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Sentences with the noun Alliances

6 examples:

Turns out a lot of unthinkable alliances are forming in enterprise tech.
(ZDNet US, )

Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways are changing the aviation industry and shaking up its alliances.
(CNN - World Business, )

In becoming involved in a Saudi-led campaign to dislodge rebels in Yemen, the United States has created more entanglement with its alliances.
(The New York Times - World News, )

Germany summoned the U.S. ambassador after allegations of American spying erupted anew, threatening to further damage one of Washington's most important alliances.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

New and old alliances are making their mark on the Paris climate summit as ministers including Australia's Julie Bishop shadow box their way through key disputes over what will end up in a global agreement.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Groups create important social institutions that an individual could not achieve alone, but there can be a darker side to such alliances: Belonging to a group makes people more likely to harm others outside the group.
(Science Daily - News, )


1 example:

The current campaign, fraught with overheated rhetoric, oversized characters and last-minute alliances, is really about one question: Is Benjamin Netanyahu’s era at the helm of Israel over?
(The Vancouver Sun - World, )

Other sentences

98 examples:

There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build, and threats to meet, alliances to repair.

Close alliances with despots are never safe for free states.

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations entangling alliances with none.
(Thomas Jefferson)

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
(Thomas Jefferson)

'Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.
(George Washington)

But alliances are shakier than they appear.
(Deana Sumanac-Johnson in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

Alliances are drawn, but it's not what you would expect.
(The Denver Post - Politics, )

As alliances and enemies shift, Ebola awareness hits home.
(The New York Times - World News, )

The smart alliances of the microparties may have the final say.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

The answer was in developing solid strategic alliances with great partners.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

The other two are leveraging technology and developing strategic alliances.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

They can also illustrate economic alliances and the emergence of new markets.
(CNN - World Business, )

The pace of new flash product introductions and alliances continues to mount.
(Forbes - Technology, )

The results: a mixed bag of comfortable alliances and uncomfortable stumbling.
(Los Angeles Times - National News, )

This could lead to a shift in alliances in the region, top military officer says.
(USA Today - World, )

He can’t make Russia strong, but he can weaken Western alliances and influence.
(The New York Times - World News, )

A threesome in Los Angeles is just the first of Don’s kinky alliances this episode.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

The Lego universe includes stores, specialty parts and alliances with popular franchises.
(USA Today - National, )

Former deputy director of the CIA John McLaughlin outlines key issues and strange alliances.
(USA Today - World, )

It is also an utterly painful lesson in the battered, betrayed alliances of war and of love.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

Microsoft has been busy forging new alliances with a variety of software vendors in recent months.
(ZDNet US, )

How the maths will work out as MEPs bid to form cross-country alliances in the new-look Parliament.
(BBC News - Politics, )

History shows us that occasionally even strong business interests cannot prevent alliances from falling apart.
(Don Pittis in CBC News - World, )

Ravens live in complex social groups and they can gain power by building social bonds that function as alliances.
(Science Daily - News, )

It's a loose and ever-changing world where alliances between employers and workers are fleeting and ever-changing.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

But it also threatens the economic alliances that helped drive decades of prosperity in the West after World War II.
(The Denver Post - Business, )

Survey of more than 1,000 enterprises finds widespread embrace of developer-operations team alliances, driven by cloud.
(ZDNet - Just News, )

Scientists studying one of the most mysterious whale species find they form long-term alliances, sometimes lasting many years.
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

A debate over whether websites that conduct commerce should be allowed to shield their backers is creating some odd alliances.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

There are friendships among certain coaches, likely some alliances, and as in other jobs, surely animosity and petty jealousy too.
(Los Angeles Times - Tennis, )

Reign Mary's (Adelaide Kane) efforts to build political alliances are jeopardized when she takes an interest in Gideon (Ben Geurens).
(Los Angeles Times - Football, )

Bulgarian oligarchs fighting each other for political and financial power, forming and breaking alliances and stitching each other up.
(Forbes - Business, )

Tokyo Sexwale is the first of the five Fifa presidential candidates to say he is "open to negotiations and alliances" with his rivals.
(BBC Sport - Football, )

The Baird's beaked whale - one of the most mysterious marine mammals - forms long-term alliances that last many years, footage reveals.
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

Sunday's Season 6 penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones" saw some exciting alliances and deaths both heartbreaking and well-deserved.
(UPI - Entertainment News, )

The giant bottlenose whale - one of the most mysterious marine mammals - forms long-term alliances that last many years, footage reveals.
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

Under attack from Islamist extremists such as Islamic State and with few options, many Christians are forging alliances with former foes.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

Silver’s fall from grace as speaker of the New York State Assembly played out over a week of secret deliberations and shifting alliances.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

It threatens one of Washington’s crucial Asian alliances and sets back U.S. President Barack Obama’s signature “pivot” to the region.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

US Secretary of State John Kerry is beginning a tour of countries in the Middle East and North Africa, aiming to shore up faltering alliances.
(BBC News - World News, )

Network advantage doesn’t come to firms who simply build alliances, it comes to firms who build better (and more) alliances than competition.
(Forbes - Business, )

