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Examples of Aggressive

Sentences with the adjective Aggressive

10 examples:

He is an aggressive person.

The Americans are an aggressive people.

The aggressive man urged me to sign the contract.

A spirited horse, a compliant; an aggressive man, a compliant horse.
(Sicilian proverb)

The Detroit Pistons continued their aggressive week on Thursday.
(UPI - Sports News, )

He had advanced-stage neuroblastoma, an aggressive children's cancer.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

The woman was filmed restraining an aggressive man outside a nightclub called La Musique in Brazil.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

The Ministry of Defence planned to destroy the dogs because it said they were too aggressive to rehome.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

No doubt, social media gives aggressive parents a wider, louder outlet to air their gripes about a coach.
(Forbes - Business, )

An aggressive night of season enders, some down significantly year-to-year, smothers the Fox event series.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Sentences with the comparative degree of the adjective Aggressive

3 examples:

Boys are more aggressive than girls.

It should be aggressive in its M&A strategy -- far more aggressive than it's been to date.
(Steve Andriole, Contributor in Forbes - Technology, )

Male song sparrows were more likely to be more aggressive than rural birds, a new study shows.
(Fox News - SciTech, )

Sentence with the relative superlative degree of the adjective Aggressive

1 example:

High-grade glioma is the most aggressive form of brain cancer.
(Science Daily - News, )

Sentences with the absolute superlative degree of the adjective Aggressive

16 examples:

Tom is extremely aggressive.

Women were very aggressive with children.

Tom sometimes is very aggressive and likes to start arguments.

I was extremely aggressive from the start.
(Emerson Fittipaldi)

When I was in college there was a girls' flag football league. The girls were extremely aggressive.
(Lynn Swann)

The highly aggressive hornets have reportedly killed six people in France.
(Tech Times - Health, )

Browns quarterback claims fan was 'very aggressive' and triggered altercation.
(USA Today - NFL, )

Glioblastoma is an extremely aggressive brain tumor with limited treatment options.
(Science Daily - News, )

School-leavers are being urged to be immunised against the highly aggressive strain.
(BBC News - Health, )

Metastatic melanoma is highly aggressive, with a 10-year survival rate of less than 10%.
(Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, )

Glioblastomas are a highly aggressive type of brain tumor, with few effective treatment options.
(Science Daily - News, )

80-year-old Arizona senator John McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, a highly aggressive brain cancer.
(Tech Times - Health, )

Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is a highly aggressive and heterogeneous type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
(Nature Communications, )

Childminders are being chased for thousands of pounds by the tax authorities under a highly aggressive crackdown.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Pancreatic adenosquamous carcinomas are rare but highly aggressive tumors, and our understanding of them is limited.
(Nature Medicine, )

A new study in Caenorhabditis nematodes has shown that the species barrier is maintained by highly aggressive sperm.
(Nature Reviews Genetics, )

Sentence with the substantivized adjective Aggressive

1 example:

Commentary: You might be fascinated by the aggressive uses to which science can be put.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )


13 examples:

Can the aggressive plant be treated?
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Just how aggressive is the seemingly innocent robin?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Is he an aggressive, paranoid, pathological liar or an American hero?
(Gary Goldstein in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

And without aggressive pricing, the big question is who will be signing up?
(Forbes - Technology, )

However, is the company too aggressive in pushing users to activate the feature?
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Billionaire investor, Ray Dalio, asked Trump one question: How aggressive will Trump be?
(Adam Sarhan, Contributor in Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Rosberg on his aggressive approach, 2017 rule changes and are you ready for karaoke Kimi?
(BBC Sport - Formula 1, )

Were dinosaurs really fast, aggressive hunters like the ones depicted in the movie 'Jurassic World'?
(Science Daily - News, )

One key question investors haven’t asked in a long time: How aggressive will the Fed get next year?
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

Will an aggressive Silicon Valley alpha personality take over your industry and completely disrupt it?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Is there a way to structure a portfolio that gives you permission to be more aggressive when there are danger signs all around?
(Forbes - Business, )

Possession-based like Spain or aggressive and attacking like Brazil - what is the tactical power struggle likely to unfold at the World Cup?
(BBC Sport - Football, )

Who has more success when it comes to managing teams and interacting with subordinates: the strong and aggressive type or the one who’s sensitive and calm?
(Forbes - Business, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

She's aggressive.

He is aggressive.

She is aggressive.

Tom is aggressive.

You're aggressive.

I think Tom is aggressive.

I wasn't aggressive enough.

Tom is an aggressive driver.

You need to become more aggressive.

I don't think I was aggressive enough.

I can be more aggressive if you'd like.

Her behavior will become more aggressive.

You have to be aggressive to be a success.

He is so aggressive that others avoid him.

He assumed an aggressive attitude toward me.

He's the very model of an aggressive salesman.

He is not aggressive enough to succeed in business.

I like her style; she's aggressive and knows what she wants.

The aggressive salesman urged me to sign the contract right away.

It's a way of making sure that the controller is not too aggressive.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

If it's an aggressive strange salesman, then call me right away. I'll chase him off.

Due to her boss's aggressive homophobia, Sara was too intimidated to bring her girlfriend to the office party.

It has been shown that there is a relation between various neurotransmitters and hormones and aggressive behavior.

The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.

