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Albumin was found in my urine before.

Until now sugar had been detected in my urine once, however this time there is only albumin.

Albumin nanoparticles specifically target activated neutrophils.
(Nature Reviews Immunology, )

The albumin (or white) of an egg delivers close to 6 grams of protein.
(The Denver Post - Food, )

Thus, F9 expression is linked to robust hepatic albumin expression without disrupting it.
(Nature, )

This study showed that drug-loaded albumin nanoparticles could reduce neutrophil accumulation in mice.
(Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, )

Blood products and vaccines supplier CSL says the market for its albumin products in China is growing strongly.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Albumin, which binds to PGE2 and reduces its bioavailability, is reduced in the plasma of a subset of cirrhosis patients.
(Nature Medicine, )

In particular, we target a promoterless human coagulation factor IX (F9) gene to the liver-expressed mouse albumin (Alb) locus.
(Nature, )

We injected an AAV8-F9 vector into neonatal and adult mice and achieved on-target integration into ∼0.5% of the albumin alleles in hepatocytes.
(Nature, )

The constitutive uptake and degradation of filtered albumin by the proximal tubule has resulted in this process being relegated a passive player in albuminuria.
(Nature Reviews Nephrology, )

New research suggests that podocytes primarily endocytose albumin in a caveolin-dependent rather than a clathrin-dependent manner, despite expressing both factors.
(Nature Reviews Nephrology, )

Two biomarkers -- urinary albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR) and estimated glomerular filtration rate -- are used to identify those at higher risk of kidney failure.
(Science Daily - News, )

The KDIGO 2012 guidelines state that albuminuria should be assessed using the albumin–creatinine ratio (ACR) rather than by monitoring 24 h urinary albumin excretion (UAE).
(Nature Reviews Nephrology, )

In the streptozocin mouse model of diabetic nephropathy, microparticle release was increased compared to nondiabetic mice, and in another model, despite normal urinary albumin levels.
(Nature Reviews Nephrology, )

In a recent study of healthy young adults, marijuana use was not associated with change in kidney function over time or the appearance of albumin in the urine, which is a sign of kidney damage.
(Science Daily - News, )

Real-time intravital imaging of the rat kidney now describes a new paradigm in which the proximal tubule dynamically increases or decreases albumin uptake following changes in plasma albumin levels.
(Nature Reviews Nephrology, )

This technology allows researchers to provide cells with the precise extracellular matrix cues that they require to maintain their differentiated form and liverspecific functions, including albumin and urea production.
(Science Daily - News, )

In cancer patients, visual identification of sentinel lymph nodes (LNs) is achieved by the injection of dyes that bind avidly to endogenous albumin, targeting these compounds to LNs, where they are efficiently filtered by resident phagocytes.
(Nature, )

Administration of albumin partially reverses the immunosuppression observed in vitro and restores bacterial killing in mouse models, suggesting that future studies are warranted on the use of albumin to prevent infection in a subset of patients with cirrhosis.
(Nature Medicine, )

Here we translate this ‘albumin hitchhiking’ approach to molecular vaccines, through the synthesis of amphiphiles (amph-vaccines) comprising an antigen or adjuvant cargo linked to a lipophilic albumin-binding tail by a solubility-promoting polar polymer chain.
(Nature, )

Oxygen availability, along with the abundance of nutrients (such as glucose, glutamine, lipids and albumin), fluctuates significantly during tumour evolution and the recruitment of blood vessels, leukocytes and reactive fibroblasts to complex tumour microenvironments.
(Nature Reviews Cancer, )

Bioplastics made from protein sources such as albumin and whey have shown significant antibacterial properties, findings that could eventually lead to their use in plastics used in medical applications such as wound healing dressings, sutures, catheter tubes and drug delivery, according to a recent study.
(Science Daily - News, )

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