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Here Sato et al. show that Qsd1 is a major seed dormancy gene in barley and encodes an alanine aminotransferase.
(Nature Communications, )

Moreover, we demonstrate that alanine secretion by PSCs is dependent on PSC autophagy, a process that is stimulated by cancer cells.
(Nature, )

Upon replacing Y224 with alanine or phenylalanine, the FtmOx1 catalysis diverts from endoperoxide formation to the more commonly observed hydroxylation.
(Nature, )

Thus, our results demonstrate a novel metabolic interaction between PSCs and cancer cells, in which PSC-derived alanine acts as an alternative carbon source.
(Nature, )

Specifically, we uncover a previously undescribed role for alanine, which outcompetes glucose and glutamine-derived carbon in PDAC to fuel the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, and thus NEAA and lipid biosynthesis.
(Nature, )

Here, the authors provide molecular insight into this process by showing that muscle-derived alanine acts as a signal that triggers FGF21 secretion from the liver, which then regulates lipolysis and browning of white fat tissue.
(Nature Communications, )

The recombinant variant of activated protein C (APC), 3K3A-APC (in which three Lys residues (KKK191–193) are replaced with alanine), exhibits reduced anticoagulant activity and is being clinically investigated for the treatment of ischaemic stroke.
(Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, )

Sousa et al. demonstrate a reciprocal metabolic cross-talk between pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs) and pancreatic tumour cells whereby secreted autophagic alanine from PSCs is taken up by tumour cells and used as an alternative carbon source to support tumour growth.
(Nature Reviews Cancer, )

To address this, here we characterize 197 anti-stem antibodies from a single donor, reconstruct the developmental pathways of several VH1-69 clones and identify two key elements that are required for the initial development of most VH1-69 antibodies: a polymorphic germline-encoded phenylalanine at position 54 and a conserved tyrosine at position 98 in HCDR3. Strikingly, in most cases a single proline to alanine mutation at position 52a in HCDR2 is sufficient to confer high affinity binding to the selecting H1 antigen, consistent with rapid affinity maturation.
(Nature, )

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