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After lunch, the gentleman finished his cup of coffee and sat down on the sofa, placing behind him a pillow – the type found in Russian taverns that instead of soft, flexible wool, would be filled with something alarmingly similar to bricks and cobbles.

The bees have buzzed off. Alarmingly so.
(The Independent - Enviroment, )

Estimates of the annual heating bill vary alarmingly.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Peter Donaldson died on Tuesday after an alarmingly rapid cancer battle.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The poverty rate among over-65s is alarmingly high in South Korea at 50 percent.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

Alarmingly, the illness appears to be far more aggressive in children than in adults.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The number of people 16 to 24 who are out of work and school is also alarmingly high.
(USA TODAY Network in USA Today - National, )

It's a terrifying virus with devastating symptoms and an alarmingly high mortality rate.
(NBC Today, )

Mosquitoes develop resistance to sprays and parasites to drugs in alarmingly short order.
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

Alarmingly, the hacking method has an 82 percent to 92 percent success rate for most apps.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Alarmingly, the maximum impact is on the tiniest and isolated fragments of forest habitats.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Alarmingly she's not the only one who's doing this; a quarter of us suffer from rage at work.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Alarmingly, one in 20 also said they would take the car to avoid a walk of just five minutes.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The polar bear is known for having alarmingly high concentrations of PCB and other pollutants.
(Science Daily - News, )

Alarmingly, it is very much possible to breach the devices and the smart homes that utilize them.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Alarmingly, 9.5 percent of respondents said that they will not be availing Samsung's exchange offer.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

If you’re looking for a slightly (but not alarmingly) cooler mid-range brand, this one’s for you.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

Alarmingly, the link persists even in countries with relatively low air pollution levels such as Sweden.
(Tech Times - Health, )

Men know alarmingly little about the effects their lifestyle can have on their sperm, according to a survey.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The report found it's alarmingly easy to carry out an attack on employees at dozens of the tax agency's locations.
(The Denver Post - Politics, )

Out of the corner of my left eye, I can see the red tip of a long needle protruding rather alarmingly from my cheek.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

His sweet-facedness could shade into menace quite alarmingly, and he was also a fine conveyor of honour and optimism.
(The Independent - People, )

A study found lead, cadmium and even arsenic in an alarmingly high number of plastic toys made in the 1970s and 1980s.
(The Independent - U.K. News, )

Researchers report "alarmingly strong statistical correlations" between seasonal ambient air pollutants and pregnancy loss.
(Science Daily - News, )

Researchers at the University of Michigan found women in Appalachian Ohio report drinking alcohol at alarmingly high levels.
(UPI - Health News, )

This week's headlines: Highway fatalities are up alarmingly in the U.S., and the NHTSA blames smartphones and dashboard apps.
(ZDNet US, )

Nickelodeon has no plans to follow in Disney’s footsteps despite alarmingly increasing numbers of childhood obesity across the country.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

Initially heralded as a safety breakthrough, lane-departure warning systems are being turned off by an alarmingly high number of drivers.
(Forbes - Technology, )

According to an eco group, the Dead Sea has fallen more than 80 feet since the year 2000, and its salinity is also increasing alarmingly.
(Tech Times - Science, )

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising alarmingly as evidenced at Svalbard archipelago’s temperature in 2016 going above the freezing point.
(Tech Times - Science, )

A new, epidemic strain of C. difficile is proving alarmingly deadly, and new research not only explains why but also suggests a way to stop it.
(Science Daily - News, )

The share prices of some of the world's largest technology companies appeared alarmingly wrong, seemingly trading at the same $123.47 per share.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Studies have discovered that sexual abuse is alarmingly widespread in a representative sample of more than 6,000 9th grade students in Switzerland.
(Science Daily - News, )

Skiers who have not yet booked flights to the French Alps, and has seen fares for the winter rise alarmingly, may have a late-booking escape route.
(The Independent - Travel, )

If your blood pressure at a doctor's office is alarmingly high, in most cases that doesn't mean a trip to the emergency room, a new study suggests.
(UPI - Health News, )

A flooded orchard in Glenn, Calif. Much of the state is officially out of the drought, but some parts, such as Santa Barbara, remain alarmingly dry.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

A study of the blue whale in the Gulf of St. Lawrence indicates alarmingly low calving rates for the endangered species, the Sierra Club Canada says.
(The Canadian Press in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