New carrier alliances have reduced links between airlines and made it harder for dislocated passengers to find seats on competitors’ flights.
(Fox News - Travel, )

Ed Miliband urges voters to ignore claims about post-election alliances with the SNP - but the Tories say Labour cannot get a majority without them.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Some of the most creative solutions to the wicked challenges our nation faces are actually being co-produced by alliances of citizens and academics.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

David Cameron wants to use a four-day trade mission to south-east Asia to spur lucrative business deals and forge new alliances to counter extremism.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

In a region reshaped by the 'Arab Spring,' the U.S. faces changing alliances and an aggressive political Islam, along with the tinderbox that is Iran.
(Jeffrey Fleishman in Los Angeles Times - World News, )

BASF is considering alliances with technology companies to strengthen the chemical maker's push into data services for farmers, senior executives said.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

After years of post-Cold War business and political alliances, mistrust over the conflict in Ukraine has created a slew of canceled deals and ventures.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Alliances and partnerships are some of the biggest drivers of large IT provider’s revenue and represent some of their most reliable sources of revenue.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Newly minted Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa was musing about shifting alliances, rivalries redefined with one phone call, one trade between general managers.
(Los Angeles Times - All The Rage, )

A takeover led by Houthi rebels is part of a structure of shifting alliances and warring interests in Yemen that are now the subject of difficult negotiations.
(The New York Times - World News, )

The Lib Dems must build alliances with centre-left "progressives" to defeat the Conservatives since the party cannot do it alone, Lord Ashdown tells activists.
(BBC News - Politics, )

As he hops around the Western Pacific this week, President Obama hopes to unite much of Asia around a free-trade deal, updated alliances and a new power balance.
(Christi Parsons and Barbara Demick in Los Angeles Times - World News, )

Islamabad fires back after criticism from U.A.E. of its decision to stay out of the Yemen crisis, which is beginning to recast alliances across the Muslim world.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

Highlights of deal-making activity in 2014 include divestitures and asset swaps among large pharmaceutical companies, and a slew of cancer immunotherapy alliances.
(Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, )

Hamas appears ready to push ahead with fighting because of its fractured leadership, redrawn regional alliances and a sense that this struggle is for its very future.
(The New York Times - World News, )

Third reading of Bill 10, a controversial bill about student-led gay-straight alliances, has been put on hold for more consultation, says Alberta Premier Jim Prentice.
(Michelle Bellefontaine in CBC News - Canada, )

Since his election to the Senate in 2014, Gardner has been a whirlwind about D.C., cultivating alliances with party leaders, administration officials and even U.S. Sen.
(The Denver Post - Politics, )

"There are some strange surprising alliances that come," Kaitlin Doubleday tells THR about how the loss of Rhonda's unborn baby will impact the characters going forward.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Learn how the Democratic National Committee leveraged big data analytics to better understand and predict voter behavior and alliances in the 2012 U.S. national elections.
(ZDNet - Just News, )

When Yanomamö men in the Amazon raided villages and killed decades ago, they formed alliances with men in other villages rather than just with close kin like chimpanzees do.
(Science Daily - News, )

GE's successful bid to buy Alstom's core assets muscled rival bidder Siemens out of the picture and crushed France's ambition of building new industrial alliances with Germany.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

The first of these additions being Dust 514, a PlayStation-only first-person shooter MMO that is set in a world of close, first-person planetary combat and player-driven alliances.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Four of the candidates for president of FIFA are heading to Qatar for meetings on Saturday, with one of them, South African Tokyo Sexwale, saying "the time for alliances is coming".
(The New York Times - Soccer, )

New York’s new medical marijuana program has drawn the interest of several hospitals, which have formed alliances with growers to try to make the drug accessible to their patients.
(The New York Times - Health, )

In an interview, Executive Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai talked about its possible alliance with Apple, its strategy for alliances and acquisitions as well as its plans for the U.S. market.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

The Obama administration is finding itself trying to sustain an ever-growing patchwork of strained alliances and multiple battlefields in the aftermath of the Arab Spring four years ago.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Following several years of heavy losses and restructuring that cost thousands of jobs, the electronics giant now says it is ready to spend more on growth through acquisitions and alliances.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

The Alberta government has passed an amendment to its controversial Bill 10 on gay-straight alliances, though the opposition is decrying the change as institutional segregation of gay students.
(Michelle Bellefontaine in CBC News - Canada, )

A study has found that testosterone levels during group competition are modulated depending on the relationships among the competitors and may be related to the formation of alliances in warfare.
(Science Daily - News, )

King Salman has rattled alliances with the United States and regional powers that for decades have been the bedrock of stability for his kingdom, and he has also shaken up the Saudi royal family.
(The New York Times - World News, )

The U.S.'s top-ranked military officer met his Vietnamese counterpart in Hanoi, as the U.S. capitalizes on tensions between China and its Asia-Pacific neighbors to revamp its own regional alliances.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has secretly visited Syria for a first-hand look at efforts to build cohesive alliances of Arab, Kurd and other local fighters to defeat the Islamic State.
(Fox News - World, )