Stay calm and aggressive.
(Gabrielle Reece)

I'm not mean, just aggressive.
(Harvey Martin)

Act aggressive and you will be feared.
(Sicilian proverb)

Indy car racing is much more aggressive.
(Emerson Fittipaldi)

The bashful are always aggressive at heart.
(Charles Horton Cooley)

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

We have got to be a hell of a lot more aggressive.
(Richard Shelby)

The most aggressive artists often hide their romantic side.
(Don Johnson)

This is unexpected... like squirt from aggressive grapefruit.
(Earl Derr Biggers)

You think of stars as ambitious or aggressive or self-oriented.
(John Turturro)

I now need to take a very aggressive approach to having a baby.
(Connie Chung)

I think I am aggressive, I think I am critical when it's necessary.
(Jane Harman)

I was drawn to things I thought were either sexy or aggressive - or both.
(Adam Clayton)

Nothing is more depressing and more illogical than aggressive Christianity.
(Gerald Vann)

Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct.
(Sugar Ray Leonard)

I am laughably aggressive, and the rest of the band is very laid back, so we mix well.
(Shirley Manson)

At every step the vast majority have expressed horror at the idea of an aggressive war.
(Paul Robeson)

When I really love someone, I can only show it by making aggressive and bad-taste remarks.
(Slavoj Zizek)

It's better for me to play with guys because Rock 'n' Roll has such an aggressive attitude.
(Lita Ford)

I need that aggressive attitude to play my music and more men have that attitude than women.
(Lita Ford)

If I had been born with an aggressive character, then maybe my palmares would have been longer.
(Miguel Indurain)

The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man.
(Marshall McLuhan)

Human nature is potentially aggressive and destructive and potentially orderly and constructive.
(Margaret Mead)

He can't be aggressive to an official.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

He also became outlandishly aggressive.
(Daily Mail - News, )

He is playing modern, aggressive tennis.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Beijing seems set to get more aggressive.
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

Lance Stephenson was a tad too aggressive.
(USA Today - NBA, )

Edward Kennedy, is aggressive and incurable.
(Science Daily - News, )

'The elephant was not aggressive in any way.
(The Vancouver Sun - World, )

So was aggressive right fielder Yasiel Puig.
(The New York Times - Baseball, )

How aggressive he was, writes QUENTIN LETTS.
(Daily Mail - News, )

But it was caused by an aggressive brain tumour.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

Puig's lawyer is filing an 'aggressive' response.
(Dylan Hernandez in Los Angeles Times - Baseball, )

The chicks are also likely to be more aggressive.
(Nature, )

Wife says cancer is aggressive, starting to spread.
(USA Today - NFL, )

One ex-officer criticised its "aggressive" tactics.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Defense is expected to look more aggressive in 2016.
(USA Today - NFL, )

Starbucks has an aggressive expansion plan overseas.
(Fox News - Lifestyle, )

'You’re going to see much more aggressive lawsuits.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

Tesla provided some very aggressive guidance for 2016.
(Forbes - Technology, )

A network of aggressive publicists and lawyers helped.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Cutaneous melanoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer.
(Nature Communications, )

Aggressive behavior studied in chimps in eastern Africa.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Industry watchers say the timeframe is ultra aggressive.
(Tech Times - Future Tech, )

This has made states aggressive in their audit practices.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Their findings are bad news for aggressive power-seekers.
(Science Daily - News, )

Thus, cooperative and less aggressive dogs could develop.
(Science Daily - News, )

He has now died in prison from an aggressive brain tumour.
(Daily Mail - News, )

But just how aggressive Apple will be is the big question.
(Forbes - Technology, )

K.T. Jones has an aggressive type of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Of being patient at the plate and aggressive on the bases.
(The New York Times - Baseball, )

Serena Williams is known for her aggressive style of play.
(The New York Times - Tennis, )

Tui are notoriously aggressive songbirds with loud voices.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Spurs boss rebuffs "aggressive" pressure over his position.
(BBC Sport, )

Rinaldo earned 17 minutes of penalties for aggressive play.
(USA Today - NHL, )

Don’t let the aggressive look of a café racer scare you.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Female manakins got more aggressive when given testosterone.
(Science Daily - News, )

Aggressive tumors could be identified by a 70-gene signature.
(Science Daily - News, )

Which sometimes leads to aggressive behavior during the pitch.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

She has advocated a more aggressive military strategy in Syria.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

Aggressive Seahawks, Patriots among most-penalized teams in NFL.
(USA Today - NFL, )

The most aggressive spending will be in the Asia-Pacific region.
(ZDNet US, )

Veteran Lightning star hits the ice after an aggressive fist pump.
(USA Today - NHL, )

They were up to twice as aggressive when using front teeth to eat.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

Melanoma is an aggressive cancer that normally starts in the skin.
(Nature, )

They found the music aggressive, profane and pointedly anti-police.
(The Vancouver Sun - Entertainment/Arts, )

He said that it is "too aggressive" and he doesn't like U.S. films.
(The Hollywood Reporter - International, )

She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer in 2015.
(Daily Mail - Health, )

Response to the aggressive marketing piece has not been well online.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Aggressive rhetoric on the Korean Peninsula continues to ratchet up.
(CNN - World News, )

His wife, Jill, says the cancer is aggressive and starting to spread.
(The Vancouver Sun - Football, )

Jason Day avoided his aggressive nature to try to catch him Thursday.
(Los Angeles Times - Money & Company, )

California's high taxes and aggressive tax enforcement are legendary.
(Robert W. Wood, Contributor in Forbes - Personal Finance, )

Aggressive infections are a growing health problem all over the world.
(Science Daily - News, )

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