A new study by experts in Leicester has revealed ‘alarmingly high levels’ of patients are failing to take prescribed drugs for high blood pressure.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Disruption is the business mot de jour, applied liberally to tech start ups whose innovations are shaking their markets up in an alarmingly effective way.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Climate change and local waste and mismanagement have led to an alarmingly rapid depletion of Pakistan’s water supply, the minister for water and energy said.
(The New York Times - Science, )

Despite substantive constitutional guarantees, former refugees and genocide survivors are alarmingly under-represented in Canada’s post-secondary institutions.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

This is a first step toward the identification of new pharmaceuticals from amphibians at a time when human diseases are becoming alarmingly antibiotic resistant.
(Science Daily - News, )

Rates of cesarean sections vary dramatically among hospitals, with some performing C-sections at alarmingly high rates, according to a new study by Consumer Reports.
(Fox News - Health, )

This economic trend comes at a time of unprecedented opportunity for translational research, but an alarmingly low level of patient participation in clinical trials.
(Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, )

The presence of the carp, a freshwater invasive species spread worldwide, is alarmingly reducing the populations of diving ducks and waterbirds, according to a study.
(Science Daily - News, )

CBC News went to the northern reserve to dig deeper into Leah's story, which is alarmingly similar to many accounts of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.
(Connie Walker in CBC News - Canada, )

Alarmingly high levels of lead in tap water in Flint, Michigan, first prompted extensive emergency measures to keep residents safe -- and now, a federal investigation.
(CNN - U.S. News, )

Canadians have heard the message over and over again: Personal debt levels are alarmingly high, especially in light of interest rates that are only poised to increase.
(Solomon Israel in CBC News - Business, )

The alarmingly high temperatures of up to 17.5°C were recorded during a two-day heatwave at the Argentine Experanza Base in the Antarctic Peninsula in East Antarctica.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

The updating and African-Americanising of Annie is overlong, overblown, and by Cameron Diaz as nasty, matron Miss Hannigan, quite alarmingly overacted, writes BRIAN VINER.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Major nations are "alarmingly slow" in keeping pledges to cut fossil fuel subsidies despite signs of a decline in support worth up to $200 billion US a year, the OECD says.
(Reuters in CBC News - Business, )

Offal has alarmingly high levels of a chemical that causes tumours, and concentrations of the chemical - a sialic acid called Neu5Gc - increase during cooking (file photo).
(Daily Mail - News, )

England's front-row resources could be stretched alarmingly during the autumn Tests after it emerged that two injured Lions props are destined to miss the four-match campaign.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

The Communities and Local Government Committee found that the market is reliant on an 'alarmingly small' number of firms that have little incentive to increase building rates.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

When the smoke clears on the demonization of Trump and Brexit voters, we'll simply see the discontent of an alarmingly massive swath of people left behind by the tech revolution.
(ZDNet - Just News, )

An estimated 35,000 walruses packed a stretch of Alaskan shoreline late last month, a phenomenon that's being chalked up to diminishing sea ice and alarmingly warm ocean temperatures.
(Amy Hubbard in Los Angeles Times - Science, )

An estimated 35,000 walruses packed a stretch of shoreline in Alaska late last month, a phenomenon that's being chalked up to diminishing sea ice and alarmingly warm ocean temperatures.
(Amy Hubbard in Los Angeles Times - Science, )

Louis van Gaal’s decision to let go Robin van Persie, Falcao and Javier Hernandez in the summer has backfired alarmingly and United have scored only 25 goals in their last 25 league games.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Used-car prices are declining – not alarmingly; they’re heading back towards normal, really – but that’s letting some air out of the recovery in new-car sales and car company profits.
(Forbes - Business, )

New tuberculosis research is looking to lower the alarmingly high rate of infection in Nunavut, by targeting the latent form of the disease and curing patients before they ever show symptoms.
(Elyse Skura in CBC News - Health, )

At a glance it seemed to offer the rich elite a little of what they wanted and yet the radical plans to revamp the EFL Trophy started to unravel alarmingly almost the instant it was unveiled.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

With British junior performances having dipped alarmingly over the last three years — in contrast to the efforts of the elite — the former world No 4 says he is happy to get more involved.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Imgur user MrGweiloHK has shared his favourite snaps that look very rude at first glance, including a woman who appears to be naked from the waist down and another with an alarmingly hairy arm.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Vancouver street youth face an alarmingly high risk of hepatitis C infection because of a high incidence of injection drug use, according to a new study published in the British Medical Journal.
(CBC News in CBC News - Health, )

Genetic research on the world's tallest land animal has found that there are four distinct species of giraffe, not just one as long believed, with two of them at alarmingly low population levels.
(Reuters in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