The smartphone maker's shares were halted just minutes before it announced it would form a committee to explore, among others, joint ventures, partnerships and alliances, or even a sale of the company.
(ZDNet US, )

Chinese President Xi Jinping took aim at Japan's wartime "barbarity" as he wrapped up a two-day visit to South Korea, pressing a strategy seen by analysts as aimed at weakening U.S. alliances in the region.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

Maersk Line says the fragmented container-shipping industry has taken a step forward with the introduction of giant shipping alliances, but consolidation is needed as demand looks set to stay in the doldrums.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Israeli Arabs have experienced a political awakening as politicians have formed potent alliances that hold the potential of preventing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from cobbling together a ruling coalition.
(The New York Times - World News, )

Alliances with Cap Gemini, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Savvis, SoftLayer and T-Systems will help support next-generation data analytics strategies, regardless of whether the data lives in the cloud or on premises.
(ZDNet US, )

The cease-fire is the closest that international mediators have come to ending the violence in Libya since it began to escalate last summer with the breakdown into two rival national alliances of competing militias.
(The New York Times - World News, )

My fuzzy A-level history recall is of Elizabethan Scotland and England, chalk and cheese, forever battering each other in Berwick and forming hollow alliances with France, or Spain, to keep the other country nervous.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Scott Kirby, 49, will fill a newly created role as president of United Continental Holdings Inc., responsible for operations, marketing, sales, alliances, network planning and revenue management, the Chicago-based...
(Los Angeles Times - Business, )

Canadian schools with explicit anti-homophobia interventions such as gay-straight alliances may reduce the odds of suicidal thoughts and attempts among both sexual minority and straight students, according to a new study.
(Science Daily - News, )

Google's effort to build strong alliances with Republican politicians and conservative advocacy groups is paying dividends on Capitol Hill but has created a growing marketing and public-relations headache for the company.
(Evan Halper in Los Angeles Times - Business, )

The SEC is investigating whether some activist investors teamed up to target companies without disclosing their alliances, potentially in violation of federal securities rules, according to people familiar with the matter.
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

Tencent said it has agreed to become the National Basketball Association’s exclusive online partner in China, the latest in a series of alliances aimed at beefing up its entertainment offerings for Chinese Internet users.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

After a series of high-profile disputes between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, the nation’s top military official in the Middle East moved Monday to ease tensions in one of America’s most enduring, yet perplexing alliances.
(Los Angeles Times - National News, )

Just like other sports events the kids are cheering, there are mascots dancing (as well as the judges, MC and many folks in the stands) and there is excitement with each match, that pitch 3 robot alliances against each other.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

President Barack Obama will huddle with European Union leaders to discuss how the 28-member body plans to disentangle Britain from its ranks, diving into a four days of diplomatic talks aimed at reinforcing Europe’s alliances.
(The Denver Post - Politics, )

The French government’s bid to expand its voting control at Renault is roiling the delicate balance of power in the car maker’s partnership with Nissan Motor, one of the auto-industry’s most successful cross-border alliances.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Cognitive biologists have now revealed that ravens use a 'divide and rule' strategy in dealing with the bonds of conspecifics: Socially well integrated ravens prevent others from building new alliances by breaking up their bonding attempts.
(Science Daily - News, )

Period dramas such as Downton Abbey, which returns to North American TV screens for Season 5 on Sunday night, can foster unique and sometimes strange alliances between the past they portray and the present-day lives surrounding their viewers.
(Janet Davison in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

Education Minister Gordon Dirks stunned the legislative assembly Thursday, tabling an amendment that appears to make gay-straight alliances mandatory in Alberta schools — a 180-degree reversal from the Tory government’s previous position.
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

The company has been working hard to change its profile as an ally of the Democratic Party, courting Republicans and building alliances with conservatives at a time when regulators and Congress are considering issues affecting its business interests.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Iraqi militia fighters are pouring into Syria to reinforce the Assad regime’s siege of rebels in Aleppo, further complicating the tangled web of alliances the U.S. relies on to fight Islamic State, which can turn an ally on one side of the border into an enemy on the other.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

Even in a part of the world where tangled alliances are as common as sweet tea, one would be hard-pressed to find a country where the same few sweltering square miles house the sprawling operations hub for a huge U.S.-led air war and provide plush sanctuary to the likes of the Taliban and...
(Laura King in Los Angeles Times - World News, )

Eve Online has it's own real-time economy that is driven by the commerce of tens of thousands of players who engage in wars, test out market schemes, contest lone expanses of space and form strategic alliances in the race to take possession of and dominate the cold, dystopic expanse of space.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Out of a nation shaken by terrorism, racial tension and violence, where traces of past sins collide with a quicksilver pop culture, rides Quentin Tarantino's new film about frontier justice, strange alliances and how a black bounty hunter with a dead-eye shot survives on guile, menace and clever...
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Iranian jets have carried out airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq in recent days, Pentagon officials and independent analysts say, underscoring the strange alliances generated by the war against the extremist group that has beheaded Americans and killed and terrorized Iraqi civilians.
(Fox News - Politics, )

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