Reviews, )

The film, which deals with the aftermath of the BP oil spill, will be released later this year.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

This comes in the aftermath of a troubling second-quarter earnings report from the Korean company.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

The trial so far has focused on the aftermath of the blast and the human cost, writes Paul Hunter.
(Paul Hunter in CBC News - World, )

But it’s been a great week in the Wales camp in the aftermath of that narrow defeat to Australia.
(The Independent - Sport, )

A leader of his goat-herding clan, he was considering the aftermath of an arranged marriage gone bad.
(Chris Kraul in Los Angeles Times - World News, )

Two women who held hands in the aftermath of a suicide bombing came to symbolise the havoc in Turkey.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

In the aftermath of last weekend’s Kentucky Derby, American Pharoah proved exactly what most assumed.
(Forbes - Business, )

Herbert Sveinbjornsson observes the aftermath of 2010's Eyjafjallajökull eruption on Icelandic farmers.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Reviews, )

His visit comes in the aftermath of the successful release of USA's only prisoner of war in Afghanistan.
(USA Today - World, )

Tensions mount in the aftermath of Scotland's historic vote as both sides square off in central Glasgow.
(CBC News - World, )

THR premieres a scene from Wednesday's episode, which deals with the aftermath of Rebecca Jones' suicide.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

"Time doesn’t stop," exiting showrunner Stephen Nathan tells THR of the aftermath of the season finale.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Thousands of holiday goers are trying to change holiday plans in the aftermath of the tragedy in Tunisia.
(Daily Mail - Travel, )

Video of the aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine shows smoke filling the sky.
(CNN - World News, )

Europe's Sentinel-1a satellite gets its first good look at the aftermath of Saturday's big quake in Nepal.
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

Nor was the aftermath of blame, or being relegated from the Premier League with West Ham the following May.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

In the aftermath of last week’s Boston Marathon’s terror attack, Bratton’s talk was highly instructive.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Children and police officers have bonded in the aftermath of the horrific mass murder of eight kids in Cairns.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Manager Jose Mourinho is among three Chelsea staff charged in the aftermath of the club's defeat by Sunderland.
(BBC Sport - Football, )

At least 31 people are believed to have died in the aftermath of the sudden eruption of Mt. Ontake on Saturday.
(NBC News, )

The technology is designed to help emergency personnel find and rescue survivors in the aftermath of a disaster.
(Science Daily - News, )

Apps from FEMA and the American Red Cross can aid in preparedness and in dealing with the aftermath of disaster.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Two 'Boston Globe' reporters could use more time and perspective in investigation of the crime and its aftermath.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

In the aftermath of Sunday's derby disaster the talk among fans was of summer incomings to reboot a blue machine.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

The Australian Government has committed $5 million in aid to help Nepal in the aftermath of a massive earthquake.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

You’d certainly think so, given the focus on the aftermath of Greece’s No to Europe’s latest bailout terms.
(The Independent - Business, )

Photojournalist Bill Eppridge - who took images of the aftermath of Robert Kennedy's assassination - dies aged 75.
(BBC News - Entertainment & Arts, )

Cooktown's water is back on, as electricity and road access is gradually restored in the aftermath of Cyclone Ita.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

The bank rate was cut to its record low in March 2009 amid recession and in the aftermath of the financial crisis.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

The first photos have emerged showing the aftermath of the deadly Al-Shabaab attack at Kenya's Garissa University.
(CNN - World News, )

Schalke suspend Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sidney Sam indefinitely in the aftermath of Sunday's -0 loss at Cologne.
(BBC Sport - Football, )

In the aftermath of a nuclear reactor accident, understanding the release of fission products from the fuel is key.
(Nature Materials, )

In the aftermath of last week's election, Adams County school officials are bracing for an uncertain funding future.
(The Denver Post - News, )

The aftermath of the moment of creation is still with us today in the form of cosmic microwave background radiation.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

New police dash cam video shows the aftermath of a deadly plane crash on an Atlanta-area highway earlier this month.
(CNN - U.S. News, )

Rangers pledge to co-operate fully with the investigation into the aftermath of Sunday's Premiership play-off final.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

CNN's Rachel Nichols sits down with Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman to discuss the aftermath of his post game rant.
(CNN - World Sport, )

The aftermath of a tornado's direct hit to Louisville, Mississippi can be seen in overturned cars and uprooted trees.
(NBC Weather, )