Our review of the literature on lobotomies in France, Switzerland and Belgium from 193585 reveals that the surgical procedure was alarmingly common for female patients (84% of 1,340 subjects).
(Nature, )

A Russian fighter jet flew alarmingly close to a U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft flying in the Black Sea on Tuesday -- just one day before Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Washington.
(Fox News - World, )

Apple's legal battle with the FBI could reverberate in Canada, where privacy and technology experts say the debate around encryption technology has been alarmingly "quiet" despite its far-reaching consequences.
(Lucas Powers in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

Lily, 28, looked carefree on a visit to Restoration Hardware in a pretty floral dress, after charities targeted her ‘alarmingly frail’ and ‘skeletal’ frame in the Netflix show., which is due out on Friday.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

The dystopian future feels alarmingly close in “Winter, 2058”, a John Wyndham-like tale about a member of a surveillance team for mysterious “intrusions”, who feels cut off from society by the nature of the work.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Scientists are warning that the population of Mexico's endangered vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise, has fallen to alarmingly low levels and is heading toward extinction soon if drastic measures aren't taken.
(Fox News - World, )

Tryster’s initial claim to fame was to win the first ever Chelmsford City race in January when the old Great Leighs track reopened and he almost made a hash of it, jinking alarmingly before scrambling home by a nostril.
(The Independent - Racing, )

British prisons have become alarmingly fertile breeding grounds for terrorism, according to new government research that supports the long and widely held beliefs that UK lockups too often double as jihadi training camps.
(Fox News - World, )

The Anaheim Ducks did the annual post-season reveal of their lengthy list of injuries on Thursday and most alarmingly, defencemen Hampus Lindholm and Sami Vatanen need shoulder surgeries that will sideline them into next season.
(Greg Beacham in CBC Sports, )

Train operators in Canada’s burgeoning freight rail industry say they are falling asleep at the controls and reporting to work exhausted at an alarmingly high rate, according to an on-going CBC News investigation into rail safety.
(John Nicol and Dave Seglins in CBC News - Canada, )

As veins bulged alarmingly in foreheads, people made some valiant attempts to sum up their fury in fewer than 140 characters. "Alesha Dixon just ruining the national anthem by sounding American awful," tweeted some chap called Andrew.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

The euro slid to a -1/2 year low against the dollar Friday after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi indicated the bank could soon back a government bond-buying program to deal with alarmingly low inflation across the 19-nation eurozone.
(Los Angeles Times - Business, )

The European Central Bank moved to combat alarmingly low inflation with extraordinary measures, including a negative interest rate on bank deposits, but some investors questioned whether the steps are enough to protect the euro zone's fragile recovery.
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

Cybercriminals have made off with at least $300 million, more likely closer to $1 billion, from over 100 banks and financial institutions in 30 nations since 2013. Alarmingly, the hackers in question continue to remain active per a Kaspersky Lab report.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Two months into her new role as Canada’s “financial literacy leader,” Jane Rooney says Canadians need help to manage alarmingly high debt levels, sock away more money for retirement and navigate an increasingly complex labyrinth of financial products.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

Barely a week after North Korea exploded the most powerful nuclear device it has ever tested, U.S. defense officials said the secretive country appears to be readying a tunnel for yet another, putting the country on an alarmingly fast-paced schedule to deploy nuclear warheads.
(Los Angeles Times - World News, )

The figures relating to chemical abuse are sickening enough, but this time incredulity does not spring solely from the corrupt behaviour of cheating athletes but, perhaps even more alarmingly, from the failure of the body responsible for the sport’s governance to police known crimes properly.
(The Independent - Athletics, )

As the alarmingly bespectacled Deirdre Barlow, a part that over the course of four decades demanded just about every emotion an actress could ever wish to convey, she carefully balanced a maternal warmth and a rainy-day cheeriness with the ever-present suggestion that despair was never far below the surface.
(The Independent - People, )

One in every eight trusts and clinical commissioning groups overspent last year and, more alarmingly, a mere 16 per cent of hospital finance directors expect to balance the books in 2015-16. Although performance is holding up so far, waiting lists are on the rise and the four-hour A&E target is under pressure.
(The Independent - U.K. News, )

Whether peddling cowardly spivvery, or exemplifying callow flunkies, sly cynics and genial geriatrics, Cole was simply an adorable performer who fully deserved his enormous career – one which, it should be remembered, was also peppered with plenty of straight roles, in which he could be alarmingly chill and quite often heartbreakingly forlorn.
(The Independent - People, )

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