Footage and photos showed crushed buildings, flipped tractor trailers and other damage in the aftermath of the storms.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

Jenson Button says he "over-reacted" in the aftermath of the German Grand Prix to Lewis Hamilton's overtaking attempt.
(BBC Sport - Formula 1, )

The ranks of unpaid interns swelled in the aftermath of the 2008 economic recession but now there's a growing backlash.
(The Canadian Press in CBC News - Canada, )

In the aftermath of the disappearance of 43 college students, order is disintegrating in Mexico’s most violent state.
(The New York Times - World News, )

Local medical infrastructures in the Philippines have been stretched to their limits in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remain closed indefinitely to visitors in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy . . ..
(Chris Erskine in Los Angeles Times - Travel & Deal Blog, )

"Fast and Furious 7" on Monday began what could be an extended hiatus in the aftermath of the death of actor Paul Walker.
(Steven Zeitchik and Amy Kaufman in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

On a country road in eastern Ukraine, a scene of bucolic tranquility was suddenly interrupted by the aftermath of carnage.
(CNN - World News, )

The book is a fictional, kaleidoscopic take on the 1976 assassination attempt on reggae star Bob Marley and its aftermath.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the price of gold rocketed as savers flocked to this so-called safe haven.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

In the aftermath of school shootings, actor Jim Carrey says he "cannot support" his upcoming violent action film Kick-Ass 2.
(CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

Other sentences

29 examples:

In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.

The experience of testifying and the aftermath have changed my life.
(Anita Hill)

Long for me as I for you, forgetting, what will be inevitable, the long black aftermath of pain.
(Malcolm Lowry)

"Aftermath" is a bombshell disguised as a thriller.
(Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

But the Who's on First way the aftermath has unfolded is worse.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

In the aftermath, they recover their 50th wedding anniversary plaque.
(NBC Weather, )

'Star Wars: Aftermath' introduces new characters to the space opera franchise.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Movies, )

NASA's Hubble telescope captured the Monocerotis star's explosion and aftermath.
(CNN - Technology, )

Linebacker is among players who entered league in aftermath of concussion crisis.
(USA Today - NFL, )

Seahawks and Saints both feel they're evolving for the better in aftermath of deal.
(USA Today - NFL, )

Watching new episodes of "Doomsday Preppers" in light of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

The documentary "Little Hope Was Arson" follows the investigation, trial and aftermath.
(Martin Tsai in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

But videos of the aftermath, including 13 shown to Congress, do nothing to show who was responsible.
(CNN - World News, )

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, there had been a series of silent vigils across the nation.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Burn researchers examine a new approach for treating painful aftermath of war-defining combat injuries.
(Science Daily - News, )

World War II and its aftermath loom large in the endlessly rich expanse of 20th century Japanese cinema.
(Dennis Lim in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

Union angry that league is dragging feet in aftermath of federal judge's ruling in Adrian Peterson case.
(USA Today - NFL, )

In the aftermath, many women experience symptoms such as pain, fatigue/exhaustion, or sleep disturbances.
(Science Daily - News, )

In the storm's aftermath, experts question the wisdom of rebuilding beaches that cannot sustain themselves.
(The New York Times - Science, )

A video recently surfaced on YouTube allegedly shows the immediate aftermath of flight's MH-17 deadly crash.
(CNN - World News, )

A Maryland hospital says five people injured in a mall shooting and its aftermath have been treated and released.
(Fox News - U.S., )

But the aftermath has played out along pretty much the same lines as every other terrorist outrage on British soil.
(Daily Mail - News, )

CNN has graphic video showing the immediate aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in Syria, obtained by ITV News.
(CNN - World News, )

Footage shows aftermath of bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, that police say left at least 34 people dead.
(BBC News - World News, )

For ten years the literary critic Lucy McDiarmid pondered a four-and-a-half hour meal, its antecedents and aftermath.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

The chaotic aftermath of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is producing more drama than the fight itself.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

The nifty little thriller "Closer to God" tells the what-if story of the first human cloning and its fraught aftermath.
(Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

After my infamous mistake at the 2006 World Cup, Sir Alex Ferguson phoned me in the aftermath to urge me not to give up.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Astronomers found evidence that the dust, building material for planets and stars, survived a supernova’s hot aftermath.
(The New York Times - Science, )

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